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  • I haven't seen everyone, but so far I really like Claire Danes' Givenchy.

    The sheer middle bits aren't my favorite, but the color is great on her and the neckline is super cool. There was a ton of red ladies tonight, probs close to a dozen IIRC.

    Julianne Hough looks like she's wearing a toilet paper wedding dress from a bridal shower game. Does she not work with Ilaria? Can Nina get that going for her because she needs help.

    Kate Mara also looks like she played the same bridal shower game as JH, but like a couture version. The Sisters Mara do not seem close so I totes feel ok about imagining Rooney cackling over this dress.

    Sarah Paulson, WHAT?


    • "I want to look beautiful, like a soft plague of ladybugs."

      I totally forgot about the Emmys, so I'll have to style-stalk during lunch tomorrow.


      • Ugh, curse these eyes! I MISSED THE EMMYS OMB.

        My vision was shot by 7PM last night. I'm worried that I'll never see anything in primetime again.

        Does she not work with Ilaria?
        Nope, she uses her friend, Anita Patrickson. Ilaria only dressed Lizzy Caplan and a couple of dudes last night.

        "I want to look beautiful, like a soft plague of ladybugs."

        Imma need to get caught up. I heard Lena Dunham chose craycray last night, but that's alls I know about anybody.

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        • My NOOOOPE list:

          If you are going to wear a sherbet frill monster, you gotta SELL IT, Lena.

          You are not fifty years old, Mayim!

          Neither are you, KHeigel!

          Somebody gave Julia some weird advice.

          The color is fun, but I didn't even recognize Zooey at all.

          I feel like Taryn picked out something Pennsatucky would actually have worn to something, and that's . . . not good.

          My YASSSS list:

          This is fun on Sarah Hyland.

          Clearly, I mean Camila, not Matthew.

          LOVE this.

          Rose Leslie, so pretty.


          LOVE this even more. Laverne!

          BEAUTIFUL and KILLER.

          Teyonah Parris is so pretty and this is much YES. I feel like it's probably a little heavy to walk in, but I don't care. Fun.

          Sleek and elegantly superhero-y.

          Mr. and Mrs. Echolls!

          On The Fence:

          Depends on whether or not those are shorts.

          It's a little nightgown-y, but she looks gorge.

          Also nightgown-y, but this is a BIG improvement for Kristin Wiig over her normal RC looks.

          Don't hate the silhouette, but that color is not the best on Kate Walsh.

          Natasha looks like she is satirizing the whole event here. It's a sarcastic confection, so in that sense I like it.


          • Do not like Kate Walsh's color at all. I really like Julia Roberts's thing there. The shoes make it for me. Clair Danes looks not right in hers - like the fit is off.


            • Michelle Dockery and Sarah Hyland's are two of my faves. I also appreciate Amy Poehler and Hayden Panetierre's Beyoncé moments:

              Oh, Min. Well, I love everything above the neck.
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              • I would have loved Natalie Dormer's but it's a tad too long? It's weird at the bottom.




                  Everything Kimye is hilarious to me:

                  They are the best, basically.
                  It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • Bwa! His cleavage! What is happening!

                    I'm so glad they're not matching here:
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                    • Remember when lining was still a thing?


                      • Ah the days where you didn't have to show your underwear on the red carpet? Are those monkeys on that dress?


                        • I think fashion-forward has become synonymous with ugly as hell.
                          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                          • I like Lily Collins latest dress that she wore in Rome. It's an Ellie Saab and I don't usually like purple but I think this looks nice
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                            • Posting it larger, because it really is quite pretty:


                              • Thanks. I was on the ipad and I just could not get it into the correct size.