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  • I was underwhelmed with the Emmy fashion this year. But there were a few I liked.

    Loved this orange so much

    This has grown on me; didn't like it at first.

    Elisabeth is usually on-point, but this was blah and not flattering.

    Do we think Reese has had some work done recently? And seriously, it's the Emmy's, touch up your roots.

    I love this

    I like this too, though I would never wear it.

    This is a hot mess

    Love the dress, but the hair? OMG NO


    Love everything about this


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    • I liked Nicole Kidman's the best.



        Okay now to fashion. Seems a little shallow to critique what people were wearing as political protest but not shallow enough not to do it?

        And also at the same time, FASHION EXISTS TO BE MOCKED. I mean, that's the main point of fashion, even when it's supposed to be political fashion.

        ANNA AGREES.

        Also! it was very impressive that the lady half of Hollywood showed a strong united front last night and I give them props for it . . . but at the same time I think the men and women who have been in Woody Allen movies/praised Woody Allen post the Dylan Farrow op ed should have apologized/acknowledged that before parading around in all black and wearing TIMES UP buttons. Looking at you Rachel Brosnahan, Steve Carell, Emma Stone, Justin Timberlake, Sally Hawkins, etc.

        First, here are the folks this board is normally concerned with . . .

        Kinda love DK's prada:

        But her afterparty look was . . . uh . . . did she get ravaged by wolves between the Globes and the party?

        I mean, if there are wolves roaming around that part of LA, she should really inform the proper authorities.

        MDubs and Tarana Burke looked amazeballs.

        MDub's other date, Busy:

        It's fine! Doesn't feel very Busy-like, really. Way too plain. Needs a couple of pinwheels or something. I mean, there were at least three other gals in basically the same dress last night.

        Nina's Ralph Lauren is also meh.

        The spacey fabric is not working for me, and I think it needs less of a slit. But! I can appreciate her desire to showcase the abs she's been working so hard on. Normally, I'd side eye the flesh reveal, but after watching some of her workout routines, I'm like YES SHOW IT OFF.

        And it could have been worse. It could have been Nikki Reed's way-too-much going on dress:

        Slevans 2.0 didn't attend.


        I REALLY want them to do a red carpet soonish, I mean REALLY.

        Okay, ones that I liked:

        Millie Bobby Brown! So presh.



        I loooove the texture in Naomi's dress:

        If Nina wanted to do black with silver, Mary J Blige's dress is what she should have done:

        That crescent on Jessica Biel's dress is super interesting to me:

        Nothing but respect for my Admiral:

        Dakota Johnson's was only just fine from the front:

        . . . but the back made it better:

        This was simple done right on Mrs. Maisel:

        I can't stop staring at Alison Janney, wow:

        This! was! my! absolute! fave! That! Jacket! Yay for Wonder Woman!:

        Connie Britton is in her own category, y'all.

        Ones that made me SIGH:

        Lawdy, lawdy, Debra Messing.

        Girl from Outlander. Honey whut.

        Kelly! You were SO CLOSE. Rip the sleeve off, and we are in BUSINESS, lady:

        How may times did Pete Campbell step on Rory Gilmore's silly side scarf last night? I'm guessing it was a non trivial number.

        Claire Foy's feet got eaten up by her pants. Y'all know how I feel about that.

        Lily James! You can either have ruffles at the TOP or ruffles at the BOTTOM but you have to pick ONE.

        Oh, Pepsi Jenner. Oh, no gurl.

        Heido Klum, nope.

        I feel like this neck strap is choking Mariah, and the silhouette is dated:

        Halle Barry is wearing lingerie basically, and I am so over lingerie as clothes.

        Ditto for Frankie Shaw:

        Margot Robbie! Waist down YAS. Waist up? Nah.

        Tired of seeing Nicole in frills, honestly:

        Tired of seeing fringe in general:

        . . . . and this is also TIRED.

        Although she is serving up a dose of 'the 1978 widow at home after her husband's funeral' vibes, so . . .

        CZJ is even widow-ier:

        As for the men . . . .

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        • I LOVED DK's dress! Generally, I agree with everything ophy said. I think that's a first. Usually there's one or two I disagree. Ophy what did you think of Issa Rae's? It was musch talked about in my timeline.



          • Take off the cape and it's okay? But I will say that the fabric makes me think of a trash bag dress someone DIY'ed for prom.


            • YES! People were raving on it and I was... why?


              • Are mullet dresses still a thing!?

                Brb trying to conjure Zoes earrings.


                • I feel like I've seen Angie wear that exact same dress before, but she tends to wear the same looking stuff all the time. I loved the back of Dakota's dress and if people just spent the entire night walking backwards, she would have been my fave hands down. But since they did not, I'm gonna go with either DK or Laura Dern. I was disappointed in Margot Robbie's dress. She is so unbelievably hot and her stylist gave her a grandma dress. Like, why? She's 27, let the Helen Mirren Collection wait.
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                  • You didn't include Oprah's dress and her curves in that thing were insane? I was like: O IS IN A CORSET? And she's also a national treasure.

                    Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • I didn't have a pic of it when I posted!

                      But here ya go. It was FAB.

                      So pretty up top:


                      • I also love her glasses!


                        • She also has my 2018 dream hair.


                          • She has my dream cleavage.


                            • Not that I didn't appreciate the message behind the all black couture, but I'm kinda glad we are doing color again?

                              First my yays!

                              Sleek! I woulda ripped the sleeves off, but I'm not going to tell Alison Janney that to her face:

                              Not totes sure about the fabric but I love this on Sadie Sink:

                              So freaking cute. Millie is always killing it:

                              Pale pink also on Moargot Robbie and I love it . . . (if she rips off the feather belt, but maybe even if she doesn't?):

                              More pink! Dakota looks like a princess in a good way:

                              MORE PINK. This is another dress I would rip the sleeves off of, but oh Saoirse looks so pretty in this color:

                              Niecy Nash's body is so banging and this color green is so pretty that I'm not even minding the dumb sleeve ruffles:

                              KBell is America's Raspberry Queen. Looooove it:

                              Pink gold on Connie Britton y'all:

                              Kelly Marie Tran is so joyful in this joyful dress:

                              Natalie Dyer spaaaaaaace!

                              Samira Wiley spaaaaace!

                              Danielle Brooks . .. ahhhhhh so fierce :

                              So close, Gina Rodriguez! The bodice fits like a flat cartoon, but the fabric is delightful and happy:

                              Mary J. doesn't need that white sleeve, but this is weirdly beautiful?

                              Wynonna 4eva:

                              Soooooo gooooood on Felicity Hoffman:

                              This blue is such a GORGEOUS deep bit of beauty on Chrissy Metz:

                              This blue on Manyd Moore is also pretty and the dress is basically perfection:

                              I don't even know who Marsai Martin is, but I think she's wearing my first favorite dress of the night:

                              Brie Larson in my second favorite dress of the night:

                              Reese Witherspoon in my third favorite dress of the night:

                              I don't even know who Hong Chau is but I think she's wearing my fourth favorite dress of the night:

                              And then my Ums . . . !

                              I would have chopped Lupita's dress off at the knees, because the bottom looks like a cloud of flies and I can't get past that:

                              Kate Hudson whoah. That color is amazing on Goldie, though:

                              Did Kate Nash and Kate Hudson go shopping at the same Prairie Prom store?:

                              Alison Williams, HOW DO YOU MOVE IN THIS STIFF MONSTROSITY.

                              Sally Hawkins in a trip of a ensemble. So dizzyfying!:

                              Alison Brie. Noooope.

                              Nicole Kidman. Also noooooope:


                              • Oh, I weirdly like Greta Gerwig's dress!

                                I don't even know why! The color is huh? but it looks comfy!

                                But I would have said no to those earrings with it.