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    I gotta agree with tumblr here . . . I think she's saying 'sorry about my arm', or something like that. In the normal speed version, that's what it looks like.


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      Aw, that's less fun. The besties were cute, regardless.


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        There is NO WAY she is sorry about her arm. NO POSSIBLE WAY, I TELL YOU.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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          Tavi Gevinson looks gorge! She always looked like MW, but now she looks like grown up MW.


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            I didn't hate Connie Britton's. I actually wanted to just rub my face on it.


            But yeah, I'm halfway through the Emmys right now, and I haven't seen anything I really love. Tina Fey looked nice, though.


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              I wasn't able to watch much of the show last night, but the dresses did seem really disappointing. The only one I've liked so far is Amanda Anka's and even then, I liked the runway version better.


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                SO MUCH FUG. But I'm trying to be positive or whatever.

                Laura Dern's Naeem Khan was pretts.

                Kiernan Shipka was effing adorable.

                I would've loved Claire Danes' Armani Prive on a slightly meatier Claire Danes.


                • #69
                  I hate all three of those.

                  It was a very depressing fashion night. Nobody brought their A game!


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                    I liked Shipka's quite a lot, but in a "could have been better" kind of way.

                    I would have liked Danes' if it fitted her breasts. as it was, it wasn't good imo.

                    There were some dresses which looked fine, like Michelle Dockery's and then I saw its back.

                    There were more awful ones, but I'll spare you.

                    Elizabeth Moss' was okay. I wish it fitted better.

                    That would have been awesome if it didn't wrinkle!

                    So I guess my favorites were Merritt Wever's

                    and Kaley Cuoco's.


                    • #71
                      I just want to cry.

                      So many missed opportunities.

                      Despite the neck bow, I think Dockery's dress was my fave of the night.


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                        I adore Elizabeth Moss's neon nails and lip with her new 'do. As for the dress, the top looks like those stretchy sequined tubes you see at Deb.


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                          I agree with the Fuggirls that there is something really interesting about Carrie Brownstein's dress:

                          Also, it's Carrie Brownstein and I LURVES her anyway.

                          (do you guys actually upload those pics to photobucket before posting them here? Or is there an easier way?)


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                            Nope, I just copy the image link straight off Google search results. Go laziness!


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                              I love Emma Watson's outfit for the Gravity premiere. It's what Sandy was probs going for, but she's grabbing Cloon ass, so I guess it evens out.
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