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  • What if... Meghan is also an asshole?
    She may well be, but I don’t see how that matters. The British press is famously awful and QE2 and her kids have let the relationship with the press deteriorate to where it’s abusive. I don’t see that as either Harry or Meghan’s fault, since that condition existed before they came along. If they are choosing to peace out to Canada, that seems perfectly valid to me, regardless of whether they are “nice” themselves. Given Harry’s experience with his mom dying while being hounded by paparazzi, I lean toward thinking he is doing the right thing.


    • I will never understand why famous people won't stop reading gossip rags about them. How do any of those headlines affect their real lives at all?
      I think with Meghan it is more than that - the newspapers (Daily Mail, Express, Sun) have been vile about her, yes, but also the Mail has torn her family apart - paying her dad for stories etc. They even paid her dad to sell them the private letter she wrote to him begging him to stop talking to the press! Her dad is obviously an asshole, but that must be immensely painful. And her viper of a stepsister is out there all the time shilling stories about their childhood.
      Piers Morgan is also endlessly tweeting about them and talking shit about Meghan on his daily breakfast show. Who knows what pressure that puts on the whole family? And this is all before we get to the possible theory of Will and Kate encouraging the shitty press coverage about H + M to deflect from their own scandals. I actively dislike the royal family, but this has made me very sympathetic to her and him.