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  • So I don't follow the royal family all that closely, but I do follow the Sussex insta account and their post today about breaking away from their senior positions in the family and trying to be financially independent was super surprising. It feels like a giant middle finger to the British press that have been horrible to Meghan Markle and another FU to critics who tell them that they can just suck up all the hate and racism being hurled at her since she lives off of their money.


    • I root for them to succeed! It is a little naive though, if they think they will get out of the scrutiny this way. For a while at least, I think the (British) press will be even more vicious.

      I also like to think that maybe they are sick that a pedophile abuser and friend of Epstein will never get arrested because he is a member of the royal family.


      • I think the example of Andrew had to have influenced them - that bit about being financially independent just screams that they don’t want to end up entitled asses. Add in the press and it’s no wonder.

        They are saying this was news to the Queen and that she is “disappointed”. I love QE2 of course, but good for them, acting like grownups who can run their own lives.


        • The Daily Fail is going berserk on this - rage-fuelled hit pieces on H+M. I have zero time for the Royal Family apart from Meghan and it's crazy (but predictable) to see how quickly the press turned against her. Not-so-subtle racism, classism, and labelling her the new Wallis Simpson. Frankly, Harry's defence of her and his obvious hatred of the press is a massive redeeming factor for him in my eyes. Good on both of them.


          • Come on home, Meghan, Princess of LA.


            • Wheee! It's MEGXIT week!

              Real life footage of Harry right now:

              Oops, wrong gif!

              Nicole Cliffe , who is always right, says the fact that 1) William and Kate's camp originally threw Meghan to the wolves to distract from Williams' affair with Kate's bff! and that 2) Prince Andrew's disastrous interview where it became clear he is as complicit of a predator as Epstein and yet! the palace covered up for him are playing big factors in this as well.

              Look at all the dumb hoops they tried to make them jump through!


              It is understood that:

              Harry originally contacted Prince Charles about spending more time in Canada and America just before Christmas, but was told he needed to come up with a thought-out plan.

              Harry sent a draft proposal about his future role to his father early in the New Year but was again informed that more time was needed to think through the complex implications, particularly over funding.

              Harry asked for a summit with the Queen at Sandringham as soon as he, Meghan and their son Archie, arrived back from their long Christmas break in Canada at the weekend.

              He was told that while the Queen was happy to meet him, she would not discuss his wishlist before he had discussed it in detail with his father.

              The planned meeting was blocked by courtiers, but the Queen made it clear to Harry that he should not go public about his future plans at this time.

              Prince Charles and Prince William, the next two in the line of succession, were only sent a copy of Harry and Meghan’s statement “10 minutes” before it was released and without any further consultation.

              Senior courtiers have warned that “Harry and Meghan will be punished for this”.

              The announcement on the Sussexroyal Instagram account, which had attracted more than 1.4 million “likes” by this morning, sent shockwaves through Britain’s oldest institution.

              I do NOT blame them for saying FUCK THAT and escaping the leash on their own terms. it was clear they were going to be made to run around in circles until just giving up on the idea, so going public forces the Palace to negotiate NOW.

              The funding question is an interesting one . . .


              Prince Harry and Meghan have said they are working to become ‘financially independent’ in their shock decision to quit royal life.

              The pair are already millionaires in their own right but say they need time to forge an independent path not funded by the taxpayer.

              Until now, Harry and Meghan have been ‘prohibited from earning any income in any form’ as royals.

              They announced they will give up their income from the Sovereign Grant, which is money the British taxpayers give the Queen each year. By giving it up, it means they have effectively liberated themselves from accountability to the public.

              Questions would come if they continue to live rent-free at Frogmore Cottage, which has just undergone a £2.4 million refurbishment at taxpayers’ expense. The British public partially paid for five properties to be turned into a single mansion and a luxury kitchen, bathroom and guest bedrooms were added. Frogmore Cottage is on the Windsor estate and owned by the Queen. She could insist they pay rent for the home if they wish to continue using it as their UK base.

              It is not known how much the Duke and Duchess of Sussex get from the Sovereign Grant, which is worth a total of £82 million and split between royals who carry out official duties. The Sussexes said last night that only 5% of the costs of their office came from the grant and the remaining 95% is from the Prince of Wales. Last year, Charles paid £4.9 million to his two sons from his private £1.2 billion Duchy of Cornwall estate, which some argue should be regarded as a public asset. Slightly less than half goes to Harry, although his father was kept in the dark about his decision to quit royal life and could turn off the financial tap.

              Harry already has a personal fortune estimated at £30 million. The money comes from an estimated £20 million inheritance from his mother Princess Diana, which he got when he turned 30. He also banked around £7 million from his great-grandmother the Queen Mother, who paid it into a trust fund in 1994. Diana also left her priceless collection of jewellery to her sons and Harry created a ring for Meghan with stones which belonged to his mother.

              Meghan is an independently wealthy former actress, whose net worth has been estimated at around £4 million.

              So they are starting out with over $44 million American dollars of their own money.

              The kicker, though:

              Harry and Meghan have made it clear that they expect the taxpayer to finance their security costs, which have never been disclosed but are estimated at around £600,000 a year. On their website they make it known they are considered ‘internationally protected people.’

              If there's a huge outcry over this, they may have to give up the security money as well, I guess? But they are always always gonna need security teams, obvs, though no fault of their own.

              The Brits are so petty OMB:


              • Oh no not the wax figures! How will they go on? Honestly Harry turning out to be the one Royal worth rooting for is amazing. Meghan not taking their nonsense is exactly what they deserve. TRF had the chance to embrace the cultural diversity of the future and instead let Will and his pettiness and Andrews crimes derail everything.

                One question. Will Helen Mirren reprise her role as the Queen for the movie. Meghan plays herself.


                • William and Kate's camp originally threw Meghan to the wolves to distract from Williams' affair with Kate's bff!
                  WAIT - I know nothing about this. I am off to the search engines, but, did we all know this?

                  Harry turning out to be the one Royal worth rooting for is amazing. Meghan not taking their nonsense is exactly what they deserve. TRF had the chance to embrace the cultural diversity of the future and instead let Will and his pettiness and Andrews crimes derail everything.
                  Exactly. I had basically no interest in Harry and Meghan, but I kinda love them now.

                  ETA: I found this description of the situation:

                  Hanbury, who rose to prominence as a model, tied the knot with Rocksavage in 2009. Because they live some three miles from William and Middleton, the couples often got together for dinner parties and play dates with their children. It was during these innocent social activities that William’s alleged affair began. Reports indicate that Prince William and Hanbury started getting romantic while Middleton was away on royal duty and Rocksavage was attending business in Paris.

                  Is starting to scare isadora a little bit.
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                  • I don't believe that William cheated on Kate. I do believe that he (and Charles and of course the whole fucking royal family) get what bothers H and M so much about the press and the blatant racism. Their policy is "ignore it and it will go away" but in this case this approach clearly did not work.


                    • Of course we'll nevah know if Wills did cheat, but I found NCliffe's thread on it to be persuasive:

                      and it does explain why Wills and Harry seem to have fallen out over the past year.


                      • That makes perfect sense! They are all such idiots to think they can get away with affairs or being pedophiles or whatever. Everybody wants to talk about them.


                        • I still don't believe it. W and K spent time with that couple just this Christmas holidays without telling anyone. And the source of the leak is supposedly the lady herself. So.... a married woman, close friend of Kate's had an affair with Will and then... she told the papers? And let them use her name? And they still hang out with them? I call typical trash press bullshit. But maybe Will did feel relieved when the press left the story and went on trashing Meghan. I think even the fact that the Palace and Will did not want to change the relationship with the press and back Harry up with the lawsuits is enough for both the coldness and H and M's current decision.

                          Btw, they say Meghan is back in Canada to be with Archie. (They had travelled without him.) Also the statement worked! The current position of the crown is that everyone is working together to find a solution within the next few days!

                          Article from Harper's Bazaar

                          Remembers when diesel used to post here.
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                          • It's the kind of the same tactic Taylor Swift has been using to re-gain her masters . . . make it so public that the opposing side has zero choice but to negotiate, even if that was the last thing they wanted to do. Very smart.

                            The press was been so blatant in their Meghan bullying, I mean something had to break. All props to Harry that he chose her over them.


                            • What if... Meghan is also an asshole?

                              I mean, I love a good American Princess as much as anyone, but I will never understand why famous people won't stop reading gossip rags about them. How do any of those headlines affect their real lives at all? the creepy uncle is a problem but probably not for them because they don't have an attractive teenage daughter.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • Andrew is not just a problem. He's a child molester hanging out with Epstein who we know trafficked underage girls. It's not that far off to assume Andrew attended parties were said girls were up for grabs and either didn't ask (because he didn't want to know the answer) or knew exactly how they got there.

                                I get what Is says, I really do but maybe Meghan being mixed raced and a lot of the press being racist made it difficult to ignore. Also I think this decision is more Harry than Meghan.