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    Here we go!

    Seems like it belongs with the other celebrity stuff.

    Addressing Lily Collins and her RLTL Jamie Campbell Bower:

    Kinda of matchy matchy goth prom to me. But at least they tried.

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    I really like the back of DK's dress, this is the 1st good shot I've seen of it yet. And her dip dye business is played out, but I love that knotted thing she has clipped in there. Or maybe that's her hair and the ponytail is clipped in? It would make more sense that way. Wevs, I love it either way. I wish we had a closeup of her ear jewelry. It looks neat from this angle and she does love an ear cuff more than anyone. There aren't that many pictures of them from what I can tell. Maybe a handful? Like they sprinted up the steps or something or maybe they were assigned to show up at the same time as Beyonce and photogs weren't interested in the boring couple that shows up every year looking reliably not crazy.

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      See, Collins was one of my faves. I see goth, but the biker jacket read more punk to me than most things. Of course, I lurved Sienna's jacket the most.

      Ooh! The back! I think the the seam on the shoulders looks odd, especially from the front. If it were one continuous mesh piece, maybe I'd be more for it. But yeah, I don't know, lace isn't punk to me. The dip-dyed hair is old, but I like it on DK because she doesn't usually go crazy with hair. Still, I count on DK for cray and she let me down this year. Sigh.
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        I do love DK's hair. I have a soft spot for colored pieces added in, though.

        Of course, I lurved Sienna's jacket the most.
        Definitely. I liked that a lot.

        I didn't hate Lily Collins's look on it's own . . . but when she stands next to JCB, it looked a little alt-prom.

        Still irritated at what Stella did to Kristen. Kristen has worn so many fab punk-ish looks over the years, it just seemed wrong to throw something fugly on her and not let her express that side more freely. We know she's capable of looking badass, and that sad jumpsuit with hip flares was not it.


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          I'm with Breezy about KStew. She should have just shown up in her Converse with a torn T-shirt that she's tied up and jeggings and dirty hair. It would've been more punk than 3/4 of the people there and she would have been able to get ready in like 3 minutes. Bonus points for actual BO, obvs.


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            I don't know that I would say that, but there have definitely been two or three ensembles in the past that she has worn which were a zillion times more fitting for the occasion. A skirt made out of bullets comes to mind. And that superb red leather dress covered in safety pins that she wore to the MTV Movie awards a few years back. Either of those would have been killer.

            I think there was a brown leather dress that I loved as well. She might have worn it for OTR promo? Can't remember, but it was more flattering, too.

            Kristen does not agree with me!

            ETA A LOT of Kristen fans loved her look last night. I'm one of the only ones who didn't. All a matter of taste! I don't think I'm as bold and out-of-the-box as real fashion lovers are. I like things that fit right and flatter the body best. If it does that, it can be wildly experimental and I still might love it. If it doesn't do that, it can be the most gorgeous thing ever in all other ways and I prob won't.
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              Still, I count on DK for cray and she let me down this year. Sigh.
              But Met Ball isn't where DK brings her CRAY. See? She plays a little bit, but never goes balls out with the theme, whatever it happens to be. Just one year, I'd like to see her pull an SJP and come dressed like a dowager countess or something.


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                With the exception of the first dress (the metallic gray mini thing), I like all of DK's previous Met Ball looks much better than this one. It was too 1950s French widow.


                Dear Lord, that was a great year.


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                  True true, she doesn't theme it up for Met Ball. I wish she would, though, because that crown would've levitated off Katy Perry's head.


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                    The Fuggirls are basically saying what we have been saying:
                    You need to know that I thought almost everyone looked CRACKED OUT at the Met Ball last night. Seriously, for me, that was one scorching disaster of a red carpet. Maybe it’s because I was gone last week and so I’m coming back with my crank settings calibrated to go up to eleven (or fourteen), or maybe the break left me refreshed and ready to attack, like a pit bull who’s been on an asparagus diet for too long. But SO MANY PEOPLE chose things that were either boring, or disappointing, or truly hideous.
                    SO disappointing overall!

                    I agree that SJP really brought it last night, though. I especially liked the boots:

                    And now that I look at Kim Kard's dress, it wouldn't have been terrible if it had been sleeveless:

                    But also, she switched into this one at the last minute and then her stylist made them add sleeves because of her arms, or something…? And so on the one side, Kim reportedly has Kanye all mad that she was messing with his friend Ricardo Tichi’s piece of art, and on the other, she has a new stylist who supposedly fat-shamed her pregnant ARMS to the point where they wallpapered them.
                    Unsurprisingly, they didn't care for Kristen's pantsuit either:

                    I debated giving you three guesses who was responsible for this crotch-maiming blooming mess, but you likely wouldn’t have needed two of them, because the Essence of Stella is practically oozing from its lace windows.
                    RIGHT. I feel like Stella didn't give a thought to who Kristen was, she just shoved her into one of her signature-ish pieces.

                    This continues the apparent theme of Tiny People Being Voluntarily Widened (I understand that designers like to play with volume, but there are ways to do it without taking the express train to Dumpytown, and for me this is not one of them). Also: YOUR PANTS SHOULD NEVER MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOUR LABIA START UP AT YOUR NAVEL. And if your labia DO start up at your navel, I'm sorry for minimizing your pain, and please, let's all wear some flesh-colored ribbons to raise awareness for Navelabia Syndrome, because for real, the world would need to know that is a thing.
                    As for Nina, they weren't fans:

                    From the other angle, it's at least... making an attempt. From here, though, I hate the cut of the pants -- I assume it's more of a jumpsuit -- and again find them really unflattering to her body. Her HEAD, however, IS doing an admirable job of trying to carry this. But it just feels like... an idea we've seen before, with average execution that's making me stare at her crotch in an effort to figure out if it even FITS her there. Crotch scrutiny cannot have been on Nina Dobrev's Met Ball wish list.

                    It's just... not working for me. This girl should be SO EASY to make shine -- just look at her, and again, her HEAD is doing its part majestically -- and yet WHAT.

                    Am I being too hard on it? I am just not getting an event-specific or generally pleasing vibe off it at all and I LOVE Nina Dobrev and feel like she has the capacity to blow people away all the time (I MEAN)(right?)(she must be missing Donna Karan right about now) and so WHY is this happening to her. I feel like even her face is like, "I know, y'all. Trust me."
                    Her head was pretty great. But I do know what they mean!

                    Chloe Sevigny looks so dour! I wonder who died right before she got dressed?


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                      JLaw being JLaw-ish:


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                        TEE HEE. This is the best event for photobombing, apparently!


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                          Zooey D wore lavender seersucker. Um, what?

                          I like Blake's hair, but hate the dress. It looks a hellmouth is devouring her from below:


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                            Zooey's clutch has a safety pin on it. That's it. I can't.


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                              I love that Marion and Lena crack up immediately after JLaw's goofiness. She never fails to make it a good time for herself at these things. The J photobombed Anne Hathaway's serious fashion moment with his goofball face, but it was accidental.