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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • I'm glad they're together, though this newfound cageyness is not cool.


    • Ugh, so they only canoodle in private like everyday nonfamous regulars now? Fuckin' Reedus...


      • She fucked up so badly! He must have been like: Done with your tabloid bullshit and if we stay together we're no longer using this relationship for publicity!
        It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • I think there's a decisive shift in their public appearances.

          I can't believe they are/were so close to me!


          • Looks like The J is back in LA. He was seen getting coffee with Crystal Reed from Teen Wolf yesterday. She's new to his circe of friends, right? I've never seen her around before, but this does not seem like a hook up sitch to me.

            I don't know anything about Teen Wolf so as far as my own mental fanfic goes, The J likes hanging out with women who are into this outfit.

            DM has more pics of just him and they also posted a video. Seems like he was walking home so I'm guessing this is the Alfred in WeHo? DK had been kinda quiet on insta for long enough to fly home with him and he is carrying a shitload of extra beverages home so it's possible she's there. But if she is, it would mean she was up and posting on insta at approximately 3-4 A.M. in LA time which seems unlikely. I mean, jet lag gets the best of anybody every once in a while, but she might also just still be in Paris working on her new movie.

            JJones posted this funny pic on her insta the other day.

            januaryjones1days ago

            Since my pals can't stop honoring me with their mockery I'm setting an insta challenge to see who can nail this pose best! The winner gets my respect. @vancityjax @kiernanshipka you already have my ❤️

            Lols. I'm guessing DK probs took The J's pic and sent it to her. She left a comment on the post that was just like "HAHAHAHAHA". He seems real committed to this turrible hair. I hope Sarah Treem sees him on the first day at work and Mutombo's him like a boss.

            Also, Kiernan Shipka is not shifting from the whole Baby Emma Watson thing she's had going on for like 5 years now. But it's all good. If I was Sally Draper, I'd dream of being Hermione too, man.

            The J also did a new interview with Yahoo in which he confirms that he and DK are still together, so there's that. The rest of the interview is all work talk about The Affair and his cameo on Kimmy Schmidt. I would also enjoy Purvis becoming a recurring character, Tina Fey, so maybe think about it before you roll your eyes, yeah?

            Finally, I got around to watching Sky last night and it was...aight. DK mentioned in an interview that she was so closely involved in the making of this project that by the time they got around to shooting it, she felt like she was her character. And Fabienne wrote this movie for her so I can see how she'd feel that way. In the movie, she plays Romy who is in a super unhappy relaysh and part of the dissatisfaction comes from her inability to have a child with her husband after trying for many years. That seems a little too autobiographical if you go with the theory that DK and The J have been in a similar situation. And then she leaves him, meets Reedus, and even tho he's a huge asshole, he puts a baby inside her before he dies. Maybe DK got a little too into this story and just forgot that she didn't actually want Reedus' greasy baby in real life.

            Anyway, they seem to be coming out of whatever funk they were in post-scandal. Good for them, relationships are hard work even when they're awesome. Sometimes you just gotta push through periods when you hate each other's faces until you wake up one day and realize you wanna be friends who fuck again.


            • It's difficult to tell but from DK's Facebook it looks like she is now in NY so maybe they did come back together after all?

              I thought his quote from the Yahoo interview about Pacey and Joey might equally be about him and DK:

              Maybe it’s been tempestuous. Maybe there have been a couple of breakups along the way, but since they’d also be closing in on 40, maybe they realize that they’re better off together.


              • Purvis-Con!

                Again, my low standards and I are just enjoying official confirmation.


                • He had three beverages in his hands there, so I am calling make-up sex threesome.

                  I love his fanboying over Tina Fey and Kimmy Schmidt.


                  • Sometimes you just gotta push through periods when you hate each other's faces until you wake up one day and realize you wanna be friends who fuck again.
                    This should be on a fucking t-shirt or a greeting card or something? It's so goddamn true.
                    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • Yes. A thousand likes for the above quote, Issie.


                      • While everyone was focused on the squad at Taylor Swift’s house over the Fourth of July weekend, there was actually something very interesting that happened at a gathering far away!

                        No giant plastic water slides here. Just a dinner party. With a couple of interesting guests.

                        This pretty film actress was seated next to an actor from a popular TV series.

                        Wait a minute. Isn’t this the same guy whom she was caught straddling and sucking face with a few months ago?

                        Isn’t this the same guy she then avoided while giving lots of interviews about how her famous boyfriend changed her life and that they had just moved in together as a symbol of their serious commitment to each other?

                        Yes, the very same!

                        But wait! There’s more!

                        We found out that for the past week, The Sucker and The Straddler have been traveling together as a couple ALL OVER EUROPE! A party in Italy, a plane to Amsterdam, a dinner in France. These were not work events. This was all personal travel. As a COUPLE.

                        Why is she still lying about being in a committed relationship? With all the witnesses to her affair, she’s been caught up a creek without a paddle. This has got to be humiliating for her actor “boyfriend” to whom she claims she is so “committed.”

                        Given this most recent development, we believe you will see The Sucker and The Straddler publicly come out as a couple this year.

                        add that up with how bad The J looks and I'm tempted to believe the blind item..


                        • Wow.


                          • Where are the pics and blind items from? I'm confused. Are these just stills from the movie they were in?
                            It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • According to FF
                              Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger attended
                              "The Rosetta Getty Annual Celebration Dinner, Tuscany, Italy - 02 July 2016
                              I'm hoping Issie will drop in with the full deets as I'm travelling but there's also a whole bunch of recent-looking pics at FF of DK and The J looking all happy and cuddly so who the hell knows what the sitch is. Could be old pics? The J is def in LA now.
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                              • I have insomnia so I did a little research. This blind item came from here: . Then I found that the Daily Mail had this: and one of the commenters reports:

                                Diane Kruger appeared in two of the photos there both of which she was seated beside Norman Reedus at the dinner party and then at the pool side picnic. I have to ask where was Joshua?
                                and a reply
                                Those pics and any other ones of Diane have now been removed from the photogs sites. Looks like somebody doesn't want it to get out that Diane was there at both the dinner and the party. Luckily those photos are still out there. Why is somebody going to a lot of trouble to make sure this is not known?
                                If you look at the pictures that Iva posted from the dinner table and compare, they are definitely this year's party. From Vanity Fair's site, I found this:

                                I believe that you can see this couple in the picture that Iva posted. tumblr_o9zincb6Nd1u0vsx2o5_540.jpg

                                This looks like them: tumblr_inline_o9sqd1opRC1u9vn3a_500.jpg

                                They were definitely both at the party, sitting together. Perfectly innocent friends visit to Italy? You tell me.

                                I found this comment on the Blind Gossip item, but I can't find the pictures anywhere.
                                Mila Jovovich had a recent party where pictures were taken of the pair but rumours of their affair isn’t new. I think both of them have huge commitment issues.
                                Could be old pics? The J is def in LA now.
                                And she is def in Europe according to her instagram; she's filming a movie. Her insta is so capricious that it's hard to judge anything by it, but last week she posted this pic with the caption "Happy" and it looks like an I'm in love pic.

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