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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • Unf. Good stuff. Also, Mr. Laa's winter beard experiment is getting out of control right now, so it's especially nice to see Movember done right. Snaps, The J.

    DK could start a fucking museum of couture and I would just go and pet things.


    • They got papped at their hotel earlier and the pics are full on creeper style. They look like they just woke up and got out of the shower.

      First set
      Second set


      • What's in his hand?
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • Looks like his phone? Here's a full set of the pictures from that girl who steals pics.

          And another of DK and Uncle Karl from the other day when they attended the exhibition showing for the black jacket project. She looks really pretty and she and Karl really do seem to have a weirdly sweet relationship.

          The Fug girls take on the last couple of outings:
          Blue Jean Ball
          Chanel in Brazil

          As for the rest of it, I just need to steal this (amazing) dress from the Chanel store and magick myself into those spectacular Germanic genes (and ergo, into his OH YES I DID).
          A new interview with DK where she talks about getting dressed up just to hang out at home with The J. And she also confirms that she thinks her face looks weird when other people do her makeup and that's why she likes doing it herself. The automatic Google translation is wonky, but it still kinda makes sense.

          And some new Insta pics from the H. Stern party tonight;

          I'll just tack on any more Insta pics as they become available.


          • Pretts! And I imagine Karl Lagerfeld's smile looks just like Wednesday Addams'.

            I hadn't noticed her lucite clutch with the wee wallet! Love. The accessories are where I love her most.


            • They're still in Brazil and the paps there are intense. They got followed the entire day. What is it with Brazilian fans? It seems like they're WAY invested in fandoms. Anyway, here they are at lunch with a couple of H.Stern peeps. Her sweater looks comfy cozy, but also has a whiff of Toledo about it. They do like sharing that hat, though. I don't even know whose it is at this point. They eventually pulled the seat switcheroo after seeing the photographers.

              And then they went sightseeing with a tour guide.

              And another Insta from last night:

              Her dress is J.Wu and I'm over her deal with him. I haven't liked his clothes in a while and I haven't really loved anything she's worn from him since the Met Gala 3 years ago so meh, move on, DK.

              She also gave another interview and it appears, they've found their new house. She says they're gonna close on it when they get back to L.A. The interviewer also notes that she and The J play a little grab ass during the interview. Oh, kids, never change.


              • It looks like they checked out today and DK is totally over it. I don't think she's enjoyed this trip very much, party dancing aside. The FF girls think she's not feeling well and she does seem tired and irritable in a lot of pics.

                And here's a shot of the dress she wore to the museum. She wore flats, y'all. That's like sign #1 that all is not well.


                • I'm seeing this but I am not believing.


                  • Tired and irritable == first trimester. Just saying.

                    I am days behind (been working a lot); that b&w picture of him is killing me.


                    • What a lot of activity in the last few days while I haven't been able to get on here.

                      It hasn't looked like they had the best time in Brazil but I'm not going to get too excited about babies just yet. After all, there has been dancing on tables going on but we'll see.

                      They looked totally gorgeous at the Chanel party.


                      • The J took a pic with this dude who owns this studio with his wife. I feel like The J posing for a pic with a wedding photographer is like the ultimate troll maneuver. I just don't know if he's trolling me/ophy/Laa or DK.


                        • (cries)


                          • I sometimes wonder if DK's favorite hobby is finding ways to shut The J down, but with love!

                            Oh, and she got Buzzfeeded today for her style iconing. It's cute.

                            This time when she wore cat eyes better than our actual cats do.


                            • I never noticed multiple occurrences of the single earring!


                              • The J on his old bike. The only thing that would improve these set of pics is if he was also balancing the Tough Mudder log on his shoulder while riding.

                                And just as a reminder: