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  • The J just looks like he's having the best time all the time these days, like he's been unleashed.


    • Mindy was in LA, bb!

      Can he and Sophia Bush get their shit together and find each other already? Now would be awesome for me.
      YES. I would be so into that. I've been following SB on Twitter since the Dem Convention and am v impressed with her woke-ness. I don't watch her show but she's one of the few ~celebs who is not obnoxious on Twitter and LenaAmericaAmber-levels politically active. She and the J would be good but he'd have to be really into it because CMM was AWFUL to her and I feel a little weirdly protective of her being cheated on again.


      • Ooops. I knew I'd get at least one wrong because I was posting through my inspiration tears.

        I've got some more . . ..

        Jamie Lee Curtis and Jane Fonda in LA:

        Nick Offerman at Sundance!

        Side note: he also took on Piers Morgan.

        Jake Gyllenhall in DC:

        Uzo Aduba:

        . . . and Carrie wasn't just there, she was EVERYWHERE:

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          • I wish I'd saved it because now I have no idea where I saw it, but my fave sign from the various marches was one held by a little boy, like a toddler that said "I love naps, but I stay woke." Genius parenting.

            She and the J would be good but he'd have to be really into it because CMM was AWFUL to her and I feel a little weirdly protective of her being cheated on again.
            CMM probs gave Sophia the herp after he banged Paris Hilton while they were married. That relationship messed her up BAD and ever since then, it seems like she's wanted to be the one calling the shots. She's a little like Emily Van Camp in that she dates co-stars because they're right there and cute enough. I think her one deviation from this pattern was the Google hottie who died while climbing a mountain. They'd broken up by the time his accident happened, but they'd stayed great friends. I actually thought they might try a second go round after a little while. SB is also a Nina level extrovert. She's got a million besties and she's always hanging out with different people.

            BUT! The J has shown he is willing to put in the time and distance is not an issue if he's into it enough!

            Also, DK is back in Paris. I really do think she and Chanel/Uncle Karl are on the outs. She's repping Dior again and was at their show earlier today. This is the only thing she ever does with her hair anymore, like she doesn't know what to do with it when it's this short. It's meh, but I like this dress.


            • The dress is great. She still looks a bit lost and not super happy these days (photo assumption) but she seems to have calmed down. Maybe just adjusting to her new life.

              Is she now too old for Uncle Karl or maybe he's annoyed at no more access to The J?

              I noticed Josh liked the pic of her reunited with Hobbes. Also, Toledo liked a pic of DK with Lizzie Tisch a few days ago. Showing solidarity as women dumped by The J?


              • I like the dress but her hair is a not good.


                • The J liked the pic of her and Hobbes? Aw. He's not grudging her, so I know he's the one who called it.

                  BOYFRIEND IS A GRUDGE-MASTER, after all.
                  It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • It was a picture of just Hobbes in a carrier, saying "Good Morning."


                    • Life comes at you fast!

                      But if the Clooney twins don't end up married to the Beyoncé twins, what's the fucking point?


                      • Perhaps DK & KH are bonding over a special 'gift that keeps on giving' from the J? It'd be awful hard not to pass it on to someone in 10 years, I'd have thought. But maybe I'm just being mean. Heatwaves make me cranky.

                        I like DK's hair, I like the dress, I love the wall behind her - I do not like them all together. I really do not like the weird choker thing. And I'm not quite sure what's going on on those shoes. Something feels 90's... not sure if the hair, the weird choker... Which is all really unfortunate because when she gets it right, she hits it outta the park.


                        • Guess George Clooney is making up for starting a family late, twins, wow!


                          • Margarita and her doggy Betty just flew to Los Angeles. She posted pictures of a rainbow and palm tree and said it looked like a good sign. Josh "liked" her posts. Guess I am going to have to watch her IG like mad now. See if she posts from Topanga Canyon.


                            • Speaking of, the Seb Stan stans are back to wondering what the hell is up with him and Margarita again.

                              He posted this comment on her insta from a week ago:

                              Kinda over the top for an ex, right? And yet, they still haven't been seen together in months and months and he's been filming in ATL and she's been darting around never visiting him or anything. Hard to imagine they are together when they haven't been in the same city since October, I think.

                              Maybe he just can't let go? So messy!


                              • Oh, I see. He seems to always get into her when there are rumors about her and Josh.
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