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  • SAGs!

    Only have time for a few . . .

    Samira Wiley! So cute:

    Thandie Newton in something cray, but I weirdly don't hate it:

    Kaley Cuckoo. Ick.


    • I always think, "Would I hate this on DK?" But Kaley's Marchesa might still be much too much.

      Someone explain to me Taraji's two tiny bows:

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      • Just wanna rip those bows off sooooo bad.

        Kinda like this on Sophie Turner:

        Emma Stone's dress is faaaaallling off.

        Don't normally like side tablecloths, but Uzo looks fab:

        Taylor Schilling's dress looks like it's sliding, too.

        Rami Malek, so hot.

        This does nothing for Kate Hudson.

        JLD. This looks weirdly stiff to me.

        Too stiff, Viola! But that necklace is wonderful.

        Naomie Harris. Noooope.

        Makeup is blah, but I really like Mayim's dress:

        Don't hate the dress, but i don't think it was the right one for Emily Blunt. She needs something more queenly.

        I hate pantsuits, but I looooove this on Gwendoline Christie.

        Weirdly like this on Samantha Isler.

        Brie Larson. This I love.

        Kthryn Hahn with extraordinarily extraneous buckles.

        Elie Kemper in gorgeous blue.

        Janelle Morae. Um . . ..

        Claire Foy. Blech.

        Octavia Spencer. GORGEOUS.

        The Stranger Things teens are ready for prom.

        Love this on Bryce Dallas Howard. Read somewhere that she paid $300 for it.

        OMB Saniyya Sidney.

        Gina Rodriguez. Wackadilly, but I like it.

        I'm fine with Anna Chulmsky's dress overall. but what is that black stuff on the ground? Some kind of stunted side train?

        This is how I would dress for something like this. Pretty and comfy!

        Michelle Dockery in possibly my fave dress of the night.

        No wait, this is my fave! MILLIE BOBBY BROWN yes.

        NO WAIT.



        • I agree with everything except the Samantha Isler dress. That's a nooooope for me.


          • Dude, I loved Janelle Monae's dress! It totally fits her whole black/white mega quirky aesthetic and I think she looks both comfy and adorable in it. It's Chanel and it's like the dream vision of every bonkers dress Uncle Karl has ever sent down the runway.

            I hadn't seen BDH's dress until your picture and she's so gorg in it, OMG. LOVE anyone who goes anti-establishment at these things by (1) not wearing a big name designer when they can and (2) buying their own damn dress, but the fact the she also looks killer hot in her choice probs makes her my best dressed for the night.*

            Claire Foy's dress looked way better in motion since the black overlay gave way to the pink underneath when she walked so it was less "bleh" on TV. I clapped when she won. We have loved The Crown even though we're not really big on historical British royal shiz and she is straight up amazing as the young queen.

            My other fave was probs Rashida Jones. She's so chill at these things and her dress was an easy, breezy, pretty eating dress. I could have done without the lazy bow, but eh. Double thumbs up for her coming out to present in nerd af glasses.

            * But I mean... if you're gonna play the game, play it like Nicole Kidman, DAMN. That dress was AMAZING.


            • Janelle's dress without the poofy white middle would have been fab to me! But I agree that it suits her personality, so I get that. And honestly, after her performance in Hidden Figures, I say the woman gets to wear anything she damn well pleases ever and ever.

              Sophia Bush! Gurl, you don't have to match your eyeshadow to your dress!

              Nobody seems to like Natalie Portman's dress, but I kinda do. It's an elegant tent!

              Sometimes a gal just wants to wear an elegant tent, okay.

              I don't like what this dress is doing to the top half of Amy Adams.

              Busy and Michelle together! Such beauts.


              • I like Samantha Isler's! Do you, bb.

                Stranger Things Steve's hair is, like, so close to God. Whoa.


                • I agree on Michelle Dockery being fantastic. Nicole Kidman's gave me secondhand embarrassment on her behalf, though clearly she didn't feel the same way.

                  My love for Taraji is so strong that I like all of her dress, even those stupid bows. She made it work.

                  BDH <3 <3 <3


                  • vanessa, if you like Taraji in that dress, you'll love this pic of her with Glen Powell:

                    I'm in massive lurve with Nicole Kidman's shoulder parrots. Imma add those to all my own clothes.


                    • Oh, wow. Ima just be staring at that for a while.


                      • JUST FOR VANESSA NOBODY ELSE READ THIS: In his instastories from backstage, he calls her 'T'. It's verrrray cute.


                        • *melt*


                          • I like all the wackier dresses! And I fucking love that insane peacock being eaten by two parrots dress! LOL amazing.
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • Taraji P. Henson is HOT AS ALL HELLFIRE at the Oscars tonight.

                              Felicity Jones is very pretty from the neck up, kinda blah from the neck down.

                              Meh on Kirsten Dunst.

                              John and Chrissy! JOHN AND CHRISSY.

                              M Dubs! That's a whole lotta sternum, but I think she looks lovely anyway.

                              Janelle Monae. YES.

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                              • Taraji!!!!

                                i don't like MW's choice there.