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  • I have this odd job (I mostly love) that involves listening to Joe Rogan Experience. Last week was tedious as Scott Eastwood was on (there's 2 hours of my life I'll never get back), but this week I was rewarded with this interesting tidbit:

    .Joe Rogan Experience #947 - Ron Miscavige

    I watched bits and pieces of Leah Remini episodes but in the end I didn't find the A&E show compelling. I didn't give it too much of a shot tho. Still her appearance on JRE was quite interesting

    so yeah. For anyone that might share my interests check out these two


    • Joe Rogan is the Oprah of white Gen X dudes who listen to podcasts, including my husband.

      I have grown to hate him as my husband talks about him as though they are close friends who share deep intimacies.
      It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • OMB saaaaame. I mean, I liked NewsRadio. (shrugs)


        • Also, I can talk about ANYTHING and my husband doesn't remember it. Joe Rogan talks about it, and we ALL MUST GET IN LINE AND CHECK IT OUT.

          Fuck Joe Rogan, basically.
          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • Well as far as podcasts go I also have to listen to couple that feature guests with broken Brazilian English so by comparison Rogan is not bad at all. I do prefer him with serious guests tho, he had one other cult expert on which was just amazing. This guy called Steve Hassan who is a former member of the moonies and he literally wrote the book on cult mind control. And his other interviews on youtube are nowhere as good.


            • I checked in on Tony Ortega's site. No idea how to embed a tweet but still here's basically what he's uncovered:

              LAPD probing #Scientology & actor Danny Masterson for multiple rapes, cover up

              • Tony Ortega over at the Underground Bunker has just broke the story that the LAPD is investigating actor and Scientologist Danny Masterson for committing several rapes. NO CHARGES HAVE YET TO BE FILED.
              • The victims came forward at Leah Remini's urging after they contacted her regarding her Scientology documentary series Scientology and the Aftermath. Masterson's attorney says he's not aware of an investigation. The victims claim there's compromised officers working for the LAPD.
              • Victim A is a former girlfriend, Victim B is a friend of the actor. Both victims, who were also Scientologists, claim Scientology officials ordered them not to go to police and they were afraid of being labeled suppressive persons and would lose everything.
              And just if this report leaves you feeling awful. Jenna Elfman somehow thought it would be great to do a reddit AMA for her new show which hilariously backfired:


              my favorite comments:
              *Jenna, why did all the new accounts leave at the same time you did? Are y'all having a fire drill on the boat?
              *This is why you shouldn't do an AMA if your cult doesn't let you look at the internet.
              *When you are on vacation do you visit volcanoes or are you too scared to be close to the thetans? *Hey Jenna! At this point do you wish that we would upvote this post so that more people become aware of it? Or would you rather it disappeared?


              • Oh, man that Masterson story bums me out.
                It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • Looks like Logan Echolls did do some recruiting for scienos... From Tony Ortega's post on Brad Bufanda (Felix Thombs) suicide:

                  " “Veronica Mars was an incredible chapter in our lives,” says Francis Capra, who played “Weevil,” the leader of the biker gang Bufanda’s character belonged to. On screen, their characters were best friends, and off screen, Capra says they were part of an intensely close family that developed around the show. “Brad moved in with me after about a year and a half. And then the whole second season was about his character’s death.”

                  As actors, they knew it was something that might happen and they just had to deal with it. But Capra says that it was a devastating thing for Bufanda to go through, suddenly to be dropped as a recurring character of the series. “He went on auditions, and he’d come by the set, but I know it was really hard on him.”

                  Capra also developed a close relationship with actor Jason Dohring, who played Logan Echolls, the love interest of Veronica Mars. Capra can’t say enough about what a caring and truly generous person Dohring was, and a huge influence on his life.

                  And it was also Dohring who got both Capra and Bufanda into Scientology.

                  Jason Dohring’s father, Doug Dohring, is a major donor to Scientology. In 2016, he was given a special trophyindicating that he’d given $10 million in cumulative donations to just one of Scientology’s causes, the International Association of Scientologists. Doug Dohring’s wealth comes from running Age of Learning, the company behind the popular children’s learning program ABCmouse.

                  Today, Capra is no longer involved in the church. “I’ve seen all the negative stuff about Scientology. I know what they say about it. But I never saw any of that in Jason.”

                  Dohring would invite cast members to events at Scientology’s Celebrity Centre, and Capra said he would often take him up on it. “I went out of my way to hang out with Jason. But I never saw Brad at one of those meetings,” he says.

                  He suspects that Dohring suggested a website or some reading material to get Bufanda into Scientology, and then Brad’s competitive nature took over.

                  “Brad was competitive to a fault,” Capra says. After his invitation to take an interest in Scientology, “Brad would have tried to understand it and possess it.”


                  • What is yyour take on this?

                    Nicole talks about her kids. She seems to be saying that they had cut her out but not anymore and she's not holding it against them or something?


                    • That all reads as super weird. Like Nicole is desperate to say “Yes, we’re a loving family!” And the kids are saying “Yes, we have parents and we’re not close, but whatevs.” Which I read as them saying they had crappy parents and so they ran far away but because their crappy parents are famous they have to put a good face on it.


                      • It could be a mix of truths? I mean, Nic sounds like she loves them from afar and she's probably totally fucking heartbroken they picked Tom and Scientology over her. They were brainwashed against her as children. It's super sad.
                        It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.