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  • Breslin('s team) demanded 10k + travel/accommodations to appear at a smallish CA film fest to support one of her movies. SIT DOWN, Sunshine. And she's been dressing like that a lot for premieres/appearances.

    Blanchett looks like a glittery vag and I don't understand the crop top when preggo if you're not highlighting the bump. Weird choice from Kerry.

    Lupita is flaw-free. Adams looks like she's trying to be Winslet.

    I'm weak for a graying Damon and IDEK why.


    • SIT DOWN, Sunshine.

      Casting shade on Sunshine!

      I don't understand the crop top when preggo if you're not highlighting the bump.
      Thank you! I don't know the etiquette involved in critiquing pregnant couture, because no doubt that shit is hard to figure out, but I was so not into that decision.

      I'm weak for a graying Damon and IDEK why.
      I can see it.


      • I don't know what these awards are, but here's Lupita at the PGA Awards:

        It's the first dress of hers that I don't love completely, so I was not surprised to see that it's Stella McCartney.

        It's better from this angle, but it still ain't making me swoon.

        Claire Danes and Mr.Claire Danes.

        Sarah Paulson. Yikes.


        • I actually like JLaw's dress! I love that Lupita('s stylist) isn't afraid of color.


          • Okay, that's it, Sarah Paulson's stylist is clearly holding a bag of grudges.


            • Another serious misfire from Abigail Breslin:

              This is awful, Christina Applegate. Ugh, Marchesa.

              Leslie Bibb. Nope.

              You know, I worked with a guy who knew Elisabeth Rohm from college and he said she had a loooooot of work done after graduating. Didn't seem to help her much.


              • I may not love her dress, but I do love this:


                • Heh, Cate. This is why she's my queen forever.

                  Abigail Breslin's style team is the suck. She needs to fire them and get with Hailee Steinfeld's people ASAP. I don't even know what your goal is in trying to dress a teenager like Helen Mirren, but whatever, you're doing it wrong.


                  • Ha Cate is a classy woman. She could wear a sack and still be cool Cate.
                    Elisabeth Rohm's eyes seem to have got lost in her cheeks.


                    • Lupita in Vogue:

                      That would have been a killer Oscar look.


                      • After seeing her looks at the "lesser" award shows - I am looking forward to seeing what she pulls out of the hat for the Oscars - she is very beautiful, classy and that Vogue look is great


                        • She is winning all the awards in the fashion department arena season! <-- Somebody on one of the post-Oscar fashion shows will utter that line. I'm just gonna wait for it.
                          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                          • Grammy's tonight. I guess.

                            Paris still gets invited to things?

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                            • Christine Teigen:

                              Katy Perry:

                              It's Valentino, but KP kinda makes it look pedestrian:


                              Miranda Lambert and Adam Levine's husband:

                              Alicia Keys and Pharrell's hat:

                              Madonna and her son:

                              Pink in red:

                              . . . and that's about all the attention I can muster for the Grammys, to be honest.

                              ETA Taylor looks faaaabulous.

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                              • I missed the show, but from the pics you posted, I only really like Taylor's dress. It looks pretty comfy and easy to wear as far as RC stuff goes.

                                But JenLaw has decided to give me the sads on this Monday morning. I guess we can all look forward to 3 more years of satin bed sheets and skpants? Yay. Link