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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • His last travel-related insta was about Brisbane almost a month ago, but no pics? Boo.


    • He was on another around-the-world thing; maybe that takes a while.


      • Well, y'all. About a month ago, I was mega comf thinking that these two were still together and working out their issues, but I get the feeling that things have taken a turn recently. I was gonna hold off on saying anything until Coachella and Met Ball because those are usually regular events for them, but the JWu wedding and DK's promo for Sky yesterday have pretty much convinced me that they're either over or are on a break. Yeah, I know. I'm totes the girl who cried breakup on here anymore since this is like the 3rd time I've thought they were maybe over so feel free to tell me I'm full of shit. I'm always happy to be wrong about it!

        Evidence in semi-chronological order:

        So as of the end of his play, they were still together. DK went to the play a bunch of times and people would see her there in the audience. On one of the last nights (actually, IIRC this was the actual last night) she went with a good friend, the mom of one of her goddaughters (Luna) and then posted this pic on insta.

        She didn't tag The J or say where she was, but there have been a kajillion posts about Smart People on insta and that totes looks like the inside of the theater. I'm like 99.9% sure that's where they are. On that pic, there was this comment from a follower in response to someone else asking if DK and The J were still together:

        miss1109@fresh972 I went to see his off broadway show 2 weeks ago and she was there... Pretty sure she took this at his last show on Sunday.. It looks a lot like the theater where he performed. They seem super supportive of one another which is nice to see these days 😊 1mon
        Right after this, DK's grandmother died and she LUUUUUVS her g-parents. But for whatever reason, her family held off on the funeral, and DK stayed in L.A. and did a photoshoot. She posted this pic on insta exactly a month ago and this landscape is very Topanga-ish. She captioned it with:

        dianekrugerWhich way 1mon
        That didn't trigger any warning signals for me at the time, but now that I have all this other proof, this might have been her way of being like, "Where do I go from here now that this is all OVAH?"

        And then she went to Germany for her gma's funeral, but The J didn't go with her. I thought that was a little weird at the time, but brushed it off because 2 days after DK posted this, The J posted his last pic on insta about going to Australia for The Years Project so I figured it was a work reason. When he went to the Philippines back in December, he posted stuff from his trip pretty regularly, but with this trip? Zilch. There weren't even any pics of him from other people on the crew, except for maybe 2?

        These are the only ones I've seen:

        martha_jeffriesDream Team back together again #YEARSproject #oceans #heronisland #JoshuaJackson 4w

        catcathartmore swimming with sharkies #GBR #bts #yearsoflivingdangerously 3w

        On the second pic, the poster originally tagged The J, but then removed it which did strike me as odd at the time, almost as if he didn't want anybody to be able to track him.

        But then, like Laura posted, DK had that interaction about the cat and pickup scheduling and I thought, "Eh, that seems way too boring and couply, they're fine."

        The same girl who posted the pic above also posted this:

        As you can see, that was 3 weeks ago, so if the crew was done, I'd wager he was probs done too. But then he went totally insta silent and has only tweeted once about Elizabeth Warren and then a retweet about some other thing I forgot about.

        So, I figured he was in Paris with DK, just chilling and enjoying being on the down low after a tiring couple of months of work and travel. No pap pics ever came out and usually, the Paris paps are pretty good at finding the two of them as they run errands and shop while they're in the city. DK did Sky promotion in Paris, but only with Fabienne and so I thought maybe The J was just staying out of it to avoid any awk questions about the Reedus sitch. It made sense to me. You can see now, right, how I was sort of talking myself out of a lot of these little signs? Such is the thought process of a mega stan.

        Anyway, according to her insta posts, DK was in Paris from around 3/28-4/7ish and then was in Mexico on the 8th for the wedding. I tracked that wedding the entire weekend, checking the instas of as many of the other guests as I could find and never saw The J. But then I saw that Wes and Jaqui were there and figured since the whole crew was around, he HAD to be there and was just staying out of the way.

        Plus, I never actually saw any pics of Wes or Jaqui at the wedding either until after the weekend was over so I figured if they could stay out pics, The J could too. This was the only pic I saw of Wes at the wedding:

        I did also see this and it made me second guess myself and think that The J was missing after all:

        sarahkuszGarden party reception. #tulumwedding #rangelwu 7d

        Ok, so at the rear table, you guys see DK right? She's the one in the middle in the sleeveless black dress. To the left is JWu and to the right is Micah. Now, even if The J was opting to stay out of pics, he would have still been seated next to her at the actual reception, right? But then I was like, their fave bestie couple was there! And not only that, but W/J are FIRMLY in The J camp when it comes to the breakdown of their friends. They probs would have opted to stay away from her group of buds if there was gonna be weird couple tension. It didn't occur to me until yesterday when I saw Morgane aka GoGF1 aka thriftthrill follow Wunderland Events on insta that W/J were actually WORKING the wedding, providing DJ services at the reception. You can see Wes DJing here, along with this pic of the group sans The J.

        Obvs, if they'd been hired to do a job, they would've gone regardless of any breakup because work is work. Plus, they're friendly with JWu and Mr. JWu anyway at this point. And it's also probs true that even if they're Team J, they still love DK a lot as a person and don't hold any grudges against her either. As of yesterday, Jaqui was commenting on DK's insta posts.

        Anyway, so wedding schmedding. Then yesterday, DK had promo in New York for Sky and The J is literally doing shit all wherever he is. I figured he'd go with her to NY because he's not doing ANYTHING? Plus he's in this movie so why not? But no.

        She was on Today and at one point, Roker asks her about having The J in the movie and she totally diverts them and starts talking about Lena Dunham instead. She also says stuff about how the older you get, the harder it is to start over, but that the possibility for love is always there and it's never too late. Like, if she's in love with Reedus, I'm barfing on that 'cause he is GROSS to me, but you do you, DK! Just maybe love yourself more, BB.

        She also gave an interview to WWD and there was this sort of sad quote:

        “I think as we get older, people tend to take less risks,” explains Diane Kruger, the movie’s leading lady. “There’s so much to lose and it’s so hard to move on from a situation that is not good for you anymore. I’m certainly guilty of that.”
        It certainly would be a huge hassle to sell that new house she just finished building with The J and it would be a huge loss to not have the Topanga house anymore since she loved that place and she was the one who made it more of a home. The J didn't start major renovation on it until after they were together.

        The premiere for the movie was also last night and she and Reedus are giving it their best attempt at looking like they do not fuck AT ALL ever, but they're basically failing.

        DK is usually happily handsy with her costars and is huggy and hand holdy when she's got nothing to hide. For example: Demian Bichir. She'd hold his hand all the time in public like it was no thing BECAUSE it was no thing. She wasn't interested in fucking him at all, but would talk about how sexy he was and all this other stuff because it meant nothing to her actual feelings. It was like me talking about David Beckham's hot body. Sure, I recognize it, but like I don't want any part of that at any time. DK's the same way. If she can talk about your mega hawtness while groping you publicly, she most likely does not want to jump you in private. Also, breakup or no, I legit FLOVE this poppy dress and I think it's JWu so miracles do happen from time to time.

        Time will tell and the next couple of weeks are gonna be interesting for sure. I'm basically resigned to this breakup tho, especially since I don't have as much time to track them anymore. It would still give me the sads because I loved them, but eh, life is long and weird so as long they're both happy, wevs.


        • Awww, no! Ok. It is weird to me that they didn't break up right away but later? What was that?


          • Agree with the poppy dress! LOVE.

            Don't love anything else in your post because nooooooooooooooo.

            Imma gonna be waiting to see with everyone else, but kinda with my hands over my ears and eyes at the same time somehow.


            • I've been having most of the exact same thoughts as Issie over this. I hoped he'd show up at the wedding but his no-show there pretty much convinced me it's over and that blind was true. I do think she'd be extra careful round Reedus during the movie promotion anyway but she and The J are probably done whether there's anything going on between her and NR or not, Ah well, sad but most likely true.


              • I tried to talk myself into Issie's feeling that everything was okay post-Reedus, but I never felt it. I hope we're not all right, but my (admittedly weak) spidey sense has felt this was a breakup for a while now.


                • So we still don't know if he's back in the States even? It could just be that he committed to the documentary a while back, before JWu set a date? I'm trying. Ugh, does the Joey Tribbiani's chemistry theory apply to the red carpet? I feel The J wanted to wife her up again and she broke out into hives.
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                  • I'm sad we have no skank banging reports. But also I believe in Issie above all else.
                    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • for the record they made blind gossip again:

                      Recent public announcements about the pregnancies of Blake Lively and Eva Mendes are happy news. However, we have another actress to tell you about!
                      This beautiful actress – who mostly does films – has publicly stated that she wants to have children.
                      There are a few challenges. She’s pushing forty. She’s not married. She has a boyfriend but recently embarrassed him (and herself) by getting much too cozy with a film costar.
                      Actually, it went beyond embarrassment. It really damaged her relationship with her boyfriend. They were thisclose to a break up.

                      So is she serious about the baby comment?
                      The reason we say that is because she has made the biggest move of all: She has completely cleared her schedule of new projects! While she has typically worked on two to three projects a year for the past decade – and usually has several projects in development or production – that pipeline has now been cleaned out.
                      Her only obligation is to promote a couple of films that are already in the can. All of her focus is on nesting and the baby. She told [us] a month ago that it’s going to happen this year.
                      No, we don’t know if “this year” means that she is already pregnant and is having the baby this year… or that she is determined to get pregnant this year… or that she is preparing for the arrival of a baby from another source this year. Does sound serious, though.
                      By the way, her boyfriend’s schedule is also clear. That’s very unusual, too. Something’s up. People usually don’t clear their schedules for a break up. Perhaps a baby AND a wedding?
                      Similar: Unhappy About The Baby
                      Her Boyfriend:
                      Her Costar:
                      [Optional] Place your bets for this couple for the next year: Breakup? Wedding? Baby?


                      • Laa, according to DK herself, the JWu wedding was set like 6 months before the date so all the guests would have had plenty of time to arrange their travel plans. It would be one thing if the documentary was actually shooting at the same time as the wedding, but according to the crew person's insta post about when they wrapped filming, The J would have had plenty of time to hop over to Paris, meet up with DK, and then go to the wedding.

                        Supposedly, he missed the Sky promo and premiere stuff because he's in LA "working" right now but that sounds like a lot of bullshit.

                        He did film a cameo for Kimmy Schmidt at some point, but that would have been awhile ago, maybe last year even. Y'all should watch it though. He plays a store clerk who knows way too much about The Creek and he has the Caesar cut and its gross and weird and sad and hilarious. It's Episode 8.

                        Anyway, DK went to Tiffany's annual gala last night in NY and she wore another red dress and had to pretend to not hate Reese Witherspoon in front of a lot of cameras so she's not slowing down any, that's for sure.


                        • Okay, I'm still stressing, but the Kimmy Schmidt cameo news just made my day.


                          • I have to have something more concrete than that. I need proof and more gossip and to know what the J is doing.


                            • He insta'ed the Caesar.


                              • Speaking of his Kimmy Schmidt cameo, DK just liked* this photo:

                                He's baaaaaack(ish). #unbreakablekimmyschmidt #purvis

                                A photo posted by Joshua Jackson (@vancityjax) on

                                *not that liking his pics means anything in particular except that she doesn't hate him or want him to die.

                                Page Six claims there was no canoodling between DK and Reedus at the premiere:


                                Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger keep their distance at ‘Sky’ after-party

                                All eyes were on the pair — who were said to be “all over each other” in an East Village dive bar in December — at an after-party at Omar’s. (Reedus’ rep denied it.) But they kept their distance at Omar’s, perhaps to avoid fostering rumors.

                                “They seemed chummy, but not much more than that,” said a spy at the Cinema Society bash sponsored by Hugo Boss.

                                Although guests noted that Joshua Jackson, whom Kruger has dated since 2006, didn’t attend, sources said the actor, who also appears in “Sky,” was working in LA. Jackson also skipped the movie’s recent Paris premiere.

                                DK and Reedus interviewed each other for Buzzfeed (ngl, it was kinda flirty) :


                                Norman: Have you ever been misrepresented in the tabloids before?

                                DK: [laughs] Have you ever been well-represented in tabloids?

                                NR: No, misrepresented.

                                DK: No, I’m saying, is there a case of being well-represented in tabloids?

                                NR: Oh, that’s true. Probably never.

                                DK: Yeah, never happened to me that it was accurate. You?

                                NR: No. Uh, I mean yes.

                                DK: What?

                                NR: Both.

                                DK: [laughs] OK, good to know.

                                Anyway, DK went to Tiffany's annual gala last night in NY and she wore another red dress and had to pretend to not hate Reese Witherspoon in front of a lot of cameras so she's not slowing down any, that's for sure.

                                I kinda loved her Tiffany look! #boobcape

                                Boobcape *with* pockets!