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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • Hee! I feel like PDA + a laughy push away encompasses DK's approach to their whole relationship!


    • My fave is the superimposed heart someone decided to put on top of them.

      Anyway, I can't sleep so I'm just gonna be in here doing a pic spam. Feel free to ignore me.

      DK and her two favorite boys.

      How is it possible that this thread has been around for months and I have not stuck this in here? Total failure on my part. It should have been in the introductory post, obvs.

      DK, Emma, and Amy judging you, finding you lacking.

      Kissing at the airport in Italy.

      Fan snapped them from behind in New York last year. Her hair was long and super wavy. I think it looks good when she leaves it kind of unkempt like that, but she loves an updo.

      Soccer love.

      These are old, but I forget where they were when these were taken. Maybe New York, but maybe London, too. I think they're from around 2008ish.

      The shortest shorts in the world in Paris.

      First time she got him to wear an ascot. And it had polka dots.

      He took her picture at the table and the dude next to them enjoyed it.

      One of my fave pics of them. It's so artsy.

      Street PDA.

      One of their first red carpet appearances and it surprised the heck out of all the FF girls because he'd never done a carpet with a girlfriend before. There was the milliner, but even the FFers did not take her seriously.

      St. Tropez in 2007, I think. Toledo and Tom Cruise also vacationed there either a week before or after DK and The J, but they did not go to the public beach, obvs.

      Collage of the first time they were papped in Paris.

      The J taking a picture of DK's ass in Cabo.

      The time she humored his love of skullcaps in London.

      I love her dress in the picture. I tried to find it for forever, but couldn't. He has on manflops.

      I think this may have been the beginning of his v-neck phase. He made her go shopping for camping gear that day and the universe took it's revenge by making him wear that shirt.

      The time he thought he was Chuck Bass and wore a bow tie with a cardigan. And then put a jacket over the cardigan. And DK acknowledged his presence anyway which was super benevolent of her.

      DK has mastered the art of going up the steps at Cannes so that she looks like a queen surveying her subjects while The J makes derpy faces next to her.

      The time he checked out her boobs in front of a row of photographers.

      He picked her up at the airport in Vancouver and she was a literal bag lady. But he still brought her flowers.

      Love this pic. This dress was ridculously short and swingy and it was really windy the night of this party. They had to go up a long staircase outside in the wind and I remember watching the YT vid of it and being amazed that she ran up the steps like it was nothing. She didn't even seem worried that her dress would blow up and she'd end up flashing everyone. It was the first time I thought she had magical fashion powers. But then I realized she felt cool running around in the dress because it was fully beaded and therefore too heavy to be blown up that much.

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      • Issiecol The dress in the skull cap photo is by Isabel Marant from forever ago, she wore it quite a bit and I loved it too, it took me a minute to source it!


        • I AM DEAD.

          So much pretty!


          • Ugh, I LOVE her FACE in the first red carpet pic and of course her big ol' laugh in the gigantic Dior ballgown. LOVE her hair down and wavy. Her leather jacket collection makes me faint. And just let me pretend the artsy one is from their wedding and his Flip is champagne, okay? Okay, cool.


            • The dress in the skull cap photo is by Isabel Marant
              Aww, I actually meant the dress below that one with the little pink flowers, but thanks for trying!

              He went to a skating rink yesterday and played hockey which gives me happy Mighty Ducks feels. This is all according to the resourceful FF girls who do all my Twitter and Insta searching for me. I don't know who these other guys are, maybe some fans? And DK got papped dropping off the cat at a boarding home the other day so they should be on their way to Brazil soon, if they haven't left already.


              • thanks for trying!

                DO NOT QUESTION Issie's fashion sleuthing/authoritay!
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • Oh I loved the pics! <3


                  • Pic spam

                    And I loved that little pink-flowered dress too, I can never find anything even remotely like that for the summer.


                    • Well, they're still in town so her H.Stern event in Brazil was a no go. She attended the Vogue CFDA show and then they both went to the dinner party last night. I love her first dress, especially with the pastel accessories. It looks awesome and funky without being OTT. Her second dress is Marchesa so eh. She pulls it off better than some would, but still, it's Marchesaness will not be denied. He wore one of his suits from the Mr. Porter shoot and he looks cheerful which makes me laugh considering DK's C California magazine interview came out and she said:

                      Hollywood parties? “He [Jackson] hates going to shit like that.”
                      There's more from that interview, but I don't have access to it so if the whole thing gets put on the Internet, I'll post it later. Also interesting: she said she already finished Midnight Sun, but man, it was fast! If she did it over Paris fashion week, her role must be small. PFW was around the first week of October (pics from the Chanel show came out October 1). She was in New York on 9/25 and then did Craigy Ferg in L.A. on 10/3, so I guess she spent that week in New Mexico.

                      ETA: Pics

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                      • The lengths of both are not my fave, but she looks so fresh in the first one! I dig Emmy Rossum's garden party dress, too.

                        The J's shoes are weirding me out.


                        • I like the print on the first one, but that's all. That third wide strap makes my palm itch.

                          Everything about the second one is ick. Why is she wearing Marchesa? WHYYYY.

                          I am very fashion-curmudgeon-ly today, I guess.

                          Posting an ensemble I'd rather look at:

                          Ah, that's better.


                          • I hate it when she wears Marchesa! They have the special talent of making dresses look like a fungus on a woman's body. Only once, I sorta kinda liked her in one of their dresses. But only sorta kinda.
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                            • I sorta hate the one you sorta kinda like.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • I'd say Chapman was a frenemy, but DK is her own stylist AND she doesn't just wear whatever she gets for free. But! The feather chandelier is timelessly weirdo.