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  • It seems like Sandy knows she has no chance at winning over Cate so she's totally phoning in her fashion game now. That dress is from like 2002 and even then it felt a decade old already. And her Globes dress was hurrible.


    • Snaps to Lupita's stylist! I've loved everything I've ever seen her in.

      Them Ackles are too, too pretty.


      • Lupita has a gorgeous face and body, not to mention amazing skin--her face glows! And the bold colors, colorblocking, and accenting of her kick-ass abs and arms are working for her all around.

        I think her looks have been flawless this awards season. I am glad she was nommed as I need to see her Oscars look and I usually don't care that much about this shit.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • Lupita's stylist is also responsible for Michelle Dockery and Martha Plimpton? All of these ladies have been best dressed contenders for the events they attend so good on that lady! And Martha especially has been a bit of a revelation since nobody knew she had it in her. Their stylist is like the high end version of Ilaria Urbinati.

          ETA: I don't know if Martha's been working with her since 2011, but when she wore this, everybody was lile, STFD, Martha Plimpton!

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          • Exactly what Ophy said about those dresses, except I think I like Julie Delpy's dress more than she does.

            The Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight movies are my second favorite trilogy of all time (after Krzysztof Kieślowski's Blue/White/Red). They even beat Bourne or Iron-Man (Spiderman and X-Men had sucky third parts). I just love them, I can't explain it.


            • I didn't criticize La Delpy's dress! I just said I wanted to marry that color, and I stand by that. I want to divorce my husband and run off to the nearest courthouse to get hitched to that super lovely blue and be happy FOREVER.


              • I don't know what pre-Oscar shindig this was taken at, but Lupita is still hitting it out of the park.


                • Perfect fashion and master's from Yale and perfect skin and Oscar nom. Lupitaaaaa.


                  • SAG awards!

                    LUPITA THE QUEEN. In Gucci.

                    Cannot wait to see what she does for the Oscars.

                    Clarice Van Houten

                    I like Anna Gunn's dress, except I wish it gave her more of a defined waistline.

                    Hannah Simone. Nope.

                    Very fence-sitt-y about Gretchen Mol's white dress.

                    When did Abigail Breslin grow up?

                    Cate Blanchett. WUT.

                    Sarah Paulson. Nope.

                    I kinda like Sarah Hyland here.

                    Emilia Clarke. YES.

                    Kerry and Oprah.

                    Pink seems to be the overall theme, I guess.


                    • Finally, a full shot of Lupita:


                      Natalie Dormer shaved half her head (for Mockingjay) and taped placemats on her arms (for LULZ).

                      JLaw and Lupita.

                      That does not look comfortable. How did she get her boobs in?

                      Ah, I see.

                      Her hair, makeup and earrings are on point, though.

                      I can't even with whatever is going on here.

                      Sandy B. in the grown-up version of my 1992 prom dress, no joke.

                      This is interesting on Amy Adams, but I ain't feeling it. It's not like it's bad. I mean, it's more good than bad, but I don't know?

                      Oh, Ariel. Painful.

                      BPitt's hair is a definite WUT, but it's probs for a role.

                      And a close up of Lupita's makeup, because I'm obsessed.

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                      • Emilia Clarke and Lupita and Sarah Hyland's pockets and shoes.

                        Forgive me, Sarah Paulson, but my first thought was Judice from SNL.

                        Ariel Winter needs some red carpet tutoring from Christina Hendricks.


                        • I love how much Mindy is loving sitting so near Brad Pitt.


                          • Adorbs, Min!

                            Uh, Mariah Carey's fingerless gloves.

                            Max Mara usually bores me worse than Calvin Klein, but I'm digging Jennifer Garner's look, esp. with the updo and earrings.


                            • Eh. I don't know, I think it's boring and wrinkles in a bad place.


                              • Huh. I liked it when she was doing time with E! peeps. 'Tis a bore when photographed, yep.