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  • I don't like her hair tho. The necklace looks good and balances her boobs, which look great.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • La Holmes reviving the bob? The Fug Girls aren't sure it's not a wig, but I think it's a great look on her.


      • From what we can see, I liked the old, Posh-enforced bob bettah. But, agree, it was v. cute.


        • I love the bob unreservedly.


          • Some pictures from Met Gala


            It's a nightgown with hood.

            Looks terrible, but I appreciate Gaga's devotion to crazy.

            Yawn, even she looks bored with it.

            I don't understand this garment at all, but it's interesting.


            I do not know who Karen Elson is, but she is fabulous.

            It's bad, but she's committed to it.

            And that's a wrap for me.


            • RiRi ruled the night, yo:

              Bey came dressed as Bob Mackie Barbie:

              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Rihanna's outfits give me life.


                I'd wear Olivia Wilde's, sans gloves.



                • Olivia Wilde's dress looks like it's covered in paper binder clips?

                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • Hah! They're jewelz!


                    • I don't think that JLaw's is boring.

                      I'll probably have nightmares about SJP's headpiece.


                      • I was trying to work out the theme but am guessing China. Beyonce's looks like Cher's Oscar dress from when she won for Moonstruck or a JLo impersonation. I like Olivia Wildes' apart from the gloves, Gaga is as mad as ever and it's a big no to SJP (what has she got on her feet). At least the met ball is always the best way to see the crazy


                        • Not a fan of KH's wig bob, because I thought it took her very nice non-costume-y dress, and made it look more costume-y.

                          But Zac Posen did a great job. That dress was just right, given my understanding of what the theme was.

                          Refinery29 posted an article about last night's theme:


                          The Met’s New Exhibit Is About Orientalism, Not China- Connie Wang

                          When the theme of this year’s Met Gala was announced, I was very, very nervous. As a Chinese-American who works in fashion, I should have been all over “Chinese Whispers: Tales of the East in Art, Film, and Fashion” (the original title of the exhibition), but as a Chinese-American who works in fashion, I know far too well how badly things could go. It would be the Met’s Department of Asian Art’s 100-year anniversary, and it could be a lovely homage to extend what is already a vast and thoughtfully curated collection of ancient Chinese artifacts to modern-day art. But, having seen my fair of share of Katy Perry-minded “homages” to Eastern culture, I also expected that it was equally as likely that it'd be accompanied by a parade of chopstick hairstyles and kimonos. “I love Mulan,” would be the sound bite of the night.

                          After touring the exhibit, I can tell you that it’s thoughtful, respectful, and fairly thorough. But, "China: Through the Looking-Glass" (its vastly improved title) is not about China, Chinese fashion, or Chinese fashion designers, and the Met makes that point very clear. Rather, it’s about how the West has borrowed from China throughout history: “The China mirrored in the fashions in this exhibition is wrapped in invention and imagination. Stylistically, they belong to the practice of Orientalism.
                          Which is really quite subtle for this Met Ball crowd, right? It's like the actual theme *was* 'cultural appropriation'.

                          However, the Met awkwardly proposes that Orientalism can be positive: “[We present] a rethinking of Orientalism as an appreciative cultural response by the West to its encounters with the East. As if by magic, the distance between East and West, spanning perspectives that are often perceived as monolithic and diametrically opposed, diminishes. What emerges is an active, dynamic two-way conversation, a liberating force of cross-cultural combination, and representation.” Yeah. Magic.

                          Ugh. I guess we're lucky it wasn't worse, but still.

                          That brings us to last night’s Met Ball. Having this kind of difficult, but necessary, conversation about appropriation within the context of a museum is one thing. Yet, it almost seems like a cruel joke to extend that same concept — how the West sees “the East” — into a party. It’s a near impossible set-up: How does one celebrate thousands of years of a one-way “relationship” between Western artists and China? Should you even celebrate it to begin with? What kind of statement should you make if the question is, “How are you ‘inspired’ by an entire nation’s history that’s been opportunistically fictionalized by the same people who you represent?”
                          Sure — there were plenty of Chinese people who attended the Met ball, which is in and of itself a significant thing that I feel great about. Wong Kar Wai helped curate the exhibit. Chinese actresses like Gong Li, editors likeVogue China’s Angelica Cheung, and designers like couturier Laurence Xu were all in attendance. But, it’s important to acknowledge that just because Chinese people were there doesn’t mean that all Chinese people automatically give tacit approval to Orientalism.

                          This is too complex for the people that normally attend this thing, which made me vaguely uncomfortable with all of it.

                          Most people either went went way costume-y and gross like SJP:

                          Or just ignored the theme entirely, like Lily Collins:

                          Ignoring it was safer, for sure.


                          Not gross, but still a bit too costume-y to me:

                          You have to be so so so careful with styling. Too much winged eyeliner and a topknot can push you right in 'costume' category with this theme.

                          Like neck down, this Vera Wang is quite lovely on Selena . . . but neck up, she's an extra in The Mikado.

                          I actually love this dress, but what the holy hell were you thinking of with that eyeliner at *this* event, with *this* theme, Dakota?

                          But! Some people! Were! Spectacular!:

                          ZiYi Zhang was my fave:

                          Fan BingBing was also amazing:

                          I just love everything about that.

                          Would love this more on somebody who had less sideboob to crush, but isn't this an amazing color on Kendall? And she didn't wear chopsticks in her hair, so she gets points for that. She did so much better than her mom and sister.

                          I wavered about this Oscar de la Renta that Wendi Deng Murdoch is wearing, but it's kinda beautiful:

                          Maggie Q:

                          This is great, but *maybe* hem up the pants a tad?

                          Just a hint of the theme on Helen Mirren . . . this was a great way to handle it, if you are not actually Asian:

                          Same for Uma:

                          And Amal:

                          Zoe Kravitz looks amazeballs here, although I'm not sure what category to even put this in.

                          But at least it's by an Asian designer, which I think should have been the point. Instead of having Dior or Tom Ford or Calvin Klein put together an Orientalist costume for you, everyone should have gone to Asian designers for their look last night. That's what Rihanna did, and it paid off for her, big time.

                          I don't think she made anybody's list, but I also really liked Olivia Munn's dress:

                          And Emma Robert's:

                          Theme? What theme?

                          FKA Twigs ignored the theme:

                          But you couldn't call her Christopher Kane dress boring. It was the only one there with a penis on it!

                          Kerry Washington gets her own WUT category:

                          Which this Keri can join her in.

                          I AM THE BIRD OF SORROW.

                          Also, WUT:

                          Total side note, but when did Justin Long start dating Lilly Kane???

                          That article labeled him 'boyfriend'. Okay.
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                          • They've been together for a while!

                            Yeah, why not use that theme to explore Chinese designers? Sigh. Of course not. Will next year be Native American themed? SJP would be so pleased.


                            • I forgot to say that I love Katie's dress.

                              Fan BingBing!


                              • I totally went to work today to "prep for my return" when what I'm really doing is carving out like 4 hours of uninterrupted Met Ball gawk time.

                                Fan Bing Bing was my hands down FAVE. I love that her cape looks like stained glass and that the shimmery gold stripes match her dress so that it does actually seem like you can see through the material at those areas. Super genius construction.

                                Other ones I liked that haven't gotten much attention-

                                Hannah Bagshawe's dress is cool and super minimalist, but not in a Calvin Klein way. She didn't look like anyone else last night and I kinda dig that she refuses to ever fix her hair for any of Eddie's fancy red carpets. It's like her one rebellion against the system and I can appreciate that.

                                Marissa Mayer also looked pretty even though no one was trying to pay attention to her. I mean, nobody was gonna beat Amal in red, but Marissa's red is like regular person pretty and I would actually wear this dress.

                                Zendaya is like the new baby RiRi and she's SO gorgeous, OMB! Her dress is crazy, but she's like eleventy feet tall and 18 years old with that face. She can wear anything.

                                And I know everyone is murdering themselves over Rihanna, but when I see this face?

                                All I can think of is this

                                You know by the time she got to sit down, she was SWEATY and then she had to like stay in that heavy ass shit dress ALLLLLLL night?