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  • His dad left Reba McEntire after 25 years for some other lady so cheating is maybe a father son bonding event. And Reba stayed super nice to him so she's basically a saint.


    • Chrevans dating Lily James is just . . . whatevs (JENNY/CHRIS 4VA!!!11!) but um . . . are they just not having a pandemic in London, or what is the deal?

      This is like a throwback to 2019: hotel, parties, international travel, fancy clothes, professional haircuts, celebs doing things in front of paps, no lockdown, no masks(?!) . . . did these two slip through some fucking wormhole or something and if so can the rest of us find it and slip through it too, I mean . . .

      ETA Okay, so this one dude is wearing mask, so at least I know I haven't gone crazy and just imagined this whole pandemic thing.

      (and the 'party' was at a 'private club in Mayfair' but does that make it any better? I don't think it does!)
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      • I wonder if Matt Smith knew about this little outing. Honestly, I'm so tired of people going out without masks and going out to clubs in general, but ugh, Captain Murica, I did not need to see this behavior from you.


        • I've read that pretty much everyone in Europe is enjoying a pretty normal life while dealing with hotspots like a boss. Meanwhile America is a FUCKING SHIT SHOW of disease, so maybe they are abiding by local rules?
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • Was it an outdoor party? Of 10? Did they all get tested beforehand? I’ve been seeing influencers get tested and having instagrammable picnics and shit. Or maybe, yeah, they’re just in a country with actual leadership.


            • so maybe they are abiding by local rules?

              That is totes possible*! I wasn't even particularly trying to shame them, I was just lapping up the sweet sweet taste of finally! seeing celebs out there Making Questionable Romantic Choices In Glamorous Locales again.

              It just feels so surreal after so many months of shaggy haired make-upless celebs earnestly singing old Beatles tunes and sharing sourdough starter tips from their kitchens, to see famous folks out there like normal shiny rich people. Just frolicking in front of paps for my entertainment like the Before Times, yay.

              I mean, maybe celebs could be Making Questionable Romantic Choices again in front of American paps by now too, if we didn't have a dumb evil clown for prez!

              * Americans are supposed to self-quar for 14 days after arriving in the UK, but maybe Chris already did that, dunno.


              • Happily distanced and properly masked, nice:

                Chris is so Boston, it's hilars.

                I have no actual opinion about this coupling in general, but I also had no idea that Matt Smith and Lily had been together for 6 years, and this is basically the way their fandom is finding out they split up.

                They were cute!

                And now I'm sad about a celebrity couple breaking up even though I didn't know they were a thing in the first place oh well.

                Matt was my second favorite Doctor (after Tennant . . . I haven't watched since the early Capaldi days, though.)


                • Chris Evans took a page out of John Krazinski's Boston Book for Lovers and found a posh British girl. Meh, they're cute. I have no feelings about them because my feelings are all broken these days.


                  • I think they look cute!

                    In more sinister news Naya Rivera seems to be missing. She probably drowned while her little boy was sleeping in the boat. So sad!



                    • UK requires a 14-day quarantine for international travellers, and he was in the US on the 29th June apparently so.. it seems he just hopped across the Atlantic for a hook-up? Disappointing. And our numbers are NOT good so we don't need US celebs coming over here to escape their lockdowns.

                      I see the blogs that devote themselves to criticising any woman attached to him have seized on this with glee.

                      JENNY/CHRIS 4VA!!!11!)
                      Yeah, I can never get invested in a Chrevans partner again (meanwhile Jenny stays hunkered down in Mass with her cute artist boyf so I guess she wins?)

                      Whatever, I would normally quite like these two together but the partying and ignoring quarantine are a terrible look. Lily meanwhile was papped in a park a few weeks ago with pals supposedly snorting coke so.. questionable choices FTW!


                      • For the record, this is the 'in the park maybe snorting a little Brazilian marching powder with Billie Piper' pic, but she might just be scratching her nose perhaps!

                        Yeah, so People mag claims Chris did his 14 day iso in the States before coming over, which is at least something although not the way it's supposed to work, dunno.


                        While the
                        actress lives in North London, the Knives Out star had been isolating stateside before heading to London, where several film and television projects have resumed production.

                        Reps for both actors could not immediately be reached for comment.

                        James was last linked to actor The Crown actor Matt Smith, 37, who she reportedly split from in December. They first started dating in 2014.

                        I wonder if anyone told Matt that he and Lily split for good in December*? According to CinemaBlend, he and Lily were spotted bike riding together in May.


                        First and foremost, there’s the whole travel ban on American citizens in the U.K. right now. The country has already made some exceptions, particularly in the realm of entertainment, so it’s not a huge shock Chris Evans is in London right now as he has several projects on his upcoming slate,
                        including Little Shop of Horrors and more. However, even for U.S. travelers who have been allowed to head to the U.K. there’s supposed to be a two-week quarantine period. Which leads us to the question: Is Chris Evans in Lily James’ bubble?

                        If they are in a “ bubble” together, that would mean the two may have a project together coming up, though it’s equally possible there’s some bubble rule-bending going on. Lily James was previously romantically connected to Doctor Who actor Matt Smith and while the two reportedly split, they had been seen with one another back in May when they went on a bike ride.

                        People reports the actor isolated in the U.S. before heading to the U.K., but that seems different than the rules previously outlined by Variety about how the “bubble” is supposed to work. In fact, the "support bubble" has been a big deal since it was first outline in the U.K. Parties in bubbles for family or other personal life interactions are not supposed to shift bubbles from week to week. There are also bubble environments for work, which the U.K. government and the British Film Institute classified. Those in a work bubble are expected to stay in said work bubble. including film productions.

                        So it's possible he came over for work and not just play.

                        * quick look around and apparently Lily/Matt did break up in December over his 'closeness' to The Crown co-star Claire Foy, but then got back together and have been quarantining in the home they share since lockdown. They did look happy enough a few weeks ago:

                        Ooops! Not anymore, I s'pose.

                        In more sinister news Naya Rivera seems to be missing. She probably drowned while her little boy was sleeping in the boat. So sad!

                        Wow, that's awful. Glee was a cursed set all the way 'round, holy hell.


                        • The Glee cast is living out a slow version of Final Destination and it is super creepy. I have so many questions about Naya Rivera's disappearance. The kid seemed to know that she went in the water and then never came out so was he awake or napping? And either way, did she just go swimming and not have anyone watching her 4 yr old on the boat? This screams foul play to me and I can't shake that feeling.


                          • I don't have strong feelings about Chris and his messy overlaps but he seems to enjoy messy overlaps?

                            Also, the Naya Rivera thing is soooo sad to me. The whole series is tinged with such sadness now, I don't know how I'd ever rewatch a second of it.

                            I don't necessarily think there was foul play. I've read a few different takes -- and how accurate is the 4-year-old's account, honestly? -- but it seems they went out on a lake for some relaxation and swimming and a freak accident occurred. She could have had a drug problem, a heart condition, an aneurysm, etc. I also saw that the Lake has had a lot of toxicity warnings and who knows is something caused a medical incident for her and she couldn't get back onto the boat in time? It's all so sad!
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • Yeah, I could never rewatch. I didn't have a strong attachment to that show past S1, but to know *3 of the kids are gone now is too sad. And aneuryms are legit a paranoia of mine when I swim alone! It's secretly why I hardly ever do it. That and getting a limb stuck in a drain like I saw happen on 20/20 like 30 years ago.

                              Lake has had a lot of toxicity warnings
                              We had this happen at a lake nearby, bluegreen algae in it was killing people's dogs one summer.

                              *I hope they find her alive, obvs.


                              • I find it easy to believe that Chris is just another self-centered celebrity. He is pretty though.

                                That poor child, no matter what the story is.