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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • Oh no! Now, I have to learn to make pictures visible while logged out!

    I think reaction and "blame", in this case, has to do more with personalities than gender. The person who throws dirt publicly is usually the one who looks bad, as is the person who gets caught publicly cheating (Blake Shelton, Robin Thicke, etc.). Josh doesn't act like DK does and never has. Whatever he does in their personal life, it would be out of character for him to cast aspersions publicly.

    When Diane was asked how it was going after the break up, she said, "It's all good" and I do think that was a good way to handle it. In a foreign interview she said she's changed a lot in the last year, despite herself and is not necessarily wiser, but it made her want to expand career wise. I think that was a very positive way to address the break up.

    I don't think maligning the last 10 years of her life is positive. And, of course, it's transparent because even this very year she was saying things that are contrary to what she's saying now, talking about how good the last 10 years have been, how meeting a partner who read so much expanded her world. She said she thought she was smart before because she was multi-lingual and meeting Josh she realized how little she knew and how important it was to have a personal life, because before him she worked all the time. She has said these things all along, but she's said them as recently in 2016. So, now saying the reverse in The Guardian looks petulant. It may be the normal and human thing to do after a break up, but people will react when you do it, regardless of gender.

    At the TCA they were trying to get some kind of reaction from Josh about the break up. Of course, the plot of The Affair lends itself to infidelity and break up discussions anyway. So, the press was hoping for something personal from him. He did not oblige. That's really not his game. But if and when he starts saying he's going to start putting himself first from now on and is in a better place than he has been in 10 years, then he will definitely get some push back.

    Now, I've seen Josh misbehave a couple of times during Fringe. For instance, when they were at the conference that last season and he started pouring water down his face because everyone was crying and he wanted to simulate tears, obviously I don't think the guys minded that and maybe Jasika didn't either. But I felt that he was mocking Anna a bit and I saw him get a little peeved several different times during the run of the show in interviews. He never said anything negative about anyone publicly, but I saw him a little waspish. Mostly, he hides that part of himself, though.

    For the record, when he was listing songs off of his ipod shuffle list, I do think he was taking jabs at Diane and Norman (Melinda was mine 'til the time that I found her loving Jim and holding him... so I'll be what i am, a solitary man) and I said so.
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    • Here is one of the better photos from last night. Love the shirt not sure about the pants. And she looks good here in general. Sorry about the small pics.


      • And for equity here is a pic of JJ on the set with some young co-stars. Maybe Joannie is one of them.


        • Ruth Wilson interview, Vanity Fair:

          About the 8 hour marathon with JJ:

          If Wilson seems to have zero tolerance for making judgments or false expectations on herself, she has even less tolerance for others watching her. Recently, she was photographed in New York City at a restaurant with her on-screen ex-husband/sometimes lover/father-of-her-child-but-doesn’t-know-it, Joshua Jackson. Tabloids ran with the image, and speculated whether the two were dating—especially considering Jackson’s recent split from his longtime partner Diane Kruger.

          “It's boring gossip,” Wilson says, exasperated. “It is boring gossip. You can tell from that photo that we're friends. I just sort of go, ‘All right, well, whatever, I have to keep answering.”

          She pauses, then continues: “If you want an answer about whether we're dating or not, ‘no’ is the absolute truth. We all go out a lot. We're four Irish-Catholic actors who happen to be on a show together, and that means we like a drink and we like to have a good time. So all four of us go out.”

          Wilson believes that because she doesn’t flaunt her private life, people feel the need to perhaps box her into a category—single, not single, married, dating Joshua Jackson, not dating Joshua Jackson.

          “People don't know what goes on in my private life, so they have to make conjecture from something that is photographed,” says the Surrey-born daughter of a probation officer and investment banker, and the baby sister to three boys. “You don't actually know if I'm single or not. You haven't asked that question, and I haven't told you that answer. I don't talk about it.”

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          • [I didn't realize he was in Troy. In fact, he's still young and I guess I had no idea how long Garrett had been in the business]

            Lainey Gossip Posted by Lainey:


            Diane and Garrett?

            Diane Kruger and Garrett Hedlund went out for dinner together on Monday. After dinner, they hit up another bar for a drink. Since two very attractive famous people can’t be friends, we must now discuss whether or not this is good for gossip.

            Twelve years ago, Diane and Garrett were both in Troy. I don’t remember if they had any scenes together. Pretty sure they didn’t because Garrett was Brad Pitt’s protégé and Diane was on the other side, with Orlando Bloom. Still, this establishes how long they may have known each other.

            As you know, both came out of serious relationships this year. Garrett and Kirsten Dunst broke up a few months ago. And Diane and Joshua Jackson officially ended their thing after 10 years just this summer, although it had been coming to that since late last year when she was rumoured to have been grinding on Norman Reedus at a dive bar while Joshua was travelling.

            So here we are. Diane and Garrett. On paper it looks good. In the mirror it looks real good. Like, physically, Diane and Kiki are a similar type, non? And, physically, Joshua and Garrett are a similar type, too. Now this is starting to trip me out. It’s like an alternate reality on a mirror planet.


            • Lainey is so overrated as a commentator on fame.

              Anyway, as for Josh's bitchiness? He's always been like that. He's very Clooney in that way. He grudges hard, he always tries to stick of up for the actors with the least power on set (from Meredith Monroe to Jaskia Nicole), he likes to drink and bang random girls, and he usually has someone he really doesn't like on sets of his long-running shows (The Beek and Anna Torv). I'll forever be amazed at people who thought Josh was hot for Anna Torv or that he brought the heat with her on the show in any way. He delivered his weakest sauce at all times. He's just not that great an actor? I mean, he's great at some things but pretending to be smarter than he is or loving a person he doesn't? Not so much.

              I haven't watched enough of The Affair to be able to say who he likes most/least but he does seem to enjoy Ruth Wilson and in my fantasies he hates Dominic West because HOW CAN YOU NOT?

              It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Another person Josh was always kind to is Seth Gabel. On The Affair, I think Josh likes both Ruth and Maura a lot. Also he and Julia Telles are really playful with each other.

                I think I need to watch The Wire. I think maybe I would like Dominic if I wasn't rooting against his character on The Affair. I do remember that Dominic had some sweet things to say about Josh's looks, charm and relative youth, when they promoted S1.

                Speaking of drinking, it made me laugh to think of paraphrasing Ruth Wilson: "We aren't sleeping together. We're just both drunken Catholics. In fact, the whole cast is full of drunken Catholics!"


                • Poor Dominic. He just cannot win. Every time Noah does something stupid which is a lot my SO just rolls eyes and goes McNulty. I will now be watching the Affair looking for the grudge.

                  Weirdest thing about Fringe was I though Peter and Altlivia had better chemistry that Peter and Olivia.

                  Notice Ruth just said they are not dating-not that they are not well you know. Just kidding-I like what she said about the Irish Catholic actors liking to drink etc-too funny.


                  • [QUOTE=Lynn866

                    Speaking of drinking, it made me laugh to think of paraphrasing Ruth Wilson: "We aren't sleeping together. We're just both drunken Catholics. In fact, the whole cast is full of drunken Catholics!"


                    You beat me too it!


                    • Noah is the worst but I think Dominic is okay, I'd be surprised if there's any grudge there. He's funny and charming and a really good actor but he usually plays less appealing characters. The difference with him and the others may be due to his having his fam with him while he's working on the show - wife and gazillion kids so maybe doesn't get to hang out with them as much? I believe them when they say they all get on really well. In my head there was some jealously there over that from DK - she's was used to The J not having such a great time while working on a show and she felt a bit sidelined. I'm probably doing her a disservice but it could have been part of the problem. If that were true then his binge drink with RW at their old haunt would be even more of a deliberate kick in the teeth.

                      Totally agree about The J's acting and about his lack of attraction to AT. He even made a veiled reference to it himself during the run - something about always being able to sense it when actors aren't into it just before they kiss. I get that feeling watching him and the actress who plays Luisa. I think they like each other in a friendly way but there's not much lust there.
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                      • I think what worked about DK/JJ relationship in the media is that they are both very like-able separately and even more so together. It'll be interesting to see how that changes with new dalliances. One way or another Headlund is pretty hot. Was the gossip on him that he and KD were heavy drinkers?

                        I watched and loved Fringe - I never had any idea that Josh disliked Torv (before joining here). Josh is much more consistent in his performances than her. She is awful in the beginning and actually through out the time she was married to Mark Valley as for the rest I mean it's a network show, I never expected actual heat from those scenes.


                        • I didn't notice it until now, but except for Ruth, all of the actors are Irish Catholic.

                          I don't think Josh's scenes with Catalina are that interesting either, but it could be because they didn't have enough build up before they became a couple. I'm not sure if I can pin it to actor chemistry. I do think he's very good with Ruth.

                          Because of the offscreen interviews, I got the feeling that Josh and Anna didn't get along early on, but I still enjoyed their romantic scenes. Rewound them plenty of times. Wish there were more of them.

                          I think around the second season Josh and Anna were doing an interview and they were both tired and she said something like, "Why don't you tell them what's going to happen" and he said, "No, why don't YOU tell them" and he had kind of an edge to his voice. Then, the last 2 years of the show there was more of that during press events.

                          When you get video of the paps around Josh and Diane it's a wonder they don't lose it more often on camera. Usually, the most they will do is look very tight-lipped and angry, but they don't respond to the bait that is hollered at them, even though it can get insulting.

                          In the photos that Lainey's site posted of Diane and Garrett, there was a third man who joined the two of them at dinner for awhile.
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                          • Gossip Cop


                            Diane Kruger and Garrett Hedlund are NOT dating, despite an inaccurate webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this speculation. We’re told it’s “not true.”

                            As Gossip Cop reported, Kruger and Joshua Jackson split in July after 10 years together, while Hedlund and Kirsten Dunst split in April after nearly five years of dating. Kruger and Hedlund were spotted having dinner in New York City this week, and so according to RadarOnline, the newly single duo must be seeing each other. The website blares in a headline, “Diane Kruger Moves On From Brutal Breakup With Kirsten Dunst’s Ex,” before alleging she and Hedlund were caught “getting cozy” together. “Kruger is certainly getting some revenge on Jackson once again, showing him she knows how to upgrade,” writes the repeatedly discredited webloid.

                            The outlet’s romance claim about Kruger and Hedlund, however, is purely speculative and entirely unsubstantiated. Gossip Cop checked in with individuals close to both stars, and we’re assured Hedlund and Kruger are just friends. A rep for Hedlund notes, “They have been friends for years since they filmed Troy,” the 2004 action-adventure movie in which they both co-starred. And a mutual pal of Kruger and Gossip Cop similarly tells us the dating claim is simply “not true.” Despite RadarOnline’s assumption that two members of the opposite sex must be dating if they share a meal, this just isn’t the case with Kruger and Hedlund.


                            • CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS Blind Items Revealed


                              March 6, 2016

                              I don’t know if it was ex sex or just a one time reunion, but this weekend, this foreign born B+ list actress who has dated that foreign born B+ list mostly television actor we all love forever was hooking up with another guy.

                              Diane Kruger/Joshua Jackson


                              • [RUTH WILSON?]


                                This pay cable actress is denying dating her co-star because of the relationship she is already in. Also, the timing of her relationship with her co-star would be examined more closely and that is never a good thing.