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The Core Four Glossary: Because we love a lot of things, but mostly we love ourselves

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  • The Core Four Glossary: Because we love a lot of things, but mostly we love ourselves

    Please feel free to add page references and links if you find something else of interest. These are just the highlights I thought most people would want to reread. Also, I'm not sure if everyone has the same settings for # of posts displayed per page, but all my links are set to the default option.

    1. Remember Josh's almost baby? Me either. Relive it.

    2. KH and CK1 break up! And The J is in London with the milliner. It's all about the timing, kids.

    3. KH's Scieno servitude begins. Also, MW and Heath announce that Matilda is coming! Creek girls in love.

    4. Tom and KH horrify Oprah.

    5. And then he proposes.

    6. MW's 1st Oscar nomination. And the dress that beats all dresses.

    7. DK and The J emerge!

    8. Baby Suri's 1st pictures.

    9. MW and Heath break up.

    10. Heath Ledger dies.

    11. Hello, stranger!

    12. When Issie and Ophy start to love DK. It only took 3 years.

    13. Beek divorces the Party of Five chick.

    14. "DK and The J" is coined.

    15. Baby Beek #1 announced.

    16. PaceyCon

    17. Suri's Paternity: Part 1

    18. DK > KH: Fashion says so. Bonus: "Toledo" is coined.

    19. RLTL talk at a party! Also, in depth analysis of DK and The J.

    20. London, OMB!

    21. The J's crazy family.

    22. MW's award season 2012.

    23. MW and Segal!

    24. DK and The J cheating/breakup dramz and Issie's paranoid meltdown. It's glorious!

    25. Baby Beek #2. Also, we all think Mrs. Beek #2 was an escort.

    26. Coachella 2012

    27. Met Ball 2012

    28. Cannes 2012 and Suri's Paternity: Part 2

    29. Divorce 2012: The Mockingjay

    30. Cucumber and Cucumber Revealed

    31. The J confirms RLTL phone call.

    32. KH is Gone Girl.

    33. KH's Dating Pool.

    34. We name DK and The J's imaginary baby.

    35. Busy announces she's having another cutie.

    36. DK and The J say goodbye to Vancouver.

    37. MW says peace out to JSegs. Because she hates happiness?

    38. DK and The J adoption spec.

    39. RLTL via Castaways BTS footage.

    40. Premiere for The Host.

    41. Isadora and Laa: Stage 5 Clingers for RLTL

    42. The Host: New York

    43. London, OMG! Bigfoot Pics of Angsty Reunion Dramz.

    44. The J and Olivia Munn?

    45. Coachella 2013

    46. Video link to The J gushing about DK super early on in the relaysh.

    47. Pre-Met Ball 2013 discussion.

    48. Met Ball 2013 complete with MDubs and The J reunion pic and the Anne Hathaway photobomb!

    49. DK vs. Toledo!

    50. Skinny dipping fight intermission!

    51. KH and a new RLTL? Spoiler: NO.

    52. The J's house of divorced childhood dragons. And we bitch about some bitch dissing

    53. Herman's brief return. Can someone write 1D fic and start a band couple war so he comes back?

    54. MW's new dude is a facial downgrade.

    55. Busy being awesome.

    56. Dirty J gossip is always delicious.

    57. How many times does DK have to say she's never getting married again before peeps believe her?

    58. Busy Baby #2! Her name is Cricket.

    59. DK + Don Johnson = Awesome CRAY

    60. The J gets a new gig.

    61. Mrs. Beek keeps getting beeked.

    62. We keep wanting The J to be Suri's dad.

    63. KH brings her lameness to Twitter so she can bore even more people.

    64. Toledo vs. Tori Spelling!

    65. Tom Cruise abandons Suri and has to talk about it.
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    New favorite thread. It's important to organize so future generations can easily access this wisdom.


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      This is amazing! So amazing.


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          Thing of beauty! It's like Christmas came early!

          And isadora changed the settings, so you should be able to keep editing/adding to that timeline as . . er . . as times goes by.

          *somebody* has forgotten the password to her photobucket account, beekdamnit. Insert picture of Honey Boo Boo dancing her butt off <here>.


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            I can't even express how excited I am! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. I am hyperventilating!

            I don' t know if you all have the same settings as me but every post is separated by a blue bar with the time and date stamp. To the far right within the blue bar s a number for the post and the number is a link to that post in the thread--so it actually takes you to a specific post while also keeping the thread viewable--does that make sense? Because I can get very specific with links if you want me to edit accordingly.
            It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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              I never knew that! That is GENIUS. I'll go back and change the links. eta: Ok, I fixed them.
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                Best thread ever.


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                  Yeah, it just SUCKED away a couple of hours from my life.

                  AWESOME. (that was not sarcasm)


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                    Slightly off topic: I was just rereading a couple of these threads and I love us so. much. I had to stifle a laugh to keep office mates from being suspicious.
                    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                      Worst part of the board move is that some of these links are now broken. I felt the need to read about London today and I had to go to the old nono, find the dates, and then convert it over to here. I feel like our history has been taken from us. /crying


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                        Sad! I didn't even think about the links! Issie's beautiful work!


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                          I am devastated!
                          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                            Some of them work, and I bet we can figure out the rest by using old nono. Maybe we can crowd-source fixing them?


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                              UGH, this thread not working is turrrible.

                              For posterity:
                              RLTL TIME LINE OF DOOM
                              ****work in progress like whoa*****

                              1998-2003: Run of Dawson's Creek.

                              Josh and Katie date in 1998-ish during filming of the first season, break-up, have all of one scene together in season two, couple up on-screen in season three (which apparently rekindles their friendship, at the very least).

                              For a definitive rundown, see this cracked-out RLTL timeline (aka the link that will never die).

                              January 27: Josh’s play debuts in London (runs until April 30, 2005) (Sometime during this run Josh’s father shows up and throws him an emotional curveball).
                              March 3: Katie spotted at Josh’s play in London.
                              March 4: Katie’s break-up with Chris Klein is announced/confirmed (they had been engaged the previous winter)
                              March 14: Gossip tipster reports seeing KH with what looks like Chris Klein, looking sad and then kissing, but parting separately in NYC.
                              March 23: UK gossip rag saying Katie was in London visiting Josh on March 20.
                              March 31: Rumors say she briefly dated Josh Hartnett after her breakup with Chris Klein and was spotted with JH around NYC. Josh’s rep denies this report; says the two have been friends a long time and were just hanging since they both were in Manhattan
                              April 4: Katie attends premier of Steel Magnolias on Broadway (with publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnick and others to support Rebecca Gayheart)
                              April 7: Katie is photographed in NYC at FiFi event
                              April 11: Katie is photographed in NYC at VH-1 “Save the Music” concert.

                              April 27: TomKat is born, debuts in Rome. And “Kate” is the new love of Tom’s life.
                              -During this time Katie fires both her manager (John Carrabino) and agent
                              -She acquires new BFF (Jessica Feshblach, $cientology handler, comes from long line of $cientologists that have brushes with the law for sketchy behavior)
                              -She dumps childhood friends who were constant companions pre-Cruise (including Meghann Birie, frequent visitor to the Wilmy set)
                              -Numerous actresses reported taking a similar introductory meeting with Cruise and feeling like he was girlfriend scouting, as opposed to co-star scouting.

                              /insane speculation/- Katie probably didn't even know she was pregnant in the second and third weeks of April--she would have been *just* knocked up sometime in March, after all. I think she missed her period and Tom took this as A Sign from L. Ron himself. This was the right girl, finally! The SEED HAD FINALLY PLANTED. And Scientology is all about controlling shit with your thoughts. It's like a really expensive version of The Secret. Arguably Tom thought he did that shit with his mind.

                              May 23: Tom appears on Oprah, jumps on couch.
                              June 17: Tom Cruise proposes to Katie at the Eiffel Tower
                              October 5: Katie’s pregnancy is announced.
                              October 12: Gossip sites note that KH’s baby bump appears to be impressive and her belly button looks popped. Later photos show what seems to be a smaller bump than the one she had in October.
                              ****still tying together photographic evidence***
                              Katie's baby bump fluctuates in size wildly in the final months of her pregnancy, going from gigantic to just big.
                              April 18, 2006: Suri’s official birth date. No one sees Suri for four months until the VF debut. Speculation runs ramp that something is up with the kid. There are irregularities related to her birth certificate.
                              October 2006: Suri debuts on the cover of Vanity Fair.
                              Nov. 18, 2006: Tom and Katie wed in Italy. (Allegedly they married shortly before that in L.A.).
                              November 2007: Katie runs the NYC marathon.
                              January 2009: London premier of Valkyrie.
                              February 2009: Family vacation at Disney World.
                              June 2011: Family spends Father’s Day on a yacht in Miami.
                              August 2011: Katie debuts in NYC at Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.
                              March 2012: Seemingly happy at VF Oscar Party.
                              April 2012: Katie denies second pregnancy.
                              June 8, 2012: No Katie at Rock of Ages premiere.
                              June 18, 2012: Cruise and Holmes spotted strolling together in Reykjavik, Iceland, where Cruise is filming the movie Oblivion.
                              June 28, 2012: Holmes files for divorce from Cruise.
                              Sept. 20, 2012: Josh admits Katie called after the break-up with Tom.
                              It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.