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  • I love cray Grammys! Anna Kendrick gor the win.


    • Seriously, why were Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian invited?

      No clue about Paris, but Kim *is* legitimately the plus one of the World's Biggest Megastar. If you ask him, anyway.

      Speaking of Kanye and awards shows . . . .

      I think TSwift's kid should actually do that to North West in 25 yrs b/c it would be such a funny callback.

      Not that we will know, since we will all be dead.*

      *not feeling optimistic about my longevity chances this morning.

      ETA Oh, wait, I just read about what Kanye did *last* night to poor Beck. Okay, maybe Beck's kid *and* TSwift's future kid (or a parade of her cats) should do the same to North West as a joke in 25 yrs.

      To keep it on topic, here is the runway version of Kim's Gaultier sparkly leader of the band robe:

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      • I love Anna Kendrick with all my soul, but is the suit my fave? Nah. lbr, whenever Emma Stone wears fancy pants, it's still gonna be interesting, y'know? I like my Grammys cray, almost as cray as an MTV something, so Rihanna is my princess of the night, duh.

        It's like she heard Carolina Herrera calling her out.

        Also, Ciara's dress from the front. Fun! Even if her face doesn't say so.

        On some level, I even appreciated Kim K's Ghost of Gay Pride Present dress because it's the effin' Grammys.
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        • I can't say that I like the sparkly epaulette bathrobe, but Kanye and Kim did have an eventful Grammys.

          Kim did this:

          And then they gave us this amazing gifable moment:


            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • My faves so far from the Oscars 2015 carpet:



              Laura Dern!






              Interesting, but I'm on the fence:


              • I liked Rosamund Pike and Emma Stone. How slender is ScarJo as she hasn't long given birth. Keira is looking quite largish in the baby bump atm and the dress looks like a tent. I liked Reece pointing out that the women tonight were more than their dresses.


                • Laura Dern's dress is on point, but her hair! Me no like. I love Gaga's look. Nicole Kidman kind of horrifies me now.

                  How can Jenny An be so bland all the time? Blah.


                  • JennyAn's dress actually looks pretty beautiful in motion. But also a bit of a bore, of course.

                    Luciana Pedraza wore a dress similar to J.Lo's in a much prettier color, I thought:


                    • I think the problem with JenAn's dress is that it's always the same - she either uses black or nudeish and doesn't really vary the hair. She would really rock something more vibrant. And oh Patricia Arquettes speech rocked tonight.


                      • I like everything Ophy liked, but I also like some on her hate or undecided list. JLo, and JennyAn and Rosamund Pike were very good, imo.

                        ETA. Sadly, I don't like Marion Cotilliard's dress at all, after all.

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                        • JLo's dress was snoozeville to me (Yes, honey, you have fabulous tits, we know. You don't need to keep whipping them out.), but her makeup was CRAY. It looked like one of her kids chose the colors and put it on her, like she was a Barbie Dreamhead thingie. She was wearing bubblegum pink lipstick. It was bananas.

                          I thought everyone was pretty boring. Margot Robbie's outfit aged her, IMO. I thought Scarjo (minus the neck thing) and Laura Dern looked the best.


                          • I dig the ScarJo necklace.
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • It took me a full day to process, but me too.

                              I wish Keira went with this Valentino like some rando site had predicted.

                              With a gd lining, of course.


                              • Originally posted by isadora View Post
                                I dig the ScarJo necklace.
                                It's now a bone of contention between me and my BFF; we argued about it during the red carpet coverage and then again during Fashion Police last night. I don't know; I think I just felt that, together with her hair, it was too severe.

                                But honestly? Given my long standing, irrational hatred of Scarjo, I'm patting myself on the back for managing to give her props at all.