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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • I hope y'all are ready for a link party 'cause it's about to happen up in here.

    So, The J's back in New York, presumably for work and he went to a World Cup party. I'm assuming he's obligated to root for Germany just to keep the household peace, but maybe DK lets him pick a second team he can cheer for silently.

    Josh Jackson ‏@VancityJax
    @benmosleyart at work to celebrate the #worldcup. #McdOneGoal AD

    Josh Jackson ‏@VancityJax 3h
    @McDonalds Thanks for the invite to last night's #worldcup launch party. #McdOneGoal AD
    Heh, The J is forever Canadian, forever polite.

    AP Entertainment ‏@APEntertainment 5h
    This evening's celebrity sighting ... Joshua Jackson at @McDonalds FIFA #worldcup party

    1 hour ago · Pillar 38
    Green carpet fun with @vancityjax (Joshua Jackson) and @letthelordbewithyou (Scott Disick) at #MCDoneGOAL @mcdonalds @narrativegroup

    Fan Pic 1

    Fan Pic 2

    And then Variety released the video from the lead actress discussion they had last week. It's longish, but on the plus side for those of you who are meh on DK, it does have Tami Taylor. And there's that chick from The Killing that a couple of you watch. Link

    There's a bunch of pics on Zimbio now too and I gotta say, the pic of him from DK's party seems to be an anomaly because he's not hurting my feelings in any of these pictures. Maybe it's the outfit? Less Mumford, more English prof from now on please, kthxbai.

    The J working it out Rainbow Brite styles.

    Compared to the casual clothes of Tyson Beckford and Victor Cruz, The J in his sport coat looks like their academic advisor.

    Gah, I hate posting like this, but since these two decided to go to every single thing ever while I'm on vacation, it's gonna be way easier to fix the links than to try and gather it all together when I get back home.

    I hope you guys have enjoyed staring at all these words in lieu of the pictures that actually belong here.
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    • You do all the Dirty work, so we'd just be lazy bitches if we couldn't click every once in a while.

      And yeah, I feel like only The Gos could do that suit?


      • Yep, so much better, even the beard looks okay.


        • The bbs continued to be busy so here's a week's worth of shiz to catch up on.

          DK on the cover of Vogue Germany wearing a pink version of her Met Ball dress:

          And then she went to the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball, some annual charity thing out in L.A. She wore Nina Ricci and I like it ok. Peeps on TFS seemed to enjoy that she matched her lipstick to her shoes, but I gotta say I hate these shoes. They look super cheap and janky, plus spiky heels on grass does not seem like the wisest choice. But eh, DK is always willing to suffer for her fashion choices so this isn't that unusual for her.

          More pics here and here.

          She also got papped like whoa this week. On her way to a workout, eating yogurt and flashing her ass, which like, NO DK DON'T DO THAT, getting coffee in this swimsuit coverup that she loves like mad, and getting her sweat on in leather pants like, is it cold in L.A. right now?

          She's also starting some Bridge promo already. She did an interview with Indiewire and then she's supposed to be on Craigy Ferg on Friday. There's been some show runner dramz with Meredeith Stiehm leaving to go back to the writing team for Homeland and Elwood Reid taking over as the sole show runner. The two of them ran the show together last year and co-executive produced, but apparently couldn't agree on how to move forward now that they've completed the story from the original Scandinavian series that the show was based on. I hope it means good things for the show, but MS was one of the main reasons DK signed on so we'll see how she likes it without her.

          And The J's been out in New York a little. He found a new boxing gym in Brooklyn which, YES THE J, I APPROVE.

          Walking around or whatever. He met up with his brother and nephew.

          At a sports bar, presumably watching the Stanley Cup finals and laughing internally at the heartbreak Rangers fans must be experiencing right now.

          Leaving his hotel with a suit bag. I don't have any basis for this, but I'm gonna go 'head and assume he was headed to the airport to go home for his berfday. These pics are enormous and it's from that site that only has pics briefly before they disappear so get to clicking is what I'm saying.

          The FFers also found this old kiddie pic of all The J kids plus their dog that mean old Daddy J stole from them in the divorce. Before times got rough:

          Oldest bro straight up looks like Pacey in that picture.

          And surely, most of you have seen this on Twitter already, but Time did an awesome oral history of The Mighty Ducks. The J says he's down for more fake hockey. The whole thing is a good read, but here's The J-specific shiz.

          BRILL: When everyone saw Josh, everyone wanted Josh. I thought he was really grounded and good. And a lot of the characters were goofy, funny guys, but he brought real heart to a more serious role.

          JOSH JACKSON (Charlie Conway): God, I might be making this story up, but I think this is true. That this was my first lesson in Hollywood about bad auditions. I went in and I auditioned for Charlie, and then they asked me to audition for one of the other kids, and I think I was pretty upset by it because I didn’t understand that that was a good thing. You know, that they were trying to see if you could do anything else. And then — if I remember correctly, the audition process was over and I guess they sort of put all the kids together to see how everybody interacted, and at the end of the day, I’m pretty sure that’s how they cast the movie.

          JACKSON: Garette became by far the best of us. But there were several of us who really loved hockey and continued playing. So being in an environment where you’re getting sort of near professional level coaching with some really top level guys to play with was an incredible gift. You know that was often the most joyful part of the film was the hockey camp.

          JACKSON: I play in a men’s league here in L.A. and I still get that stuff all the time (trash talk). It’s hockey. If you’re not talking shit, you’re not really playing.

          JACKSON: Okay, so, so you know what cold is, right? I’m from Vancouver. We have cold. In fact it’s a little bit colder in New York than it is Vancouver but that to me is what winter feels like. That’s nothing like what Minnesota is. It’s not just subzero. It’s minus 40, minus 50. Humans should not live in this shit. Only Scandinavians would have ever stopped in this place to make a city. So yeah, it was extremely jarring. I mean extremely jarring and dangerous. I remember bundling up in ski gear, going out into the streets of Minneapolis, and discovering one day that all of downtown Minneapolis is connected on the second floor by these like human Hobitt trails because it’s so fucking cold that nobody goes outside. We didn’t know that, so we’re outside, like, “Wow, this is incredible,” and after about 10 minutes, you’re like, “Oh, my God, I can’t feel my face. This is terrible!” We’d get into this panic of like, we thought we were going to die on the streets here trying to tour and sight-see around Minneapolis.

          JACKSON: I think of the three, my favorite would definitely be the first. Mostly because it was such an innocent time in my life as well. I was 13 years old. I had no idea what I was doing. I was suddenly in hockey bootcamp in Minnesota with a group of kids that I didn’t know and trying to figure out that now, all of a sudden, I was a special actor. I just really have very, very fond memories of the whole experience.

          JACKSON: Well, in typical Disney fashion they sign you for three-picture deals. So it was never going to be my option, whether I got brought back or not. I do seem to remember that the second director was kind of keen to recast me, but I managed to survive him. It would have been weird to recast and keep that role played by somebody else. That would have been an odd thing to do.

          JACKSON: We got into a lot of trouble, definitely, but you’re supposed to at that age. (This quote plus the one below = J smackity to me)

          MOREAU: The whole experience was a big deal because during the first one I was a 14 year old girl and I mean I cannot confirm or deny that I may have kissed two or three or maybe even five of them. I was 15! It was a very exciting time for me. Very exciting. I mean it’s very flattering attention for a little while, you know?

          JACKSON: It was weird. Emilio explained the reasons why he couldn’t come back and it is a business and so we all understood the business reasons for it. But yeah, it was weird. And then at the same time, it wasn’t all that weird because at that point, we were 17, and at 13, he basically made this thing happen. I look back on it and I’m amazed that he was patient enough to be able to deal with us as a bunch of totally unprofessional 15 year olds. And then by the third one we were a bunch of 17 year olds and we probably would have been much more trouble than it was worth to him to be around.

          JACKSON: Ultimately not having him around didn’t catch me completely off guard. Having Emilio essentially as the team mentor that teaches us all how to be professionals, I still to this day think it’s probably the most valuable thing that happened to me in my career. He’s such a pro and such a good dude, and he taught us everything when we were willing to listen and learn, which we were not always willing to do.

          JACKSON: And if I was more of a precocious teenager in the third one, it’s probably just because I was a precocious teenager. I’d never really thought about it like that, but I was a tall, lanky, voice-cracking 17 year old at that point. I haven’t thought about these things in many, many, many years, but it’s fun now at 35 to sort of climb on back there.

          JACKSON: I feel like a fourth film should happen, and if there was space for any of the original kids that come back and have a role, I would be surprised that anybody didn’t want to do it, The next generation should have its own version. Not that we need to come back as adults, but I hope my kids grow up and play pickup hockey and I hope that they have their own movies like my generation had those movies. In that way, yeah, of course, I’d be a part of something like that.

          JACKSON: I’m constantly amazed at the legacy of those movies, especially in Canada but even in the States. It’s partially because nobody has made another hockey movie for kids. So when you want to dig something up like that, this is what you dig up. It’s really managed to stand the test of time. I went out the other day to play and one of the guys was wearing the Ducks jersey, the original one. I was like, “Where did you even find these?”
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          • I have no idea how to do a twitter screen grab but this made me laugh

            Carina MacKenzie @cadlymack • Jun 9

            I wish Josh Jackson's career was in the toilet so he'd HAVE to agree to do a Mighty Dicks movie.

            Carina MacKenzie @cadlymack • Jun 9


            Carina MacKenzie @cadlymack • Jun 9

            After careful consideration I have decided to leave that typo as it is.


            • Killing me here.

              but I hope my kids grow up and play pickup hockey and I hope that they have their own movies like my generation had those movies. In that way, yeah, of course, I’d be a part of something like that.
              Y'all have to get a move on, dude.

              When I saw DK in her swimsuit coverup in a non-swim context it made feel better about the fact that the ogirl wears hers EVERYWHERE as a dress. It's terry cloth with a hood.


              • I was just about to pull that quote! The picture of Baby J & Co. & dog makes me infinitely sad. No wonder he and DK are so domestic.

                When all my elementary school friends were into Thomas J from My Girl, it was always Charlie Conway for me.


                • Yeah, obviously having dream babies is still in the works or they would've just stopped bringing it up in interviews, right? Wevs, keep hope alive y'all.

                  The J got interviewed at the McD's party, but it's just on Getty for now. Link

                  And DK is in July's Vanity Fair for The Better Angels.

                  More pap bidness: Workout #2, Gelson's

                  These are all from the same day so they just followed her around the whole day and if you look closely, the Gelson's set ends with her back at the house emptying the trunk of groceries. Unless I'd given paps permission to be all up my ass crack all damn day, I'd be a rage ball by the end of this mess. I wonder what ever happened to the other house they talked about buying. Last fall in Brazil, DK made it seem like it was a done deal, but they never did end up moving and apparently, they took this house off the market like a week after it was revealed that they put it up for sale. Diversion tactic to make paps think they didn't live there anymore? There weren't pics of them at this house for a long time after the sale got put on various blogs and it wasn't until the day after the Oscars that some photographer spotted them outside of it. Between Brazil and the Oscars would've been about 4-5 months of increased privacy so if that was their plan, it worked for a little while. Ever since then, there's only been a few sets of pics where DK got followed home, but they've all been pretty recent.

                  Another DK interview with Elle:

                  FX's gritty crime thriller The Bridge is the type of show where body parts are cut off over spilled coffee, it’s best to not get too attached to any of the darkly funny characters, and you shouldn't expect things to tie up neatly at the end of each episode. Diane Kruger and Demián Bichir play Sonya Cross and Marco Ruiz, the flawed and complex lead detectives on opposite sides of the Texas-Juárez border who spent the show’s first season investigating a serial killer.

                  On Monday, we caught a sneak peek of the second season premiere (debuting on FX on July 9) at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Show runner Elwood Reid promised that The Bridge would continue to address the theme of tension between the U.S. and Mexico that the show explored in the first season, but there would be plenty of “blood and guts and body parts with the message.” After the screening, Kruger sat down with to talk about playing Cross, the meticulous detective with Asperger’s Syndrome who lives for work but whose strong and direct sexuality makes her far from a stock TV cop, as well as Kruger’s exciting new fashion collaboration.

                  Related: Diane Kruger's Best Style Moments

                  How do you approach playing such an intricate and complicated person?
                  Any character you take on, you have to embrace them fully. I think I have played very glamorous characters, but I have also played the opposite, especially in France. I started out in France, and I make a lot of French movies. To play such a complicated character [on The Bridge] has been really interesting and really complex. As I grow older, I have more stories to tell and I have more nuances to bring to my characters because I have lived more. I feel as though I have more to bring to the character of Sonya Cross.

                  Cross has a very blunt, direct approach to her sexual interactions. Is that something that you see as scary, as powerful, or as both?
                  It’s a little of both. As an actor, I’ve never really done big sex scenes. For some reason, my characters have never really had that. For Sonya, she doesn’t like to be touched in her everyday life. But when she feels the urge to be satisfied as a woman, she just takes it. For me as an actress, it is a little scary. It remains very weird to do these very raw sex scenes.

                  That kind of ownership of sexuality isn't something we see too often in a female character on television.
                  I do love that she is in control of it. She is like, ‘alright, let’s do it.’ And then afterwards she says, ‘okay you can go, that was good.’ I think it’s really cool.

                  Reid told us that he researched how people with Aspergers deal with sex in crafting Cross’ sexuality.
                  The Asperger aspect was really what drew me to the part. There is nothing about the character that is typical. I’ve never really had a desire to be a cop. In fact, I don’t do well with authority at all. And I will say it’s actually a pleasure to not have to spend a lot of time in hair and makeup. It’s kind of a relief.

                  Because Cross is so no-frills, watching the show, we almost forget what a style icon you are. Do you have any upcoming fashion collaborations we should know about?
                  I’m shooting the new Chanel campaign this weekend here in Los Angeles with Peter Lindbergh. And I’m actually about to create a new handbag with Jason Wu. It will be called the Diane.

                  That’s every girl’s dream.
                  I know—I’m kind of obsessed with it.

                  And having a namesake handbag is about as antithetical to Sonya Cross as you can get.
                  It is!
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                  • "Playing against amateur-actor children" brings me joy because she pretty much married one.


                    • Birthday/anniversary dinner pics at JJ. Someone gave him a Violent Femmes record which made me laugh because the famous dad dancing videos from Coachella were during VF's set. More pics here.

                      DK and Demian were on Good Day LA today.

                      2 hours ago · FOX11 Good Day LA
                      With #DemianBichir & #DianeKruger doing our best #HoneyBooBoo. You just never know what direction these interviews will go. #gogojuice #gdla

                      Demian Bichir offers his jacket to a cold Diane Kruger on the set of Good Day LA

                      She also did another interview and was like, "NOPE, no marriage, not for me, never in this life, BYE."

                      And then there's this freaky story about a suspicious package getting sent to her gpa's house and Josh having to hurl a cell phone away from them because he thought it might be a bomb. WTF. Being famous SUCKS.

                      Police are hunting for an obsessed fan who targeted Hollywood actress Diane Kruger and sparked a bomb scare by sending her a suspicious package. The Inglourious Basterds star has revealed the drama began earlier this year when a strange parcel arrived at the home of her grandfather in Germany.

                      She tells Britain’s The Times newspaper, “My grandfather misunderstood and thought it was a present from me. It was some chocolates and a locked metal box with a message saying, ‘The key will arrive in Hollywood in March’. Grandpa was like, ‘Can I at least eat the chocolates since you’re not coming home?’ and I was like, ‘Do not eat the f**king chocolates!’”

                      The box was forwarded to her address in the U.S. and Kruger’s boyfriend, actor Joshua Jackson, broke it open and discovered what he feared could have been a makeshift bomb. She adds, “A cellphone was wired to the lock and the minute it opened, it turned on. It was like a bad movie. Josh threw it away thinking a bomb was going to go off, but I think it was just some crazy, weird fan who was going to call me.”

                      Kruger goes on to explain the story took an unexpected twist when security guards later apprehended a man at the Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles after he allegedly attempted to gain access to the event to hand the actress a key bearing her name and home address.

                      The incident sparked a police hunt, which turned up security footage of the same unknown man ringing the doorbell at the star’s home. She adds, “Three detectives showed up at my house at three in the morning… They’re still trying to find the man.”


                      • Maybe that crazy stalker guy is the whole reason why they were going to move?


                        • Being famous is the worst. I would never want it.
                          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                          • EW EW EW. Why a key to her own house!? How do you rig a cell phone to turn on when you open a box?! Chocolates to Grandpa!?


                            • WHAT??!!!! Poor, poor DK.


                              • That's weird and scary.

                                These are (allegedly) new comments on the baby situation:

                                She tells The Times newspaper, “I feel like I’ve gotten engaged 10 times over the past year… I’m not so into marriage, I don’t have the dream of the white dress… I do believe in the commitment and the romance and the idea that there is one person for you…”
                                However, Kruger, 37, admits she does dream of starting a family with her actor boyfriend, adding, “I didn’t think I wanted kids until a couple of years ago. Now I hope it is for me, but who knows. By the time I really try, maybe it won’t happen.”
                                Which I took to mean they have been casually trying but nothing has happened. Definitely time to start trying seriously now if she really means it.

                                There are the usual poor Josh comments going round but it's one of those things. He wanted her because of the way she is (needing to be chased, very independent and sure of her goals etc etc). She's compromised a lot for him, even to the point of considering having a child which she she was never really bothered about. She's possibly left it too late because it's not so important to her as it is to him but she was his choice of partner. What I mean is, you can't have it all ways and it is not fair that she really gets blamed over it.