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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • Y'all. I just don't have time for any of this shit, beekdammit, DK! I've been trying to get here all weekend and my life is like, "Fuck yer goals, raise dem baybees, bb."

    I just don't know what kind of whack ass, almost 40 life crisis DK is going through that she is like willingly fucking Reedus on the regular. It's SO GROSS, OMG. I mean, yeah, fine, The J probs knows and is all like encouraging her to find herself like the hippie that he is, but even if they're both ok with this open relaysh, doesn't some part of him wanna know if she has cataracts or some shit? Because Reedus is SO FUCKING GROSS, I can't take it.

    Usually, I'm super skeptical about blinds, but this one seems to be mostly true even if some of the details aren't exactly right. Here's why I think that: usually, DK loves posting pics of herself and her friends at parties. And if she has to travel for a party, she's usually mega excited about it on insta, announcing that she's gonna go have some fun and drink or whatever. She went radio silent about this party. If these pics had not leaked, no one would have known she was there. And it's not like she couldn't have taken a pic with Milla, someone she's been friendly with for a long time. In addition to the pics of her at the party being taken down from the photo service site, DK has also erased comments about Reedus from her insta feed over the weekend, something she's never done before. She wasn't even doing it when the actual rumor of them making out at the bar made it to mainstream media.

    On the pic of DK being all "middle fingers up, tell him boy bye" a girl made this comment...

    bengal_bella7hours ago

    Seems to be a lot of gossip around it then 😳 hope it's just that!!
    Earlier in the thread, she had asked if DK was with Reedus now, but her original post is gone.

    Also, as far as I know, The J has been back in LA for a few weeks now, ever since those pics with Crystal Reed came out. I did see one tweet posted at FF that someone had spotted him in Vancouver over Canada Day weekend, but that's it. He's been pretty quiet too, but that's regular for him.

    Ok, so if the blind that came out a while ago about them waiting to announce a breakup until after the initial Reedus gossip died down was true (I'm real wishy washy about that), maybe they were waiting until after the release of DK's movie this week? Her movie with Bryan Cranston is opening on Friday and it's possible they wanted to avoid her having to answer any questions about being single/fucking Reedus/whatever. But for a FACT, they went to Greece for their anniversary and that resort deleted the pic of them with some quickness. If they wanted to play like they were still together, that would have been an ideal opportunity. Instead, neither of them acknowledged their anniversary or The J's birthday on any social media. If they were using that trip as like a goodbye trip to end their relaysh and wanted to do it in private, I don't know why he would then mention them celebrating their anniversary to a reporter during an interview. The J is savvy enough to know that info like that would likely make it into the interview.

    Y'all. They are so weird and yeah, I've always known that and it's part of why I like them, but they've never been this fucking weird and did I mention I don't have time for this shit anymore? I have to be awake again in 6 hours and I'm here like a crazy person.

    DK should be back in the States soon. Tomorrow is her movie premiere in New York and then she's scheduled to be on Seth Meyers on Wed and WWHL on Thursday. Seth is a pretty mild and boring interviewer, but Andy Cohen will ask his guests mega uncomf questions and gives no real fucks so I hope he goes in hard with a stellar round of Plead the Fifth with DK. Also, Friday is her 40th birthday. It'll be verray interesting to see how this week shakes out. At this point, I can't even comfortably predict whether or not The J will make the cross country trek to be at her premiere tomorrow night. I'm guessing no, but again, they're SO WEIRD right now.

    Also, also about Isadora's wish for The J and Crystal Reed to be banging like bunnies, I'd have said yeah, but CR has a very serious boyfriend who she seems to be super crazy about so even if Josh put that offer on the table, I'm not sure she would have picked it up, you know?

    MEEEEEH. Are Bryce and Gigi side-fucking yet? Y'all call me when that happens, yeah?
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    • Ugh, when it comes to DK, if you say it is so, it is so. The deleted comments are the biggest, weirdest red flag! Again, if she and/or The J want to keep her side-Reedus an embarrassing secret, it's so not happening. But the only time I've ever seen photos of them together in print were InStyle and Vanity Fair fancy party collages, so even with the Daryl factor, I'm not sure they're all famous enough for a cheating story to make an Us Weekly cover anyway.


      • I don't even expect it to make the cover of Us Weekly, etc.! But how's about some blogger looking for clicks? I don't even get it. Gossip journos are so lazy! Irritating.

        I mean, this is either their open relationship rumors made manifest (there is a reason he was named The Dirty J! He was delightfully DISGUSTING during his Wilmy tenure! Rumors included a lot of bathroom banging of skanks, filming sex with his BFF, etc., so he's maybe not even caring if he's sharing?) or she's having a midlife crisis (because she seems less likely to want to share her things BUT she's rich/artsy European or whatever and us Americans always assume they are chill about sexual shenanigans in a way we are not?).

        OR, we all have dirty minds and the sweet kids at Fan Forum think she and Norman are just VERY GOOD FRIENDS. #soundslegit (Of course the deleting of comments, etc. makes that story seem suspect because you can bet I'd instagram my July 4th party in Tuscany and that's assuming I'd hate allllll those people).
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • The J probs knows and is all like encouraging her to find herself like the hippie that he is, but even if they're both ok with this open relaysh, doesn't some part of him wanna know if she has cataracts or some shit?
          Seems about right.

          The cat-sitter lady still seems to think they're a couple - she had this convo with DK 2 weeks ago following a skydive she 'd done:

          dianekrugerOmg ! Can't believe you did that !!

          angelarlene26@dianekruger I still can't believe it. Bucket list bday jump! I was going to invite you and josh but I knew you were out of town! Next time!!!!
          I've given up following DK for the moment, too much concentrated solo DK is no good for the soul. I think I'd prefer her if she was properly dating NR, tbh. They seem like they could enjoy showing off for the cameras together and have some banter online. It's a pity he's sooo gross.


          • No pics or sightings of The J in New York tonight. I wonder if that was her request or his. For nearly a decade, these two have been so super supportive of each other's work and have done their best to be there for each other at big events like premieres and festivals. But right now, The J is off as far as anyone knows and he's like fucking around WeHo even tho he and DK have been apart for around 3 weeks, if not more. That is not like him at all. In the past, these two have flown 24 hours to spend a weekend together just because.

            This weirdness isn't that dissimilar to how DK's marriage dissolved. Maybe she's just very bad at endings? She was on and off with Guillaume for what seemed like the last couple years of their marriage. She wasn't all that discreet about dating Chris Heinz around 04/05 and then if you believe the first date story for her and The J, that date would have also been around 2004. But throughout those years, there were still pics in Euro tabs of her being lovey on vacation with Guillaume and they seemed to still be together in some way at the premiere of their second movie which was after their formal separation.

            This has been kind of a shitty year for her. She lost her gma, her relaysh is mega rocky and everyone thinks it's her fault, and she just doesn't seem very happy. Meh, I hope they can work it out because they've put so much work in and do seem to love each other very much, but if it's not gonna work, I hope they can end it civilly and with some dignity. And without gross Tswizzle drams. That shit is only amusing to witness when 20 year olds are involved. It's cringy when it's a couple in their 40s.


            • Really interesting background on her marriage; that could explain some stuff.

              hope they can work it out because they've put so much work in and do seem to love each other very much, but if it's not gonna work, I hope they can end it civilly and with some dignity. And without gross Tswizzle drams. That shit is only amusing to witness when 20 year olds are involved. It's cringy when it's a couple in their 40s.
              Could be that all this behaving weirdly is rooted in wanting to finish things with dignity.


              • Damn. I thought for a while that their hermit business was them trying to get back to good. Now it just seems like he's waiting from a distance with his promise ring on as she gets the melancholy out of her system.


                • Oh, it totes could be that they're trying to get back to good. I hope that's what it is. When she first got caught with Reedus, I totally think that she and The J made a decision to lock it down tight so that (1) they could let the gossip move past them onto the next thing and (2) so that they could try to work out their mess in private. They did seem to reach a semi-good place there for awhile, but who knows now? It seems so weird and wrong that like, of ALL people, Reedus is the one DK can't quit? I can't post enough Jimmy Fallon "EW" gifs up in this bitch to properly convey my disgust. Reedus, unlike The J, has a very strong social media presence. He's always on his insta and stays pretty active on Twitter. So I feel like you can kind of "know" his personality a bit better than someone like The J who posts once every couple of months at most. And if you do a side by side of NR's insta and DK's insta/fb, I don't know how she doesn't wear a bio hazard suit in his presence and how he doesn't roll his eyes at all her emo Chanel selfies.

                  Anyway, The J has a reasonable excuse for missing the premiere. He's in Washington State doing stuff with Oceana. But I still call bs because he could have done this at some other point in the last 3 weeks since it's not like he wouldn't have had plenty of notice for the date of DK's premiere. He's spending the day whale watching and Ocean's insta is documenting it throughout the day.

                  Rando pics from DM from last night's premiere and after party. DK wore JWu to both. It's all meh.

                  This girl in the jumpsuit is me side-eyeing THE FUCK outta DK's Reedus peen addiction. But like, in a better outfit.

                  From her insta with JWu and Mr. JWu and Walter White.

                  And The J today...

                  oceana2hours ago

                  Today, Oceana ambassador Joshua Jackson has joined our team in San Juan Island, WA to watch killer whales in the wild and learn more about the threats facing this particular southern resident population. Stay with us all day to see more from @vancityjax’s trip!
                  #killerwhale #joshuajackson #SanJuanIsland #orca

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                  • Aw, The J is Jesse Grassing it up again.

                    I don't know much about Reedus except Steven Yeun likes him and I like Steven Yeun.

                    Her black dress bums me out. If it can't look passable on DK, it's a dumpy home ec project.


                    • Her face doesn't seem sold on either dress.


                      • Hmm. I'm revising my headcanon based on Issie's post.

                        She's out. Like her head/vagina is elsewhere but I think she's leading him to think it can be saved? Between her uncomfy looks while getting hugged and her being insane and secretive about her "friendship" with Reedus? It's over, but Josh is maybe in denial?
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • They could be trying the "we'll still be friends" thing, where he thinks being friends means hugging, and she's German so doesn't.


                          • Are they going to spend her birthday apart? (insert anticipatory grief)


                            • I just watched DK on LateNight and y'all...if it's not already over, it's getting ready to be. Funny that Laa posted that pic from her bday 2 years ago because Seth showed a different one from the same party with The J in it, but you could only see his back. And DK talked all about the party and the Hummels jersey The J was wearing and the cake. Aaaand acted like The J could have been any old person. Like, she didn't point him out in the pic or mention him at all. I'm not even sure if The J is gonna bother going to New York for her birthday tomorrow and it's her 40th. Yesterday he was still doing stuff with Oceana in Washington. Someone on Twitter posted pics from the Oceana Snapchat. They're from vids, but the vids were short, just him saying he was gonna take over their Snap for the day.

                              And then a few captures from a video they posted on insta from someone at FF...

                              I mean, maybe he buries his angst down deep, but judging by these, he seems alright. It's also possible that DK seems bummed because even though she's the one who's checked out already and her headspace is full of Reedus and midlife crisis dramz, she wanted The J to try and talk her out of it and he wasn't into that? Maybe The J was all like, "You do you, bb. I'mma go see about some whales and shit" and she got mega butthurt that he wasn't chasing her down like she expected.


                              • I think they've been over for months

                                Reedus seems a better match for The J than Kruger. But he is more fashion and also likes to sculpt, so his pretentious level is probe approaching hers. Hope they are v happy.
                                Bitter Shipper