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  • Whoa, Lupita.


    • Hmmm. Going to have to go with NOPE on that, Lupita. Much as it breaks my heart.

      Unless it's a direct tribute to a specific Charles James piece, maybe?

      I think I'll buy what Zoe is selling, though.

      Rachel McAdams in a bit of a snorer:


      • I wouldn't like the SJP gown anyway, but seeing Oscar de la Renta's name on it makes me hate it so much more. TACKY.


        • I can't believe it. I like it.

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          • Blair would not be impressed with Leighton Meester.
            Bitter Shipper


            • Toledo's dress I like from the side and back, but the front bugs me. The color is great, though.

              I like this white and black better than SJP's.
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              • Ok, I just literally plopped Mr. T in Mr. Issie's lap like, "Your turn for bed time, bye, don't talk to me the rest of the night, 'kay? Thanks, luv you!"

                Mmm, I think I like Toledo's hair and makeup, but the dress is kinda sloppy looking in the front. It's Marchesa IIRC or that's who she was listed to wear on the preliminary guest sheets. Meh. I'm never really gonna LURVE anything from House of Georgina, you know?

                The DVF team. Alba looks kinda washed out considering she's a hot lady. She looks like Selena's aunt who was made to chaperone her to this party.


                • I lurve it, but on some level, the minidresses kinda bum me out at events that are supposed to be classic fancy.

                  Chloe Moretz wore something from Chanel's cowboy collection. Weird in the hips, but I don't hate it. At least it's not boresville.
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                  • Yeah, me too. It's fine if you don't want to dress according to the theme on a complicated year like "Superheroes" but a boring minidress fit for a luncheon is GTFO worthy. She's not even wearing any jewelry to fancy it up.


                    I think I love it? I need more deets, obvs.


                    • Is that from this year, why did noone else post it?
                      Bitter Shipper


                      • Beautiful bbs!

                        His jacket kinda clashes with her dress. I'm surprised she allowed that!

                        Other adorbs people being adorbs:


                        • I like KH's dress! Especially the color.

                          Um . . . quelle horreur.

                          Did they let Gideon and Harper pick these out?

                          No big complaints here:

                          Maggie, no.

                          Alison Williams looks good. A ittle boring, but given the above, I guess boring is fine.

                          Now *this* is Charles James-esque on Sarah Silverman.

                          Kate Upton WHAAAT.

                          Shailene WHAAAT. Did she think the theme was supposed to be fancy Coachella?

                          Kristen Stewart in Chanel. Love the hair, think the dress is way too busy and too much of a muchness that has nothing James-ish about it. But! I like this sooo much better than her past Met Ball looks.

                          Taylor is something too pink for me. But kind of Grace Kelly?

                          Whoa Bey, who died? It's like she and Kate Upton are the only ones going to a fancy funeral.

                          Liu Wen, also very classic and lovely. I think I like the full on James looks best tonight, even if they are really *too* on the nose. It's just a style that's lovely to look at, no matter.

                          I don't think Ri's top fits. That's a problem.

                          LOVE this on Dita Von Teese. This evening was made for her, obvs.


                          • I like MW's but not for this event (ha, like I know anything about fashion, but it's not fancy enough).

                            I really like DK's look; JJ's not so much.


                            • Rosie Huntington Whitely should have worn this last year. WTH?


                              • I like her face and hair but her dress looks like its made from curtains.

                                He looks better than her.
                                Bitter Shipper