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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • Whew. I was worried something was wrong with them!


    • Well, I thought pics from the screening might be available by now, but I haven't seen anything yet. Just a fan pic from earlier this afternoon:


      • A couple new things did pop up after all:

        etalk ‏@etalkCTV 18m
        Sundance day 4 -- @DSoltendieck makes Diane Kruger giggle..While bf Josh is on the sidelines #etalksundance

        Jennifer Mair ‏@NFB_Jennifer 1h
        Cast incl Brit Marling, Wes Bentley, Diane Kruger with director and crew of THE BETTER ANGELS. #sundance
        I forget sometimes that she's pretty tall because she always looks so tiny next to The J so this pic surprised me a little.

        And a new clip from the movie, too. The sight of her cleaning dirt off someone's foot combined with her weird accent is totally throwing me off. Otherwise, this movie looks like every other Malick movie and will probably be just as boring.


        • Well, she looks jaunty! I can't see the clip at work, but the panel looks like the director just snapped and told them to sleep.
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          • Yeah, she looks different than her normal version of dressy. I love that everyone at Sundance tries to look like they hate baths and love thermals while DK looks like she just stepped off a plane from Paris. And you know The J is loving that he can show up on a carpet looking like the hippie he wants to be.

            Here he is with a dude and his hair is like living its own life up on top of his head.

            He went skiing earlier in the day yesterday and got spotted by some fans. This is quite possibly the ugliest, most hilarious ski bib I've ever seen in my life. I'm sure it's super high tech and awesomely functional or whatever, but whaaa? I'm also sure that little girl is wondering why her mom is making her take a pic with some grizzly dude from Deadliest Catch.

            DK changed for the photo call and she and Brit Marling look like sisters.

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            • Oh, Sundance. You used to be so awesome.

              This one I had to upload from my own archive because it's not on FAILURE OF MANDY PROPORTIONS.

              Which brings me to a realization: I have maybe a more extensive DC archive than the average person. Laa, do you want to start a Tumblr with me? Hee! You can just add all your shit and I'll add all my shit and we'll rule a dead fandom.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • I just saw your post on tumblr and clapped.

                More stuff I'm just dropping in here for myself:

                Sharon Clott ‏@sharonclott 45m
                #DianeKruger in black Chanel skirt + white Chloe top when she stopped by @InStyle #Sundance studio to chat about her film #TheBetterAngels
                Melissa ‏@melmo2632 3h
                Just saw Diane Kruger! #sundance2014

                DK with a fan in town:

                Is there a way to just drop Insta pics on a thread? I never get the "copy photo URL" option when I right click on Insta pics.


                • You have to view source and then search for a .jpg. in the code.

                  DK is one of those celebs who gives a big internal sigh every time she has to take a pic with a mortal.

                  ETA: I had no idea you followed me on Tumblr. I always think I'm totes alone there.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • I follow you!

                    (I follow you EVERYWHERE)

                    I'm loving how DK glams up Sundance beyond anything, and The J is all just, "hey, remember when I had grapefruit hair and gave a bunch of randoms the herp? Good times."


                    • The Mildly Dirty J + DK sporting the hip, impractical coat-as-cape is delivering life.

                      PM me all the tumblrs! And BWA! Is, I'm scared to unearth the rocks that I got.


                      • More Instas:



                        Thanks for the help, is!

                        And DK is your typical introvert. She is wary of all strangers, not just mortals.

                        For example, here she is not wanting to be touched by Rachel McAdams.

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                        • Gasp! No respect for one half of McGosling? That upsets me! I have love for introverts, but I much prefer tipsy, bingo! squeeing, table-dancing, Coachella DK.


                          • Give me the tumblrs also!
                            "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.Ē---Kanye


                            • I follow you too, Is!

                              DK's hair make me think she's in a 40's Nazi movie. The J is awesomely hillarious BUT I will be very upset if he has a beard in the new show all the time.


                              • Some more Sundance stuff:

                                People reported this: Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger, who may be engaged, were caught smooching at the Stella Artois Cidre Lodge happy hour. "They were in really good spirits," an onlooker tells PEOPLE. "Josh had a giant smile on his face."
                                EXCLUSIVE: Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson grab their skis and hit the slopes together in Park City, Utah

                                Diane Kruger, 37, and Joshua Jackson, 35 skipped California’s solar vortex by hitting the slopes in Park City, Utah.
                                The pair, in town for the Sundance Film festival, headed to the Canyons Ski Resort where eyewitnesses report they appeared relaxed and happy.
                                The one time I went to Sundance, we stayed at The Canyons, too. I never see celebs, but that week I saw Jane Lynch, Christie Brinkley, Ben Affleck, and Michael Cera all on the same day.

                                DK with Wes Bentley:

                                And then this pic from the other night which has jumped into my Top 10 fave pictures of them. I flove it.

                                And another one from last week at the Sean Penn party. Partying with Emma Thompson seems like the most fun thing ever, especially if she's been drinking.

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