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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • There was some more disconnected mooching about town yesterday and now she's gone away again (back to France?)

    I still think they're together but trying to keep things private but maybe I'm wrong and they are just in the process of disentangling their lives, I guess we'll see. Eventually.
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    • This is BAFFLING.

      If he's okay with her flitting off to Tuscany to bang Norman Reedus, that just makes me feel sad!

      It COULD be that they are broken up (and maybe have been for awhile) but are still fucking and can't QUITE kick each other to the curb yet? I mean, sometimes you have that ex you can't quite shake because the cucumber sexy times memories crop up every time you're in the same city?
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • I like Is's broken up plotline (many of my favorite RL stories have that plot), but there is some self-loathing for sure in there if it's true, because she is flying back to France, and so he flew across country just for her birthday weekend. Unless The Affair started filming today, that is just asking for trouble.

        Ugh, I cannot Occam's Razor this shit.



          People Exclusive
          Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson Have Split After 10 Years Together

          Diane Kruger and Joshua Jacksonhave split after 10 years together, PEOPLE confirms.

          "Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson have decided to separate and remain friends," reps for both confirm exclusively to PEOPLE.

          Kruger, 39 and Jackson, 37, began dating after Kruger split from her husband of five years, French director Guillaume Canet.

          Kruger and Jackson owned houses in both Paris and Vancouver, and lived together in New York, where they were often spotted taking strolls around the city.

          The two last stepped out together in February for the opening of Jackson's Broadway play.

          Saying that they were last seen together in February is obvs not true, but at least we've got the official word now.

          A photo posted by Diane Kruger (@dianekruger) on


          • Ahhh, there we go.

            Much sadness.


            • ETA: They must've been really trying to make it work if they ended up announcing this the week after her movie came out, no?
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              • She's quoting Jimi Hendrix?!? I want to think that's Reedus's influence. Regardless: :eyeroll:

                I still want to know what all the fuckery of the last few weeks was. Why get papped wandering around together if you're ovah? It's not like they're parents and needed to project an image.


                • Well, we all saw it coming, didn't we?


                  • I think he was tryna save it to the end. That's pathetic, god bless him.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • It could have been coordinating this leak to People, or one last birthday for old times sake?

                      I highly doubt the final decision to break up came this weekend followed by a Monday call to People. My feeling is that this fits the storyline that we imagined in December where they quietly break up over the Reedus thing and then months later there's the public breakup notice. And so everything we've seen since December has been the attempt at trying to save face by not admitting publicly that she cheated on him and messed up all our dreams of potato-nosed babies. Plus a rehearsal of "being friends". Breakups take time when you've been together that long, too. You gotta divide up all that shit.

                      But seriously, she burned it all down for Norman Reedus? I can't even deal with that notion.


                      • I wanted to watch Sky but now I'm really on the fence. Too bad. Perhaps the blinds were right. maybe he can hook up with Ruth Wilson next. She was great on Luther and makes the most of it on the affair. But then again she might be with someone I have no clue.

                        Damn. I really do care a little bit about this

                        blind gossip confirmed it was them and apparently there's much more to know. we'll see
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                        • Maybe I'm just naive but I still find it hard to believe Josh would keep it lowkey with DK for months and GO ON VACATION to some random place and NOT publicize it and do pap walks with her after she fucked Norman Reedus if he wasn't trying to work it out with her. Why do her that solid for boning Norman Reedus? I don't get it.
                          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                          • Their super sekrit beach vacay! Yeah, it's hard to explain that one away if they'd both already given up that long ago.

                            Maybe they did have an open relationship. Maybe Diane got messy/overly involved/obsessed with her side piece and that sent them into re-evaluate mode. Maybe that led to what we are seeing now.


                            • The sekrit beach could have been backsliding. Divorcing couples often have that period where they say "oh god what have we done?" and "reunite" for a few days/weeks until they remember why they were there in the first place.

                              But I can def. see Is's theory being right that they were trying to work it out.

                              I am hoping more info comes out, but they are so good at locking down information.


                              • I have many conflicting thoughts on all this:

                                I hope he settles with someone new fairly quickly and they start popping out babies a la Beek.

                                How sad does that music video he made look now? especially as it was filmed in their house.

                                I'm free to not follow her insta anymore (tho I'd given up a while back)

                                Will we now get a PJo selfie?