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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • For real? I thought his vid was super cheeseball!

    He's was on Seth Meyers the other night and he didn't mention DK at all. Boo. Anyone know if he's doing any more press for his play or is it too late at this point?


    • I liked his vid. It's like the cheesiest DC fanfic come to life, complete with face cupping, slow dancing and angst. Substitute KH in there for the blond and bingo, everyone would be wetting themselves. Neither of the songs do much for me though.

      It's def his Topanga pool, not sure about the house but probably?

      No idea about further press but I hope for some DK pics at the opening and he's said his mother wil be there.
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      • I liked his video better, but I'm not into either of those songs. His video was def shot in Topanga and that is 100% their pool. I'd wager some $ that it's also their house, but I'm not super sure. I'd have to deep dive into DK's insta for comparisons on the interior of the Topanga house in order to compare it to the house in the vid and while I'd totes be into that activity, I have work to do at work which makes me verray sad, but such is life. BUT! I can do a mini dive and at least show you all this:

        So, DK posted this picture of the cat the other day. If you'll notice, it's the same electrical outlet with the splotchy cement that was in The J's cat pic from a couple of weeks ago and the same rug. Like, make me work for it DK and The J. This is for beginners and I'm playing yo' game at expert level, friends.

        Also, I hate this Prada dress she wore last night. The color is ugly and those feathers are dumb. It's Amfar, just wear Uncle Karl and call it a night.

        Her hair is definitely darker now and I like it. Anyway, she went with Lizzie Tisch who is a major player in that New York society pack (like she's probs friends and/or enemies with Olivia Palermo's parents) and so at least DK is making some new friends while The J works. Tisch's husband is John and he works for the Giants or is on their board or something so DK's at least trying to score them some kickass box seats at next year's Superbowl. It's in Houston next year so if they come, I'mma put my stalking clothes on (they're just my regular clothes) and go.

        Tonight is the opening night of The J's play and she should be going to it with the rest of his family, but I'm not sure if there's gonna be a carpet or a photo op for it since it's off Broadway. I'll try to post pics if there are any.


        • Oy vey, those feathers. That dress is hiddy-eous.


          • Those videos are both dumb but he looked hot so I'm aight with it.

            That dress is from hell.

            ETA: I'm going to be in NYC in Mid-March (too late to see this play! GRRRR).
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            Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • play opening and DK definately there and looking all perky and happy together

              (sorry its the daily mail)


              • I'm fine with her tux, but those shoes are hella twee.

                Josh looks tiiiiiired, but given how brutal his sched must have been these past few weeks getting the play ready, that is not surprising. It sounds like intense subject matter . . . racial and sexual politics in 2008, with The J playing the lone white guy (a professor, apparently . . . so why didn't he keep the beard, huh?).

                Pertinent slice of the review of the play in THR:


                All four actors are making impressive New York stage debuts after coming up primarily in film and television, and there's not a weak link in the bunch. Jackson strikes just the right balance between arrogance and sincerity in Brian, his cockiness slowly deflating as he slides from Harvard golden boy to pariah. While his role involves some repetition that could benefit from trimming, his final reckoning packs the most weight as he blurts out wounded statements that expose the deep-rooted sense of white privilege he tries to deny.

                No wonder he looks tired! He has to atone for white patriarchal privilege in every performance.


                • It's good to see them looking happy but I think the lighting is not the greatest, it does accentuate his tiredness. I must admit I miss the beard/scruff too.

                  The reviews have been mixed (they usually are) but it sounds like an interesting play.

                  I love his shiny shoes.


                  • They both look amazing. I love their outfits. I miss the beard.


                    • I like her tux, but I feel like her hair was not even trying hair. He does not look good.


                      • I miss the beard, strangely. Or at least some of that scruff. The clean shaven face is too much for me and I haven't transitioned well. Her tux is BOSS and despite my reluctance to approve of anything J.Wu anymore, I like it a lot. It fits her nicely and I don't even mind her bow shoes. Her hair does look like she didn't try and I'd be all about that, except the night before it was all wavy and twisted up, so old girl had to WERK with that flat iron to get it to look like she didn't care enough to fix it. After getting all the kink out of it, her arms probably hurt and she was all, "This is all I have strength for today, the end."


                        • Have you seen the Lainey entry about this today? I don't know, inclined to agree with her that it's all a bit too convenient with the timing. I think a split is on the cards...


                          • I don't know, I don't feel 100% convinced just by this one event, something still feels little off. Just the fact there've been no confirmed sightings of them together at all in weeks - normally they are spotted going out for lunch or shopping - something. There's only been the one pic of the apartment on his insta (when she wasnt there). I wonder if the 'anything' a man who loves you would do includes faking everything being good just for the cameras. It's possible. Time will tell.

                            On second thoughts - nah, it's too far fetched that they'd go to those lengths, surely. It's just been a weird time.
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                              Will Diane Kruger Practice Kissing Women for Her Next Role? 'My Boyfriend Josh Would Certainly Like That!'

                              Diane Kruger is always a treat to see at fashion week both because she always looks so good and because she makes us laugh. And she combined the two with her candid answer to our question about whether her warm coat at the Jason Wu show (during a frigid Fashion Week Friday) was more out of necessity than out of style. Oh, my God, no st, she laughed, before apologizing for her language.

                              Not that she needs to shes a New Yorker now, at least for another few months. We live in the East Village, she said. I [generally] dont live here, I live in L.A. really. Im a New Yorker now, but Im going to do a movie with Ellen Page starting in March.

                              That film, in which she plays Pages lover, will mark two firsts for her: Her first time working with the actress, and her first time kissing a woman, full stop. We play lovers, so we will get to know each other very well, she says, adding, Ive never kissed a woman. Does she plan to practice before filming starts up? My boyfriend Josh [Jackson] would certainly like that, she said, laughing.

                              . . .

                              Wu, who was also supported in the front row by Jaime King (Hes one of my best friends, and I love him so much, she said), spoke to People after the show about his many beautifully-dressed muses. I made the show immaculate, because I wanted these immaculately dressed women filling the room, he said. Diane Kruger is always such a muse to me, a good friend. Its always clear there is a lot of her in all my collections.

                              On my way to Jason Wu ! @jasonwu

                              A photo posted by Diane Kruger (@dianekruger) on

                              'We live in the East Village' + 'my boyfriend Josh' = TWIRL ON THEM HATERS


                              • Creeper photos from the play's after party:

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