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  • I am dying over the Leighton/Blake noise and the fact that THREE of the Core Four are in one place and we will get no pics, nothing. I can't stand it. Somewhere James VanDerBeek is slapping his wife for not being Met Ball worthy.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • Ivanka looks like she stepped out of a Charles James sketch, which is awesome. But yeah, not loving the actual fabric.

      Did we miss anyone notable?

      Ronan Farrow ‏@RonanFarrow 3m
      Taylor Swift sitting behind me. Propose marriage immediately or wait for dessert?

      mia farrow ‏@MiaFarrow 1m
      @RonanFarrow call home first


      • Oh! Love Maggie Q.


        • Guh! I want to run my hands over it, which sounds creepy and I'm sorry.


          • I had no idea who that Liu Wen woman was so I had to google and even though VS is the devil and their fashion show is whatevs, it's nice that they're diversifying a bit and more importantly her dress is amazeballs.

            Maggie Gyllenhaal is turning into Sharon Stone. Amanda Peet looks like a Rorshach Test. I love Posh, but looking at her is painful and makes me hungry. Toledo...le sigh. Whoever referenced a saloon fight is right. She looks like she's up for a role in a revival of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.


            • Poor Ilaria Urbinati styled only three (BCoop, Shailene, Leighton) this year, and two were duds. I like the way she distances herself from Shailene's actual dress.

              11 hours ago
              Shailene Woodley in Rodarte at the Met Ball - the Mulleavy sisters did their magic so I didn't have much to do but nod in approval

              What kind of tape do you use to keep beads in place?

              This is what Rihanna changed into for the after party:

              I think I missed Alexa Chung the first time around. I really like it.

              Paul Rudd is NOT wearing tails. Uh oh. Did Anna Wintour let him in anyway?

              This is not good, on Cobie. Tsk tsk, Agent Hill.

              Ditto, Livia. Not good. And has Colin had work done, or is that just weird makeup on him?

              Michelle Monaghan. What the hell ever. Again, leave the fringe at Coachella where it (doesn't) belong.

              I don't like Ivanka's dress at all as much as I thought I did last night.

              Sarah Paulson in Prada. Don't love, don't hate, but I think this is the green Prada Lupita should have picked.


              I did not recognize Zoe Kravitz at all.

              Gugu! This is so pretty. So so pretty.

              Imogen Poots in a dress designed by my five year old son.

              Lily Allen. I like this, but maybe better without the arm bows?

              Why does Sarah Silverman's head look so small? And did we know that she and Michael Sheen were a thing? I wonder if they avoided Rachel McAdams all night.

              Kate Mara.

              Adriana Lima in Givenchy. I don't get it.

              Lake Bell looks frightened by her dress.

              Full view of Dianna Agron.

              Dakota Johnson with Jason Wu. I like this a lot. Would have liked DK in this.

              Brie Larson, being too twee for this world.

              And I was right about Kendall Jenner!

              Kendall JennerVerified account
              nope. can't sit.


              • Sarah Silverman just has super broad shoulders, I think.

                Amy Adams, boring but pretty.


                • Sarah Silverman just has super broad shoulders, I think.
                  That must be it. I honestly thought there was something wrong with the camera at first. They are nice shoulders, though! She has GORGEOUS skin, and I love that color on her.


                  • Michael Sheen must be crazy charming in person. Eh? And I would loved to have seen Sarah go full bombshell with her hair down (perhaps to cover up the fact that she has a peanut head?) Veronica Lake style. She wears her hair up to fancy functions like this and I think she's so much sexier/softer with the hair down!

                    Who knew I had such strong feelings about Sarah Silverman's red carpet stylings?
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • Agree! It's good hair!


                      • Originally posted by LaaLaa View Post
                        Amy Adams, boring but pretty.
                        This should be the caption of every picture of her ever.

                        Lily Allen's dress reminds me of something Jay McCarroll would've made on Project Runway.


                        • Perez did a roundup of former costars who should've been photographed together. I swear, paparazzi don't know how much scratch they could make this way.


                          • This is where I want BuzzFeed to have MORE power. Can you imagine them letting any of those pairings go? Sigh.

                            ETA: I thought I saw Lea Michele and Dianna Agron together though? Yup, right here
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                            • They're all dummies! Except for that one photog.

                              Did anyone post this ass-grab/boob-stare combo special?


                              • I love this Armani dress Nicole Kidman wears at Cannes.