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  • She's still with Yang!? I can't. I caaaaaan't.

    But no one loses more and also DGAF like a chick in a butterfly corsage.

    ETA: Worshipping Emma Stone. Sigh.
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    • Katie Cassidy looks gorgeous but also like a porn star.

      Emma Stone wins everything.

      ​I kind of agree with everything Ophy said.


      • Fame game, fo' sho. Life game, not so much.

        I wish Ruth had gone for an Emma Stone style.

        Poor Keira. I hate her pouty acting but I'm always being told how lovely she is in real life so it gives me no joy to see her look silly.


        • JLo was also a fail.

          and Robin Wright


          I like Viola Davis' dress

          and Amal alamudin would look so much better without the gloves imo.

          can't decide. Jessica Chastain. Yay or nay?

          ETA. Concita Wurst was there!

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          • I'm going to give Chastain a yay. It doesn't give her bod weird proportions, so it's automatically like 85% better than usual.


            • I thought JLo was perfectly on brand for her.
              It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Seriously. I don't even believe it was from a designer. I think it magically appeared on her in the limo on the way over.


                • It was Zuhair Murad, actually!

                  But yeah, it was ridiculously J.Lo-ish.


                  • Yep, the silhouette is a beautiful drag queen dream! Never change, Jenny.

                    This isn't technically a fashion picture. I just love it.


                    • Originally posted by ophy View Post
                      Gorgeous white on Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I wish I could find Veep streaming somewhere. I've never seen it, but it looks hilars in tumblr gifsets.
                      amazon prime has been streaming veep since May of 2014. It's an amazing show.

                      and wow Katie Cassidy. Can't believe she even snagged an invite considering how Awful of an actress she is. I definitely see the porn star thing. I'm convinced she's boning someone at the CW considering how hard she's being pushed

                      Claire Danes might still be stuck in that Temple Grandin role
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                      • Katie Cassidy is rumored to be dating Dana Brunetti who's the producer of House of Cards (nominated in GG this year, hence the invite, I guess) and 50 Shades of Grey!


                        • I know the SAG awards are "lesser" awards but still. Fashion wrecks!

                          Julliana Margulis

                          Rosamunf Pike

                          Kiera Knightley

                          Emma Stone, sadly

                          Jennifer Aniston

                          BUT! I liked some, like Lupita Nyong'o's

                          Julie Bowen's

                          and Reese Witherspoons'


                          • I think JennyAn looks good, minus that thing hanging between her girls. It's at least a departure from her usual boring black. It would be nice if she would ever ever do ANYTHING with her hair, though.

                            I hated the pattern of Lupita's dress. It looked bloodstained.


                            • Grammys 2015!

                              TSwift. I shouldn't like this but I really do:


                              The Lady Ga looks downright too normal. Kind of disappointing.

                              Gwen Stefani. Kinda love it.

                              Katy. Yawn.

                              Beyoncé. Weird thing to say about something so plunging, but this is almost matronly on her.

                              Iggy Whatsit. The hair is cray, the dress is meh. Fits well, though.

                              Miley. I know this is terrible to say, but I just can't take her seriously no matter what she does.

                              Kim Kardash. Ha!

                              Paris Hilton. I didn't know she still got invited to things.

                              Jennifer Hudson looks AMAZING.

                              Ciara. Why not.

                              Rita Ora. She looks warm and cold at the same time.

                              Anna Kendrick is here to FUCK EVERYONE UP. I love this.

                              Meghan Trainor. She knows this looks terrible, we don't have to tell her.

                              Annie Lennox looks like a severe Queen.

                              Madonna from the front:

                              Madonna from the back:

                              Oh, boy. #cryforhelp


                              Rihanna. I can't even.

                              How does she walk in that? How will she sit?


                              Jane Fonda. Wowza.

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                              • TSwift's shoes are bugging me. I get what she's doing there, but I don't like.

                                I am embarressed for Madonna.

                                Seriously, why were Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian invited?