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    • DK's not doing anything to deny preggers goss in this squat square thingy.


      • My favorite thing about Zendaya is that she fully leans in to her look. All that armor and material wouldn't have been as effective with a super smiley face.

        DK usually doesn't dress to the theme, but since it was a more accessible concept, it seemed like more people were compliant with it this year. It does look like the poor man's version of RiRi 's amazing yellow robe gown from a few years ago, but then Prabal's stuff is often a bit derivative so that's not a huge surprise.


        • People who done messed up, A-Aron style:

          Shailene Woodley
          Dakota Fanning
          Sienna Miller
          Kate Moss

          People I expected more from based on their fashion history:

          Cara Delevingne (she was one of my favorites last year!)
          Yara Shahidi

          People who thought they were supposed to show up as Maleficent:
          Bella Hadid


          • Am realizing Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are filling my DK&TheJ void with their looks of love and metallic minidress and too-short pants with no socks. With bonus RLTL!

            Same! Chanel gave Yara some pretty boring couture.
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            • Gemma Chan was my fave!

              . . . with Constance Wu right up there:

              It's a little Belle but I loves it anyway.

              And I thought Marie Kondo looked amazing:

              She's only 4 ft 7, so those alterations must have been major.

              I was really really happy to see so many happy spring colors on the carpet.

              . . . which makes this see kinda inexplicable? Did Emma Stone not get the 'we're doing happy now' memo?

              Billy Porter was, of course, in his own category:

              And now I finally know what I want mr.o to wear to MY funeral.


              • Love these VF looks:

                I shouldn't like this one! But I do! Maybe because she's just that lovely anyway, and I'm feeling the springtime. I even like the arm bows! (but the length is strange).


                This is hmmmmm.

                Chrissy wyd.

                Perfect look for a beach party! HOWEVER!

                hmmmmm once more.

                Yikes, Kendall. I don't really want to be your gyno, for reals.

                I will be happy when this whole nude colored dress moment is over, although I can appreciate that she went hard.

                Cole Sprouse's hair. LOL.


                • I liked Helen Mirren best but Gemma was a close second. Regina King's dress was simple but she looked gorgeous in it. I also loved Danai Gurira.


                  • Gemma's dress also had pockets! Pockets + tons of eating room without having to suck in + pink = JOY. If I was Marie Kondo, I would've slapped a big old joy sticker on that dress because obviously, she walks around with those in her purse.


                    • Why does Kate Bosworth get to go to these things? Is she famous? I don't even mean to be a shitheel about this but she must be friends with somebody because she's D list AF to me.
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • I think for the same reason Kendall Jenner gets to go? Pretty hangers?

                        My phone wonít let me post pics, but Iím currently loving the winner for Free Soloís dress, minus the limp bow belt, and Emilia Clarke was sparkly without looking like a disco ball or an ice dancer.

                        ETA: Gemma had COOKIES in those pockets! Extra adore.
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                        • This yearís gala is giving me SO MUCH. Minus the usual disappointments (supermodels), it seems like everyone had fun with this one! I showed Mr. Laa Cardi Bís puddle dress two hours ago and heís still trying to wrap his head around it.


                          • Enjoyed this essay on why last night's theme basically made itself impossible.


                            That said, I gotta go with Janelle for the win.

                            THE EYE BLINKS!
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                            • I thought there were a LOT of fun ones. I loved Cardi B the most, probably.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • I don't really know what "camp" means to the experts, but all the pleebs seem to agree that it means being over the top, mega extra. So if we use that definition, lots of people were compliant. Please go sit at the boring fail table Karlie Kloss, Gisele, and goop. Legit, KK's dress was such a flat fart on an otherwise fun night, it actually made me kinda mad.

                                LOOOOOVED Zendaya. I was watching the red carpet coverage and when her stylist waved his wand at her and her dress lit up slowly and ballooned out, I clapped. Between Cinderella this year and Joan of Arc last year, the girl takes the costume part of the event SERIOUSLY and I'm not mad about it.

                                Also loved Janelle Monet, Ciara + Ciara's hair, Hailee Stenifeld, Cara D, Gigi, Lupita, and Elle Fanning. Oh, and Billy Porter!

                                My fave of the night was Kacey Musgraves. I interpret camp as being extravagant, but also a little sad/desperate/creepy/tacky and her Barbie was spot on for me. Like, it was amazing in that you kind of didn't want to look at it, but you couldn't look away. It also feels very "Austin art scene" so super on brand for her. The gay brotherhood has claimed her as their country Gaga and she loves it and Nashville surely HAAAATES it, but it's my favorite thing ever that the super crusty country community that rejected the Dixie Chicks has to make space for this mega progressive Austin libruhl girl who came into their twangy club and was all like, "All your awards are belong to me. Also, I'm like really pretty, so bye."