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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • The pics of him hugging on her in public and stuff if it's been over for months are confusing? I think it's been over for months but it's probably one of those things where they were both sleepwalking through some parts of their life and now it's really over because he stopped trying and stopped caring (like you do at the end).

    They clearly decided to step down the public appearances after she cheated. And also to deemphasize their couplehood as part of their public images. But they also kept giving it a go, at least off and on? And she kept up a lot of her fashion and whatnot appearances but he has not. At all. He's done way more whale watching than red carpets. And I like that about him. It's how he was before she came along and put him in shiny European suits.

    How many months before they confirm the split?

    UGH, the worst part about this is that he'll never go to any of the parties Katie Holmes goes to now! So I WILL NEVER GET MY PACEY AND JOEY RED CARPET PHOTO GODDAMMIT.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      Or you're more likely to get it because KH was put off by DK and wouldn't go near the J when she was around? That's my head canon now.


      • PAM to share this, what she wore to be on the Today show. I call it a cry for help.


        • there will be a red carpet photo of The J and Toledo - - - unless Jamie Fox panics and decides to go public about KH.


          • As far as I'm concerned, DK's last 2 insta posts are basically her way of confirming the breakup before the official announcement. It's been a fun 7 years of obsessive tracking, y'all.

            I'll just be here in my jammies, eating ice cream and wailing or whatever. It's fine. I'm fine.


            • You will always have the cucumber story.
              Bitter Shipper


              • Just watched DK on Seth Meyers and you're right, Issie, she sounded sooooo single. (weeps) 2016 is THE WORST.

                "forget about what might have been" + #anewbeginning

                (weeps harder)
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                • Hang on a minute, not so fast - this just in on Twitter:

                  Wow Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger on E. 12th & Broadway absolute Angels. So attractive!

                  If that's accurate they are the weirdest exes. Could just be hanging together as friends but seems unlikely?


                  • I can't even with these two.


                    • Originally posted by isadora View Post
                      She fucked up so badly! He must have been like: Done with your tabloid bullshit and if we stay together we're no longer using this relationship for publicity!
                      I suspect we're back to this.


                      • Is it #anewbeginning of an open relationship? #anewbeginning of hardcore pretending to the media that the other doesn't exist a la KH and Jamie Foxx? Is ONTD on this weird shit yet?


                        • I went to bed last night thinking to myself, you know what, I'm emotionally ready for these two to be done. It's fine, it's all okay. I had convinced myself it might be even be kinda of fun to see a free Josh going full on grapefruit hair dirtay. And now they are hanging out like absolute angels on NYC street corners? What fuckery, y'all. What fuckery is this.


                          • I do not accept that she was "just friends" going to parties in Tuscany with Reedus, so the possibilities that I can think of:

                            1. Open relationship and everybody is just fine with the Reedus thing
                            2. The J is letting her play this Reedus thing out with the notion that she'll burn it out and they'll be good after
                            3. He doesn't know she was in Tuscany with Reedus
                            4. They are broken up, but he came to NY for her birthday anyway because nice guy
                            5. That was not the J that some random Twitter person saw
                            6. They are fucking with us for reasons unknown
                            7. She has cast a German Fairy Princess spell that makes people do what she wants


                            • #7 could be a combo with any of those.


                              • BEEKDAMMIT, LAURA!

                                I'll add another number to V's list.

                                8. He's moving into the apartment before Affair shooting starts next month and she's moving on out for the time being. She's not done filming her French movie, AFAIK and then I think she goes to Germany soon after her French film to start another movie with some director she seemed mega excited to work with/for. And he'll be in New York for most of the fall. If they want time apart, they certainly have good excuses for being separated the rest of this year.

                                As nice as The J is, I really have trouble picturing him agreeing to #4. Like, "Hey let's spend some REAL awkward time together on your birthday even though we are freshly broken up and you're banging a dumpster dweller of a human being." And unless The J's PR rep is garbage at her job, she totally should have been aware of and would have given him a heads up about the Tuscany party pics. The J basically has one site that is dedicated to his existence and that is FF. Everything gets posted there and some pr pleb would only need to scroll, scroll, scroll for like 2 minutes max to get any new info that might need handling.

                                Oh, and I legit thought it was #5 all night or that it was just a fake out, but nope! Pics

                                Meh, I'm still thinking it's ovah or close. They look totally disconnected in these pictures.

                                ​​​​​​I went to bed last night thinking to myself, you know what, I'm emotionally ready for these two to be done.

                                And then I woke up and read this thread and now I'm just Kiki.

                                With a side of Rupaul.