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  • Frontal for Rossum. I love it.

    Olivia Munn in yellow . . .This is drafty? It's like cold in NYC, maybe that is what the long sleeves are for. #coldboobstho

    Can Kendall Jenner even sit down in this? Nice silhouette.

    Is this Rita Ora? It's all bad, whoever it is.

    Another view or Karolina. Now THIS is art.

    Rosie H-W. Oh, for Beek's sake. WRONG YEAR.


    • Is Rosamund Pike wearing a belted sweater skirt? She knows FCA is just a role right?


      • Karolina is definitely Fashion Prom Queen.

        Kendall's hair is cray.


        • All 4 of those girls look like they've been batting carbs away with a tennis racket for weeks.

          My fave Karlie! She looks great.


          • Yuuuup. She might be my second fave.


            • Much prefer this year to last year.

              I wish DK had gone for a Charlize-type dress but she does look lovely. I don't love The J's severe hair and white jacket.

              Poor old Toledo is being ridiculed a lot on Twitter for her Beauty and the Beast look.


              • It didn't even occur to me that cast members of another teen show have to awkwardly avoid each other tonight!

                Liu Wen is in Zac Posen, linda.

                Karlie Kloss, Zooey D, and Tay Swift from the back.

                Zooey from the front/side.

                Lea Michele. Saggy tummy? Whyyy?

                She looks like a stumpy wee thing next to Dianna here.

                Hugh and Deborra. Look at the height on those platforms!

                Alba, in something boring.

                Gabrielle Union also thinks it's 2013.

                Greta Gerwig. I don't hate it?

                Amanda Peet in something baaaaaad.


                • I'm hearing "poor old Toledo" in Mrs. Potts' voice and it's making my life basically.

                  Karolina is still my #1 for the night, but Karlie is like my #1 fo' lyfe, you know? I just love her.

                  I can't wait until the Olsen twins are legit old ladies and I hope I'm alive long enough to enjoy them. I FEEL like they'd be the scariest, most hilarious people in show business.


                  • Amanda Peet in something awful pretty much means that it's any given day in the week. She seem cool, but her style is wack.

                    I can't believe Johnny Depp resisted wearing a monocle. I can't believe he didn't have Tim Burton make him something. Amber Heard is snoozeville.

                    Marion. Is this Dior? Why does Dior hate their two main girls? I don't get it.


                    • Karolina's dress is Marchesa! I'm stunned.

                      Lea Michele's gold lamé horror is almost decent from this angle.

                      But then, nope.

                      Claire and Mr. Claire.

                      Ivanka Trump almost looks totes vintage in this one:

                      I don't know who this is, but lol.

                      Naomi Campbell is another one that can't use Google worth shit:


                      • Lizzy Olsen, WHUT?


                        • I can't not love the Olsen twins, no matter how hard I've tried. However, what's that makeup about? And the shoes/nips on Elizabeth- WHAT? Are those indents where she adjusted her Spanx?

                          Ivanka and Dita look super throwback in the best way, agreed.

                          Is it me or is there just a butt-ton of wrinkled satin this year? Good Beek.


                          • Ronan Farrow posted the menu, and some pics from inside:

                            46 seconds ago
                            The Met Gala. I'll have the Doritos Locos Taco.

                            38 minutes ago
                            The Met Gala. Really just here to stay grounded.

                            You can see Karolina and SJP's dresses here:

                            40 minutes ago
                            The Met Gala: a minefield of trains. I almost killed Sarah Jessica Parker.

                            If I was fifteen years younger, I would embarrass myself so badly over him. Not like, just here, either.

                            Gisele in Balenciaga:


                            • Ivanka with her daughter earlier in the day. I like her look if not really her dress. It kinda looks like Fraulein Maria curtain material or something up close.


                              • I think one of the reason DK usually keeps it sleek at this shindig is because she wants to avoid a train collision like the one you posted above. She's a regular so she knows how she wants to get around the room and although they're pretty on the carpet, they're a mess at the actual party.

                                No JenLaw this year? I thought I saw her name on a couple of lists.