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  • Y'all . . . this might be a thing that is a THING?

    Jon Hamm and Jenny Slate Went to the Movies Together, So We Can Safely Assume She’s Having His Baby (Right?)

    Does this spell the end of Jon Hamm’s sucky single days?
    The Mad Men alum, who just lamented the downside of dating, was photographed leaving the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood with Jenny Slate on Saturday. The probably “just friends” pair weren’t trying to go incognito (it’s not like they pulled a Spicer and tried to hide behind a bush); they just walked out of the theater together side by side. And, for the record, there was no PDA. Well, none that the photographer caught.
    Hamm and Slate certainly know each other — they both appeared in the film Aardvark, which was in the Tribeca Film Festival in April. She played a therapist who had a (questionable) romp with a client’s brother (Hamm), who played a famous TV star. (FWIW, Slate met her last boyfriend, Chris Evans, on a set.)

    Slate and the newly sober Hamm have known each other since at least 2010, when he was a guest star on Saturday Night Live and she was (briefly) in the cast. But they’ve been snapped at several events this year, including the Independent Spirit Awards in February, an event at the Paley Center in April, and the Audible launch event for Dr. Katz: The Audio Files last Tuesday. (Slate and Evans broke up in January.)
    If they have something romantic happening, they’re both freed up to do so. Slate ended her four-year marriage to Dean Fleischer-Camp last May and rebounded with Evans, though that didn’t last (but they were supernice and grown-up about it). For his part, Hamm recently told InStyle that dating again after ending his nearly two-decades-long relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt in 2015 “sucks.”

    Okay so let's puzzle this out . . .

    In February at the Indie Spirits:

    At a party in Feb (that they might have been at together?):

    In April:

    And! Last week:


    • That looks like a thing to me.


      • Slamm??


        • Slammmmmmmm YAS.

          I'm totes down with this . . . I mean, it's HARD to move from Chrevans to ANYONE and not have it seem like a downgrade, but Hamm is good. Hamm is very good.

          Instead of her dream 7th grade boyf, Jenny gets a dream post-college boyf . . . without having to deal with Marvel levels of fame/scrutiny/insane fangirls. If this thing is a THING, then they have managed to fly under the radar for four or five months (!?) which she never could have done with Captain America. Like, ever.


          • Yes!! I will nevah give up my dreams of a Slevans reunion, but Hamm is fine, seems funny and nice (though already anti-Jenny Chrevans stans are pointing out his former (?) drinking problems/cheating etc). But if he has really got a handle on his sobriety


            • I'll admit that I am distrustful of Hamm after the way he treated Jennifer Westfeldt towards the end of their relationship, but if Jenny's cool with it, meh, good for her.


              • I only knew that they had split and that he got sober, so your comment made me go looking for dirt . . .


                Now that Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt have told everyone that their 18 year relationship is done, the blame game in the tabloids can begin. This mess is like the basic cable version of Bennifer 2.0. One side claims that Jon Hamm wants babies and Jennifer Westfeldt doesn’t. Do you blame her? Babies are selfish and will cry loudly for food even if you are trying to get drunk while watching Ladies of London. The other side claims that Jon needed a mother figure and Jennifer filled that role by doing everything for him. I can already see you shameless hos winking at that picture while telling Jon to call you mommy.

                UsWeekly echoed a story Star Magazine did back in July. UsWeekly’s source said that they tried to make it work, but realized that they need to call it a day since Jon wants a family full of chirrun and that’s not something Jennifer wants. I don’t know why it took them 18 years to figure that out, but I guess they finally figured it out. People has a different story, though. Their source says that before Jon went to rehab, Jennnifer did everything for him and was more like a mother than a girlfriend. Jennifer tried to keep him in check and was the one who took care of him when he would come home drunker than Dina Lohan. The source went on to say that Jon and Jennifer ended it three weeks ago and everyone figured they would break up once he cleaned up.

                While the source says Westfeldt, 45, kept a “tight leash” on Hamm, “she would also take care of him and support him” during difficult times – and after hard nights of partying.

                “He has always had demons and needed a mother figure in his life,” says the source. “It was generally assumed that they would break up once he got sober, because he didn’t need to lean on her to take care of him so much.”

                Their families love them both, but never thought it would last.

                Kinda sucks that one Jennifer had to put up with drunk messy Jon for 20 yrs, and the next (younger and more famous) Jennifer gets the sober unmessy Jon. I'd be bitter if I was Jennifer 1.0!

                The kicker though, is that People says their families never thought it would last. They were together nearly 20 years . . . what is the definition of 'last'?? Like, do you have to die in each other's arms to qualify?


                • There were also rumors that he cheated on JW with Kristen Wiig during Bridesmaids filming and that after that ended and he was on drinking binges, he'd hit on randos at bars.


                  • Ack. I always got the feeling he was a bit of a charming shitshow IRL. But yeah, I would hope dating Don Draper would shield her from having to deal with younger, more insane stans.


                    • I think Hamm is a pretty, charming asshole with a raging drinking problem.

                      So, yeah, JSlate might be an idiot to give up Chris Evans for him. You bang Don Draper, maybe (ehhh) but you marry Captain America.
                      It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • EFF. Dada is right. LOVE IS A LIE. Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are dunzo.


                        • I actually gasped at this, although I shouldn't be super surprised. His recent jump to A+ mega fame probs played a huge part and then there was a random blind item from a few years ago that Anna had issues with addiction and required an intervention. Of course that could all be fake, but I remember that it made me side eye them at the time. But then they had their kiddo and seemed really good and settled so I thought they'd resolved stuff. SADS.


                          • Nobody will FIGHT FOR LOVE any more.


                            • I have fully converted to dada's philosophy on these matters.


                              • Ha! *bows*

                                I actually never really liked them together so I am not even sad.