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  • Omg I love Fan BingBing's cape (I want that so bad) and the dress. Helen mirren is gorgeous as ever - she always rocks red. I have no words for FKA Twigs but RPatz almost looks clean and tidy.


    • Cara Delevigne was very strange but interesting as she went for a full sleeve of temporary tattoos together with cherry blossoms
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      • The photoshops of Rihanna's dress are making my heart happy. This is when I love the internet.


        • But you couldn't call her Christopher Kane dress boring. It was the only one there with a penis on it!
          So she was with two dicks last night.

          Four years of following this event and I still feel like I don't get the objective. I know it's sort of not to look pretty but my favorite looks are always still just the "pretty" ones. And SJP is a world of NO.

          Sort of OT: Is Carey Mulligan Mumford preggo?


          • Sort of OT: Is Carey Mulligan Mumford preggo?

            Yes! They haven't announced it yet, but that's the word on the street.*

            *British tabloids

            If she's not pregnant, then this dress below was a HORRIBLE MISTAKE.


            • Lupita! She is crushing this whole Cannes thing.

              Gucci . . .

              de la Renta . . .

              Gucci again . . .

              Fan Bingbing is pretty damn regal as well, though:

              Ralph and Russo . . .

              She can even make Marchesa look good . . .

              I mean that's a whole load of flowery cray, yet she's pulling it off like a beekdamn elfin queen.

              Other notable!

              Parker Posey and her Amazeballs Turban:

              The sunglasses makes it even better!


              • I absolutely adore Lupita's second Gucci dress.


                • Fan BingBing is just so pretty. Lupita as usual looks pretty great - I did like the green


                  • Didn't record the red carpet, so I'm just going off the show. Let's see. I dig Allison Janney's beaded number and Mindy's mango-colored gown.

                    Ooh, Ellie Kemper's Naeem Khan:

                    Gina Rodriguez's was bridal but pretty!

                    Gaga was wearing a regular, meatless dress! It's like that week when Courtney Love did normcore.

                    Do I like Zoe Kazan's candy-striped Miu Miu or am I just hypnotized?

                    Okay, back to crying over Viola Davis' speech.

                    ETA: Heidi Klum, why.

                    Whoa, Teyonah Parris...

                    The front of Nazanin Boniadi's dress didn't bore me, at least, but the profile = TP boob.

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                    • I liked Gina Rodriguez's dress but I think Aubrey Plaza's was my favorite



                      • These are all....dull.

                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • Srsly. And don't get me started on the black dress parade or the many pantsuits.


                          • Yeah, the only one I super loved was Zoe Kazan. There's something about wearing candy stripes in the midst of all the pant suits/black dresses that is hella refreshing.

                            I'm partick disappointed in TMas:

                            This feels safe. Definitely expected more from her.

                            But I did like Samira's Paltrow-esque pink:

                            And Alan Cumming was a hoot:

                            This was awful. Tsk, January.:

                            Also awful:

                            It's possible to do a pant suit well, but those folks did not.


                            • The final green one looks like some form of shrub


                              • Golden Globes! Ophy, where are you?