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    Who is he? That's one secret he'll never tell.

    As per isadora's very reasonable request, here's new thread for discussing GB's blinds, deets, and identity. This kid is blowing HW wide open. Well, okay, maybe he's not. But he might!

    He's about to go overseas on locale for a new film, and might go dark for a bit. So I'll bring over his most salacious blinds, and the clues we have amassed as to his real identity.

    em and I have a spreadsheet where we assign scores to different candidates, (we have evaluated and/or eliminated nearly 60 HW actors) and a calendar where we track GB's movements. He just revealed however, that he has often lied about what city he is in on his twitter, so a lot of the data about dates and location that we have collected is now useless. *sigh*

    His blog is: and his twitter is: for those who want to play along at home. His personal assistant is GiGi, and her twitter is:

    One of his recent posts:
    It all began with a statement that Joaquin Phoenix was leaving the movie business and becoming a rapper. Say what?! The next time we saw our sexy actor, he had turned into the love child of ZZ Top and looked like a mountain man. Reports of drug use flew through HW. But those of us who knew JP, knew that he would never in a million years touch any illegial substance after the untimely death of his older brother River that resulted from a drug overdose on the sidewalk in front of Johnny Depp's club in L.A, The Viper Room. Depp has since sold the club. Joaquin was the one who called 911 that night and River passed away right in front of him, so the drug rumor held no ground with us.

    Joaquin was also telling everyone that his journey into rap and his appearence of a mental breakdown was all a show that brother-in-law Casey Affleck would be documenting. And while that all sounds good, the truth is still out there.

    Joaquin has always lived a very private life and the 911 call the night of his brother's death was broadcast everywhere back in 1993 is what pushed him to do so. He has a long list of ex-girlfriends that is very public. But it's the not so public list that people are curious about. Could Joaquin's breakdown have come from living the HW life. He is a known ladies man, but has never settled down. What could be keeping Joaquin from finding that right girl?

    Many say this breakdown came from living a secret life and it got to be too much for him. Rumors of an alleged night in a hotel room with Casey Affleck also seem to keep coming up. We cannot say whether Joaquin is gay, bisexual, or just a straight guy breaking under the pressure of HW. In reality, the breakdown was clearly a mockumentary for Casey to film. But could Joaquin really be a card carrying member of the rainbow club?

    This we can say, HW puts enough pressure on you to make you grow a beard and become a rapper. But there are many men who have been known as ladies men and have yet to dismiss the gay rumors. Rock Hudson and Matt Dillon anyone?
    Knowing GB, he is def outing Matt Dillon here. He has also more or less outed Matt Morrison, Chace Crawford, Zach Quinto, Jake G., Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles, just to name a few. Obviously, none of these are a surprise, but he seems like he's just getting warmed up.

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    Some of those guys he's outed seems like wishful thinking to me. I thought Matt Morrison and Zachary Quinto were already out, so that's not that big of a revelation, but it seems like everyone in the world wants Jake to come out and there's never been any real evidence that he's gay. Plus, he seems super gay-friendly and embraces the gay rumors with such a great sense of humor that it would actually bum me out if he was still lying about his sexual preference despite that, like he was secretly ashamed of it this whole time.

    And I find it a little suspect that the Supernatural boys are both on there. I don't know anything about them or their show for that matter, but they seem like a fanfic writer's slash fantasy supreme (now with incest!) so that kind of makes me roll me eyes.


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      This might be info. you already know Issie but Jakey G. has/had a well documented relationship (platonic or otherwise) with Austin Nichols which led many, many people to speculate they were more.

      I don't know about Jackles, but GB has hinted very, very heavily that he was involved with JP back during the start of Gilmore. And he totally called the rushed engagement and imminent nuptials of JP and his bride that happened two weeks ago (allegedly to cover something else.)

      I totally peaced out of the GB investigation when his reports about the hobos started pissing me off but I should wade back in.

      I haven't checked the tweets or blog in weeks.

      ETA: Thank you for the thread, Miss O!


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        Yeah, I've seen Jake G. and Austin Nichols hang out in lots of pictures, but again, that's pretty lame if two guys exercising and going to Lakers games together makes people speculate that they are ZOMG TEH GAY! Leo/Tobey Maguire, McConaughey/Armstrong are also BFFs who get together a lot and I don't hear about those guys being sikrit lovers.

        I did read about the Supernatural boys' recent weddings on JJB. I do wonder at the strategy of rushing into marriage in order to cover up scandalous information. If that stuff is gonna come out, it's gonna come out whether you're married or not and it would seem like a big!fake!wedding! would only add more fuel to the fire because it looks like you're desperately trying to counteract whatever information was just released about you.


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          Matty Morrison *just* recently denied he was gay in an interview, which apparently pissed a lot of people off. Ridiculous, because he wasn't being very closeted before Glee.

          GB even has pics of a vaca he took with Jared back when they were having a gay fling, and Jared apparently got in a bit of a panic over them. He's only released one so far, but it was purposely from far enough away that it revealed nothing, but was enough to let JP know GB was serious about having the pics.

          I don't have any doubt anymore about JP and Jensen having had a thing. There's just been too many things said at Ted's and GB's that make it obvious. From the way they both word things, it sounds like JP is bi, and might even be sleeping with his wife (shocker!), but Jensen is gay gay gay and there's nothing between him and Daneel.

          Here's just one thing GB says about Jensen's past. The pic that goes along with this blog entry is interesting, too.:
          Wednesday, February 17, 2010
          What Is Jensen Ackles Hiding?

          It all started years ago when Jensen portrayed Eric Brady on Days Of Our Lives. He wasn't well known and just starting out. In the soap opera world, sad to say, but no one really cares about your hidden secrets. But Jensen was well known among daytime actors as being someone to have around for a good time.

          Problem is, he was only interested in partying if a certain co-star of his was around. He and Austin Peck grew close, sources say. Rumor is, they got so close that the producers began to worry. Co-stars will tell you that for the longest time, Austin and Jensen were inseparable. Only problem was, Jensen had high hopes for his career and once he found out that he was up for the role of Clarke Kent in Smallville, he began to pull back from Austin, sources say. But of course the role went to Tom Welling and Jensen went on to guest spots before getting the role of Jenn Lindley's baby daddy, C.J.

          But when Jensen had finally admitted he was leaving the show, Austin was heartbroken, says someone who co-starred with both of them on the show. He turned to religion and got married very quickly. He became such a religious person and began publicly trying to recruit fellow cast members until the producers had had enough and let him go.

          Jensen of course took off and never looked back. But when he ran into some co-stars recently, he treated them as if they were lesser then him since he broke out of the daytime mold and they didn't. Which is why one of his co-stars ended up telling me everything. I had heard rumors before and daytime actors are well known for keeping their sexuality secret. Of course, Austin and Jensen no longer speak and never even mention that they used to be friends. I was emailed a link to this picture to show how tight they used to be. They were forever hanging out shirtless and constantly all over each other, the co-star told me.

          I'm told that Jensen is hiding even more secrets, and not the ones that you are thinking of. Wonder if his soon-to-be-wife knows of his past indiscretions. Oh that's right, he is keeping her's a secret too. Jensen made LA his playground back in his soap opera days and I can promise that sooner or later, more will come out.
          And from right after Jared's wedding to Gen (where oddly, Danneel wasn't in attendance).:
          Monday, March 1, 2010
          Jared Glues On The Beard
          Yesterday, the gay world took a huge hit as supposed card carrying member Jared Padalecki placed a ring on the finger of Genevieve Cortese and kissed her awkwardly. And with that fate sealing kiss, Jared placed to bed all the rumors of his sexuality and rumored relationship with co-star Jensen Ackles.

          Or did he?

          Will the rumors ever die? Or how about the guys who say that they have made out with the amazingly ripped hunk? Fact is, years ago, Mr. Padalecki allegedly was open to it all. Of course they are rumors, but who knows.

          Now with one of the boys married off, soon the production known as Jensen and Danneel's wedding will take place, directed and written by Danneel herself, no doubt. What I would like to know is why was Jared and Jensen the ones enjoying breakfast together this morning instead of Jared and his new wife? Yup, I'm told that when the breakfast was delivered, Gen did answer the door, but Jared and Jensen were also in the room. It was clear that Jensen had spent the night, I was told.

          Take that as you want, but it sounds to me as if this wasn't the end of the game, but the beginning of a whole new level. And Danneel hasn't been spotted in days, anyone check Ted Casablanca's house?
          GB is a friend of Jake's and generally says sweet things about him, and how much fun he is to hang out with, but he also says things like this.:
          Sunday, February 14, 2010
          The Return Of Jake Gyllenhaal?

          There once was a boy named Jake.
          So lovely, yet quite fake.
          He picked a girl, said "Let's give it a whirl,"
          But alas, not a bed did quake.

          Jake Gyllenhall, what can you say about such a man? He finally came to his senses and is no longer part of, what seemed to be, a full time acting job. No longer are we seeing seemingly staged photo's nor are we forced fed the idea of him and that peanut butter cup.

          So, as the dust settles from the imploding of a showmance gone bad, we start to wonder if word on the street is actually true. Could Jake really be done pretending as everyone claims? I'm sure you have all heard the rumors, and probably even believe them.

          While it seems that Jake is actually wising up and taking control of everything, his friends say different. Some are worried that all of the pressure could come down on him. One friend says that Jake acts as if his career isn't what he wanted it to be. While Jake's career has been quite successful, he feels as if he hasn't reached his peak yet.

          I am sure all of his fans would agree and would advise Jake to do what makes him happy. He has been loafing around, hitting up basketball games, spending time with his sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and her daughter, Ramona. He seems to going about like he hasn't a care in the world. But he has not seemed like the old Jake yet. Maybe it's because his best friend Austin Nichols is dating Sophia Bush? Now that Jake is single again and his bf isn't, he has no one to pal around with.

          He is currently set to start production on Source Code, which begins filming in Montreal in early March. The only problem I see with that is, Source Code is a Summit film. And we all know Summit, correct? 'Nuff said.

          Here's my advice, Jake. You only live once and this is your career. Why work so hard for it if you can't enjoy it?
          He's been quite hard on Jake for the ridiculous showmance with Reese. So has Ted, of course, even though I'm not sure it's even in Ted's best interest for Toothy Tile (Jake, duh) to come out. GB admits to having a beard as well, but they never confirm that they are dating. They just hang out and let people draw their own conclusions. He's got it in for guys who beard in a "See?? I have a girlfriend!!! I'm NOT gay!!" way, but he's not brave enough to come out entirely. He wrote a nice blog entry on the topic today.

          You can read more about Jake and his bf here and here from other sources as well. And that's just the tip of the iceberg for the 'Jake is gay' stuff out there. I lean towards it being true. I think Ted would been sued six ways to Sunday by now if it wasn't, because he's been REALLY obvious.


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            Oh, em . . . GB has notted Joseph Gordon Levitt *and* Justin Long. Back to the drawing board for me.


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              Oh no! Those were two of the *prime* suspects! Argh. How's it looking for Bradley Cooper? Have he and RZ confirmed?

              Though did it sound like GB was at the Oscars? Or just the VF party? Or is he keeping it purposely ambiguous to avoid identification?

              I tend to believe Jake G. is gay just because there's *so* much about it and for a consistent period of time from a variety of sources. It seems totally odd to me to just pick a random dude and be like, yeah he's gay. I don't even think Ted is attracted to Jake G. in a 'I need him to be gay' way.

              But given the number of people who identify as gay or bi in the world and the very miniscule number of out actors, I tend to believe that if it's a consistent rumor, the actor or actress is probably gay.

              The reverse is true too, though. If there's a little bit of noise that an actor is gay and a lot more evidence indicating they're straight, I don't assume they're closeted just 'cause it's more gossipy/scandalous/fun/whatever.

              The only thing I got from the whole Wincest background was wait, CJ was BabyAmy's daddy? Was that confirmed in the finale?

              Oh and I went to a screening of a movie looking for distribution about 3 years ago that starred Jensen and Daneel and they get together at the end but not before Daneel has fairly explicit sex with two other dudes (I think at the same time). So, um, there's that.


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                Originally posted by emmaleigh
                The only thing I got from the whole Wincest background was wait, CJ was BabyAmy's daddy? Was that confirmed in the finale?
                Oh good, it wasn't just me.

                I have to say, I'd be more inclined to believe the Ackles/Padalecki stuff if it weren't for the legions of insane "Wincest" tinhatters out there who seem to be doing their damnedest to make the DomLijah crowd look sane in comparison. Ted, in particular, seems to love stoking the fires of their crazy, so I honestly don't buy anything about that particular "pairing" that he says.


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                  Wow, I had totally forgotten Jensen Ackles was in 12 eps of DC in S6. Crazytown. I have zero memory of his character.

                  Anyhoo, GB breaks down showmances for us:
                  Of course there are levels to the showmance. You have your PB, paparazzi buddy. They are generally just someone that you get photographed with in places that it seems you were trying to avoid it. Then you have you Shipmates. They are the ones that you are actually "dating" and must be seen at least once a day doing normal things. Then you have the contractors. They are the ones who walk down the aisle. Usually only lasting a couple of years just to garner publicity. All of these are meant for publicity but a lot of them usually a bigger name with a smaller name.
                  I'm digging the terminology. So Jenny An and Gerard Butler would be PBs, Reese and Jake were Shipmates, and Katie Holmes is a contractor. Nice!


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                    Today's Dear GB:
                    Wednesday, March 10, 2010
                    Dear Gossip Boy
                    @The_Gossip_Boy anything thing NEW with Robsten? need Robsten dish!

                    Kristen is busy promoting The Runaways for the time being and Rob is still filming Bel Ami. Didn't their Remember Me commotion give you your fill? I wouldn't expect anything from these two for awhile.

                    Gossip Boy,
                    I adore you! I opened a twitter account just so I can follow you.
                    My question is, can you tell me if Michelle Williams is as kindhearted, beautiful, and fun as she seems? No worries if you don't know her personally. She just seems wonderful to me (and it would be nice to hear some positive gossip).
                    Love, Nat
                    Michelle Williams is the sweetest woman you could meet. She is down to earth and a great character actress. Also, a great mother to darling Matilda. Both those girls have had to deal with a lot, but they are doing great.

                    Has anyone ever sent you a guess that was right? Like about a blind or your identity? I was also gonna guess that Vera Farmgia was the actress throwing a tantrum in the ladies room after the Oscars. Am I right?

                    Some people have set me correct guesses, though I won't tell you to which they did. Vera is a very professional woman and I couldn't imagine her throwing a fit over losing an award. But you could say that you are not far off.

                    Gossip Boy,
                    Since you have broke up McHottie, any chance you wanna tell us who he is? Or maybe give us a clue. If not, could you tell us about Alice In Wonderland? You rock, btw.

                    Alice is just getting so lost in Wonderland that she doesn't even seem to care anymore. I don't hear as much about her these days, but I don't see the person who filled me in anymore, if you get my drift. But Gigi is still in NYC and that is Alice's playground, so just give it time.

                    Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen? Could they be a thing?

                    No way in hell would a guy like Chace be interested in a girl like Taylor. She may have had a crush on him in the beginning, but she has her eyes set on a bigger prize right now.

                    What are the chances that a big name would ever come out? Have you thought about it?

                    A big name coming out would be amazing. It would only take one to show it would not be Armageddon. As for me, I have thought about it for awhile. Almost did once, but there is a lot of what ifs. Trust me I want to and I know others do as well, it's the threats that keep us in.

                    Gossip Boy,
                    I read your blog everyday throughout work and I love it. Sometimes I LOL and get stares. But then your blog spread around the office and we talk about it all day and at lunch. You are amazing! Could you give me a morsel about Justin Case and Rainbow Dark? Has Justin ever worked with anyone on SPN?

                    You could link Justin to the SPN cast. He is not part of the cast if you are hinting at Jared or Jensen, they ain't him. As for RD, he is all over the place.

                    With your love of Buffy, have you ever worked with any of the cast? If you won't answer that, how about Zac Efron as a blind? He seems to be a little iffy.

                    No, but thanks for the opportunity to post a Buffy picture.

                    Gossip Boy,
                    What happened to Cameron Diaz? She disappeared for awhile and now she looks bad. Rehab?

                    Cameron and Jennifer Aniston have a lot in common. Some kids never want to grow up. Rehab, I doubt it, but these days stars go all the time and you never hear about it.

                    Can you tell us anything about Zachary Quinto? Why can't stars live like him? He is out and plays roles?

                    I wasn't aware that Zach came out as being gay? Do you know something I don't. I think stars that don't make a big deal about it can manage a way to figure things out in my opinion.

                    Gossip Boy,
                    Have you ever kissed a guy on film? I think I know who you are but not sure. Ever sang?

                    Lila,Unless you know my exes or my mother, I'm just going to say no and hope that you don't have proof of either. Knowing her and other people, I'm sure I'm singing on YouTube somewhere

                    Gossip Boy,
                    Are Ryan Kwanten and Kellan Lutz the only straight boys in Hollwood? Seems everyone else is gay.

                    Ryan is up in the air. Sexy and seen with girls, but never really seen doing anything with them. Kellan is a straight boy with manners, something that Hollywood eats up. If Kellan isn't straight, don't you think I would be the first one at his crypt?
                    A nice and long one today.

                    I love what he has to say about MW, and I *think* maybe he is hinting about McHottie being CC, which is something I've always doubted. But I know em believed!

                    Also . . . hinting that Anna Kendrick was the one throwing the tantrum? Seems doubtful.

                    And Kellan is straight. That surprises me, although Ted has been saying it as well. I was betting bi.


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                      I Jeremy Renner in The Unusuals, which I think mr.o and I were the only ones in America watching, so this caught my eye. hadn't heard these rumors, but see? GB doesn't think everyone is gay.
                      The Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner took his mom to the Oscars. He likes show tunes. He enjoys emotionally complex roles. All of this makes him a homosexual, the National Enquirer reports.

                      Under the editorship of David Perel, the Enquirer has enjoyed its share of outings. Larry Birkhead. Gayle King. Meredith Baxter. And yes, everyone's favorite "hiding in plain sight" 'mo, Anderson Cooper. The tabloid's batting average is pretty high, which lends some credence to their claims about the Oscar-nominated actor.
                      It doesn't make any of it right.

                      The Enquirer's main evidence comes from a quote given to another publication years ago from a forming acting coach, who said, "I have never had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy's boyfriend, but the fact that Jeremy is gay has never been a primary concern."
                      Now you can throw into the mix Renner's hug with co-star Anthony Mackie, called out by the Today show, and you have plenty of periphery evidence that Renner is A Gay. And then there's his 2002 flick Dahmer, where he plays the serial killer stalking a gay victim:

                      Read more:

                      This is the perfect example of the price of being an actor. This right here makes me think that the whole gossip blog thing was a bad idea. How is it right to out someone who has no intention of making their private life public?
                      I will CRY if this makes GB stop doing a gossip blog. CRY ACTUAL TEARS.


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                        GB's Friday Blind Item.
                        Today I am going to tell you the story of a girl who grew up in a small town. She was your typical girl next door and after high school she took off for Hollywood. She was beautiful and had talent so it didn't take her long to get work. She was an overnight sensation and became a very popular name.

                        As the fame got inside of her, so did the guy that her best friend was engaged to. She began thinking of herself as royalty and even hired her best friend to be her bitch. While her best friend did the tasks our star didn't want to, the star and her friends fiance carried on their affair.

                        Of course one day she got sick. She was diagnosed with the nine month flu and panicked. Her current image would in no way be able to continue if she was pregnant out of wedlock. And she had no one to call the daddy. That's when out star gave into her managements bearding contract. She agreed to "hook-up" with a celebrity that could make her a name that would be famous forever. On the first date, she slept with him. By the tenth date, she told him he was going to be a daddy.

                        Being the gentleman that he is, he proposed. They are now living the Hollywood dream, but Star didn't realize her assistant was not as stupid as believed. Stuck baby sitting all of the time, she began to notice similarities between the baby and her now husband. She figured it out very quickly and informed her boss she knew the truth. The next day our star hired her assistant an assistant and now everyone is living happy. But what happens when the real baby daddy find out? He has been trying to knock his wife up for years.

                        And don't count out the A List husband. He is a force that has enough power to blow down a castle. It's only a matter of time before the pieces fall into place. Expect tremors.
                        Popular guess seems to be KH, but, um no. Suri is all Cruise, if her likeness to Tom's cousin is any indicator. 'Blow down the castle' and 'expect tremors' seem to be clues.


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                          It does sound like La Holmes, but the best friend assistant is confusing. That actually sounds more like JSimp with her BFF/ex-PA Casey. And I agree with you, O, that Suri looks just like a Mapother, if not exactly like Tiny Tom.

                          How many of these BIs are just bullshit? I've always wondered if gossip bloggers will make stuff up on a slow day 'cause they don't have anything really exciting to report about. And how come people tend to believe this guy? If he cops to lying about where he is sometimes as a way to throw people off, why wouldn't he lie about the rest of it? I'm super unaware of the goings-on when it comes to Perez, Ted C, and all the rest of them. Are they just trying one up each other?

                          Also, we were at Barnes&Noble on our super sexy Friday night date and I saw that they had seasons of Supernatural on sale for 1/2 off. Y'all know I have no filter and no shame, so of course I was like, "My friend told me that they're both teh gay and that they actually used to sleep together." The poor husband could not get away from me fast enough.


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                            I call this board "my friend" too when I'm out IRL.

                            Okay, I kind of love Gossip Boy but I'm with Issie a bit not knowing how to take it. It feels nice to have legit gossip outside of the paid entertainment media though.


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                              I was super skeptical, but it's a pretty elaborate ruse with little gain. He's been keeping a twitter under this persona for nearly a year, but no one took notice until he started talking about twi shit. Then his twitter and blog kind of exploded. Seems to have taken him by surprise, and he's backed off from dropping as many hints about his own identity. Nobody's paying him to do this . . . there is some advertising on his site, but he claims it all goes to charity. I dunno. If you read back through his (and GiGi's) twitter and his archives he just *feels* legit.

                              I'm back to square one, though, in not knowing who in the hell he is. I was so sure about Justin Long!