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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • Also, can we get past the point where NOT having kids is some great loss? I mean, she doesn't say "Josh is just desperate for kids and we fight about it allll the time." She said she didn't think she wanted them but would have them with Josh and maybe they will...and maybe they won't. And she seems okay with that or she'd be desperately trying. (Or she's desperately trying and doesn't want to share that part.)

    Having kids is great if you really want them. But life without kids? Also pretty great. Especially if you're rich and beautiful and get to endlessly travel and expand your horizons, I'm guessing. I just hate that "poor Brad" bullshit. Jennifer Aniston doesn't want kids and I swear that's the one thing about her I really like. It's not mean to not have a child even if your partner wants one! We all get to make choices here.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • I totally agree Isadora but I will say don't say you want kids or not tell someone you don't want kids ie what I think happened with Jennifer Anniston, which where I think the "poor Brad" bullshit came from plus he was always out talking about it. I also think people don't believe people when they say the don't want kids especially when they are young. Choosing to be kid free is just as viable choice as having kids but society sometime doesn't agree. DK and The J have a pretty great life as it is so kids may or may not become a part of it. DK definitely shouldn't be blamed for at all, she is who she is and Josh knew that going in!


      • Yeah, it's ideal for partners to agree on whether or not to have kids, but life is complicado. The Mr. and I have alternated waffling about babies for a decade now.

        So, what do we predict for the Wu handbag collaboration "The Diane"?

        The J being cute at game five with Chloe Moretz, Channing Tatum, and Eddie. Very cute.
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        • Oh man, I love those pics. Aside from DK and The J PDA, nothing makes me do jumpy claps more than Hockey Nerd J and all the sub personalities that entails.

          Like Outraged by a Bad Call J

          Or Cheering on the Home Team J

          Or Broing Down with a Fellow Hockey Enthusiast J

          Random fact: the dude in the green hoodie is Wyatt Russell, bro of Kate and Oliver. He was so super into hockey as a kid that Kurt and Goldie actually moved to Vancouver so he could pursue it seriously and I think he even played professionally for a little while.

          As for the kiddie issue between DK and The J, eh, she gets a bad wrap a la Aniston, but it's because their online fandom mostly consists of fans of The J. Pretty much a bunch of women who sit around fantasizing about having sex with him all day so OF COURSE they're gonna think DK should give him babies and be happy about it. I feel like no one really talks about the possibility that she might be trying to do just that and that they haven't been successful as of yet and that they're bummed about it but it's not like they're gonna talk about it in interviews. And just to be a Debbie Downer about it all, it's entirely possible that DK feels all kinds of self-inflicted pressure that she down plays in public by making it seem like she's super Zen about becoming a mother like, "Oh, I'm cool if it happens, cool if it doesn't" when really she's yelling at her body everyday for being so terrible.

          <-- yelled at my body everyday for like 4 months for being so terrible

          And to get super sad on you guys this early Saturday morning, it's also entirely possible that these two have had to deal with a miscarriage(s) and obviously, they wouldn't go around talking about that either.

          Wevs, if it does ever happen, my hot air balloon man is ready to go and my glitter supply grows daily.
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          • It really looks like Oliver Hudson wants in on that high five, but his bro has a crush on a Duck.


            • Heh, I noticed that too. As always, none for Eddie. I'm pretty sure that's Wes on The J's other side in the first pic so it was a very bro down kind of night.


              • Aw. They're grown, clean(er) marrieds now, yada-yada, but any appearance by Wes still makes me laugh like Beavis.


                • How is possible Dirty J & Wes just went home after that game instead of doing blow and banging girls? I can't process it.

                  And, obvi, Issie any of those scenarios would be true. I just hate all the creeper fans who impose their sexist bullshit on their celebrity headcanon(s).
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • Oh, yeah I hate those people too. I'm just bored, so BORED by women trying to tell other women what to do with their uteri especially in celeb cases like, "Oh poor The J, he just wants to dad it up so hard and brittle infertile DK is too mean to want to break her vagina open to give him the bbs he DESERVES." Basically all those people can GTFO because like Laura already said, he chose and still chooses to spend his life with DK so kids or no kids, he obvs likes her enough to keep at it.

                    Anyway, more hockey fun with fans!

                    1 day ago
                    If you're gonna watch the Kings win the Stanley Cup, I highly recommend doing it with Joshua Jackson.

                    1 day ago
                    With Joshua Jackson Stanley cup finals game 5 for those of you that don't remember my nigga... mighty ducks haha not the wack as Anaheim ducks #Charlie #disney #ducks #quack

                    Josh and Wes outside the arena after the game. HOW funnoying must it be to be friends with a celeb in these situations? Like on one hand, you get to go to the Stanley Cup finals for free and have awesome seats and ask Channing Tatum just how pretentious Jonah Hill actually is IRL. But then you also have to deal with a mob of paps and fans trying to get selfies with your bud when really, you just wanna get in your car and try to survive stadium traffic on your way home.



                    He says he's rooting for Germany in the World Cup like it's his choice or something. If DK and The J have any sort of non-nuptial agreement, I'm 100% sure that it stipulates that in exchange for DK having to go camping biannually, he has to root for Germany in soccer. And I feel that's totally fair.

                    DK also did an interview with The Telegraph and talks about how she exchanges cat pics with Uncle Karl and that she got super into Pilates after spending last Christmas in France getting fat with The J.

                    Karl Lagerfeld usually invites Diane Kruger for a glass of wine when they bump into each other on the street.

                    The 37-year-old star lives next door to the Chanel creative director in Paris and they are good friends. She spends a lot of time with him when she is in the French capital and couldn't think of a better person to while away the nights with.

                    "Yes. I run into him a lot, especially as he prefers to work at night," she told Stylist magazine. "I'll come home late and he's often in the street shooting. Then he'll invite me up for dinner or a glass of wine and a chat. It's lovely to have him right next door."

                    Karl is famed for having a highly-pampered cat called Choupette. The fluffy white creature has her own maid and gets meals cooked specially for her, with Diane's pet not so spoilt.

                    "No. I think his cat goes with him. We do share a passion for cats though," she explained. "I also have a cat - not quite as well-groomed and pretty as his, I might add - so we exchange cat pictures, which I guess is a bit sad but also really great."

                    Diane has a slim figure, but don't make the mistake of thinking it comes easily. The star works hard to stay in shape and had to make an extra effort after the festive period. She and her long-term partner Joshua Jackson didn't think about their weight, which they soon came to regret.

                    "Right now I'm obsessed with Pilates. I got into it after Christmas as we'd spent a month in Paris and got so fat from over-indulgence," she laughed. "Joshua and I came home and were like, we have to do something about it. So I started Pilates and Joshua started boxing... I have this amazing woman teaching me. She's about 48 and her body is so insane. I told her I'd fire her unless she got me into the same shape."


                    • Choupette!

                      I bet DK's version of "out of shape" is a size 4, lbr.


                      • Was that just the general Celebrity box? Or is there a connection with Chloe Moretz somehow? Because she's randomly there in the background as well!


                        • Pretty sure that was just the celeb corral since there's a random Jonas bro in there along with Nick Zano and as far as I know, none of these people really hang out together IRL.

                          DK presented at the Critics' Choice Awards tonight. She's wearing a version of that ballgown I keep wanting Lupita to wear, but it's a more casual style. She looks nice.

                          Hugging it out with Keri Russell. This is pretty much what DK looks like when she's actually ok with you touching her.

                          A bunch more pics here and here.

                          She also maybe bought their housekeeper her own house? I don't know how true this is, but that's super nice if it is true. Link

                          Actress Diane Kruger has reportedly shown her gratitude to her longtime housekeeper by buying the maid a new home. The generous Inglourious Basterds star recently handed her help the keys to her very own California property, according to America's Star magazine.

                          Reports suggest Kruger's generosity doesn't end there - the actress has allegedly been helping her employee pay for travel costs and legal fees as her family applies to immigrate to America.
                          A source tells the publication, "She loves her housekeeper to death, and they are very close."

                          Kruger isn't the only kind-hearted celebrity who has purchased a home for a dedicated aide - Watchmen actress Malin Akerman used a portion of her earnings to help hairstylist Maranda Widlund and her husband buy a two-bedroom bungalow in Los Feliz, California last month (May14), and Jennifer Hudson handed her assistant the keys to his first home as a Christmas present last year (13).


                          • I like the fabric of that dress, but that super tight thin belt does not do DK any favors.


                            • Yeah, she looks pretty but that dress makes her look big around the hips. I can see that it would really suit Lupita though.


                              • I have the same bell-shaped prob with skirts that have a lot of material at the top, but it's still so lovely, esp. the back.

                                Whenever there's even a six-degree separation of the WB, the little DJ in my head plays "Oh What a Night."
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