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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • DK is featured in Elle France. Google translate is rubbish (and my French is really rusty) but the interview looks to be the same old stuff except it seemed to take place when she was feeling the pressure from The Scandal (she's emotional):

    To see her debate with such intensity, we can only confirm. And be distracted, caught up in the assumptions. The jet lag? A sleepless night due to Internet rumors, which says she's been unfaithful and broken up with Joshua Jackson, her love for ten years? We almost forgot the question you just asked.
    There's stuff about it being difficult to separate real life from work and staying engaged with real life when you live in a bubble.

    About working too hard last year and not even seeing The J:

    "This year, I was about to crack. I made three films, I have read nothing, knew nothing of the news. I have not even seen my man!
    She gets fed up with the baby question (maybe the first mention we've seen of adoption?):

    feminist positions close to those of Lena Dunham, her furtive(!) partner in the film, she admires the commitment. "These are issues that annoy me, especially since they often come from women! "In the same way she does not understand why she has never earned as much as a man, she can not stand this pressure only on her sex. Yes, she dreams of a child, no, she does not know if she can carry one, and yes, maybe she will adopt. "And it would surely be great. And this is not a problem! "She will be eager to share her lunch the next day, during shooting, discussing breastfeeding and untimely pee with makeup artists, all young mothers.


    • 'untimely pee'. Ha!


      • Can we have the option to read all celeb interviews this way?


        • You could try this one:


          • So, I guess the Norman Reedus indiscretion made them do some changes. They're moving to New York! She's talking kids again.



            • They're not moving to New York, I don't think, she meant she'd just moved there for a few weeks during the run of the play. They've made it sound like she'd just decided to move in with him and settle down at last, which is nonsense.

              The Edit interview is a jumbled mess where they've asked her a few questions and filled up the rest of the article with old quotes which gives it a whole different spin than the real situation. Same old story.

              She does confirm she's perceived as a cold fish but, as Issie has always said, she's introverted and only comfortable with people she knows well (this bit may well have come from an old interview too, I'm not sure).

              She was seen at his play a couple of times. I think that The Scandal was blown out of all proportion and she freaked out over it but things have settled down again. We should be in for some more red carpet couple pics in the next few months, so yay for that.

              They're both back in LA now, I think.


              • Yeah, she said on insta that the interview was a bit of a mess.

                PS: Unfortunately, the interview is completely misleading on some issues..! It happens..misunderstandings..! #believemeIbecameanadultalooongtimeagoandididntmov etonytomoveinwithmyboyfriendhahah

                Laura! I'm probably the only one that recognized your new avi right away, but I lurve it. Your devotion to Westonkin is truly inspiring.


                • That's the picture that cemented my liking of them, I'm impressed you recognised it, ophy! Though since it's down to you I even know they exist I shouldn't be surprised!

                  The Edit article got updated to be a little more accurate but it was too little too late really:

                  The actress may look unruffled, but she is currently in the middle of upheaval. I've just moved in [to an apartment in New York] this week, she says. I still need to unpack and buy some house stuff, like candles and books. For 10 years, Kruger and her long-term boyfriend, actor Joshua Jackson, have relocated around the world for their alternate work projects, in an attempt not to spend huge swathes of time apart. [Deciding to take it in turns] was a major commitment, admits Kruger. That was a big step for me, allowing that time for someone else out of my time.
                  Instead of this:
                  I just moved [to New York] this week, Kruger, 39, revealed to Net-A-Porter.coms The Edit. I need to unpack and buy some house stuff, like candles and books [Moving here] was a major commitment.
                  Eta: the "welcome to my dilemma" remark when asked if she'll marry The J caused the usual reactions.
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                  • To collective sighs of relief the scruff is back. Much better, non?

                    ​He's keeping busy, busy, not much down time this time. This was in Brisbane airport en route to Gladstone for the Years project part 2. He'll definitely be back in New York by beginning of May for a one-off play reading event. Hopeful for the Met Gala which is the day before?

                    DK has been in Germany to attend her Gran's funeral but she seems to be back in the US now, I think she's going to start filming with Ellen Page soon and then to France for her Catherine Deneuve movie. All this travel is exhausting me. There was this bit of domestic exchange on insta re the cat:



                    • If anyone else needed convincing that these two are as together as they've always been, that cat convo should do it. Fake couples do a lot of public shit together or at least occasional public shit, but boring cat pickup arrangements that only their IRL friends know about is legit domesticity. Also, y'all probs figured this out on your own, but that's the Topanga house in that cat pic Laura linked to.

                      Another little Insta gem is Michelle Addison's account. She's The J's friend from Vancouver and is the mom of the My Little Pony baby that The J and DK were papped with back in the Fringe days. Anyway, she went to NY, saw The J's play, and took a pic with him afterward and like 5 seconds later, DK started following her on insta. And Ali Larter went to the play too, but instead of tagging DK or The J's well known accounts, both of which she follows, Ali tagged DK's private account in her pic. I'd link it all, but I'm too lazy to do that this morning.

                      I'm so glad the beard is back, may it grow long and prosper. Hopefully they'll both be free for Coachella but she might be busy by that time. And I could totally see them extending their semi-media blackout to Met Ball so I wouldn't be super surprised if he wasn't there.


                      • Ugh, y u no link?
                        Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • DK's doing the rounds promoting Sky in France. In this interview (in French, of course) she talks about not watching The Affair because she doesn't want to watch his sex scenes and that
                          Conversely, Joshua Jackson does not really want to watch the movie Sky, also containing numerous sex scenes. "Sky, he didn't love watching," confessed the star with humor. When you're a couple of actors, it is better not to have some images in mind, once you're at home.
                          ​I wonder how much they were banking on promoting the movie to the Daryl/WD fanbase before all the drama. Probably, they still are but it makes it much more difficult!


                          • It's looking like JWu may be getting hitched in Mexico judging by the comments:


                            DK will be there if she can I would think - she did just say on her insta that she'd packed for the beach.


                            • Yep, DK was there, as was Micah and Mr and Mrs Wes. No sign of The J or any clue as to what he's up to.

                              I've had a great time stalking this wedding and now feel like I attended. It was FABULOUS, btw. Jason and Gus (we're now best friends) were v cute.

                              Search insta #rangelwu to join in.

                              DK made a speech:

                              And looked weird? - photoshop:

                              And got wasted?:

                              The happy couple:

                              Maybe this was why DK made the "my dilemma" comment re. marrying The J? JWu getting wed has given her pause. There again, who knows what's going on with them.

                              So, I'm retiring from DK and The J stalking for the time being. Following DK to the wedding has been fun but generally the couple's (or maybe no-longer-a-couple) media silence is not so much fun. The J is probably loving it though.

                              We'll see if they go to Coachella and/or the Met Ball.
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                              • WTF, how could he miss her BFF's wedding? Must have been some long-planned work thing? Is he still traveling for some stupid documentary?
                                Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.