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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • Felicity is friends with the Creekers. She was filmed dropping off a note to M-Dubs after Heath died, remember? They were neighbors.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • And Josh shaved his head in solidarity when the WB freaked about Felicity chopping her hair off, didn't he?
      That's got to form a lasting bond.


      • LOLOL an activist against an oppressive, lookist, ageist, patriarchal regime.


        • I literally cannot believe this sometimes. Basically, I'm just randomly appreciating how fucking whipped he is.

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          • Whipped and loving it. DK really deserves recognition for this.

            To be fair though, he doesn't do too badly. DK, by her own admission, cooks for him, dresses up for him, travels round the world to see him even though she doesn't like flying. We see that she dresses down for him too (I'm still shuddering at the uterine sweatpants).

            She goes camping even though she can't tell which way up a tent should go. He gets bought Vespas and adventurous trips away (Chile). She's settled in LA though she wants to live in Paris. She even, as I said before, says she wants to have his baby.

            All he has to do is (presumably, though not necessarily!) be faithful, do as he's told and dress smartly for the occasional event. Not feeling too sorry for him, he has a sweet deal here.
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            • That first pic of him as a blond? DYING over how high and dirtbag he looks. Literally laughing out loud.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • RIGHT? It's grossmazing.


                • If I could draw an OMG,ITA border around Laura's post, I totally would. The J's life is like immeasurably better with DK in it than the embarrassing ClooneyLite we'd all be subject to had she not agreed to go out with him again after he drove her around in his dog slobber car.

                  And just to add to Laura's list of all the shiz DK does for him, she also cleans up after him and tried her damndest to make him a punctual person.

                  But I do so much love Whipped J. Like, when he goes on Twitter and talks up DK's show? It's basically the hottest I will ever find him. I love that he never ever feels competitive with her and that he seems to take pride in her professional successes. And that he tries to help her be more successful without being weird and condescending. Men like that are not easy to find in LIFE, never mind Hollywood.

                  Just for posterity:

                  Josh Jackson @VancityJax ∑ Jun 24
                  How cool is the new art for my ladies show!! The bar is set high for The Affair
                  I mean, that is Grade A boyfriending, grammatical error and all.

                  DK had the Paley Fest forum for The Bridge the other night and looked cute, if a bit wrinkled, in Roland Mouret. Pics here as always.

                  She also let her Canadian side slip in this interview which I thought was hilarious. Eh?

                  I don't know if I ever put this outfit here, but this was from her interview on Extra a couple weeks ago. I like this outfit a lot, but the socked shoe is a bit Kiernan Shipka for me. I mean, I get it, I guess, but MEH.

                  More pics.


                  • I had that exact mesh mess in 7th grade. I'm not even kidding. Minus the heels. Wait, no, I also had the heels but they were kitten heels, I think.

                    I love that he never ever feels competitive with her and that he seems to take pride in her professional successes. And that he tries to help her be more successful without being weird and condescending. Men like that are not easy to find in LIFE, never mind Hollywood.
                    I must say, I totally feel you on this point. Just to overshare, I recently got a nice review and a huge raise (sorrynotsorry for bragging) and even Mr. Is was sort of not as excited as I thought he should be. He's annoyed with his own job, which is clouding his judgment but when either of us make more, it's OUR money, bitch, you should be jumping for joy that I just kicked up our income in ways that you usually have to switch jobs to do! Anyway, he was excited for me, if that makes sense, but I felt he should be excited for us.

                    Kudos to our long-standing fictional boyfriend for being so hotly supportive.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • Everything everything. And that outfit with the neon heeeeeels!


                      • It's been a little while since I did a recap of the bbs, but there hasn't been that much going on. They've both been working so sightings have been scarce and although DK gets papped a lot, it's just a bunch of pictures of her in workout clothes going to Pilates and those are boring.

                        A pic of The J in Montauk finally showed up last week. I was beginning to think he was like a bit player on this show. It's from their table read for episodes 5 & 6 IIRC and it was posted on July 2nd.

                        6 hours ago
                        My POV of @treemster #joshjackson #ruthwilson #victorwilliams at the @showtime read through - can't wait for everyone to see these beautiful episodes

                        And then DK's My Theresa interview and photo shoot got posted on their site earlier this week too. Some of these pictures are awesome, including this one of her in this badass coat.

                        There was a vid of her interview and she talks about how she cleans out her closet every couple of months and the stuff she doesn't use anymore, she gives to the goddaughters of good fortune and to friends and charity, so it's totally possible that the orange Prada doctor's bag I covet is like at a Goodwill out in L.A. Sadly, Laa, I'm betting her Lego Chanel is still stashed somewhere in her closet because she tends to keep gifts from Uncle Karl.

                        They did manage to sneak off to Paris for the long holiday weekend, so that's nice. DK flew out of L.A. on the 2nd and got papped both at LAX and CDG, but Ninja J managed to make it out of New York without anyone paying attention to him. No pap pictures of them in Paris ever came out, but sometimes videos will randomly show up on YT like weeks afterward so I'll keep an eye out just in case. He got spotted by a couple of fans with Insta though.

                        2 days ago
                        #pacey #dawson #joshuajackson #cafeflore #paris

                        They live super close to Cafe Flore, like maybe across the street or something, but for sure within walking distance because DK used to jokingly call it her Parisian office back when she lived there full time.

                        Also, this couple recognized him out on the street.

                        I'm just gonna ignore his continued commitment to v-necks because at least these are not super low cut.

                        In the pap pics of DK from the airport, she's carrying a dress bag so I thought maybe they'd attend an event over the weekend, but nada. It very well could be that she's returning a dress she borrowed, like maybe that Valli she wore to the My Theresa dinner a while back. She might stay until Tuesday for the Chanel couture show, but I don't think The Bridge is finished filming yet. When they did the Paley panel a couple weeks ago, someone said they were filming the 10th episode with 3 more to go so they should still be doing #12. But then they take their sweet time making that show and DK has talked before about how she doesn't have to work every day so maybe they let her skip off to Paris for a week, I don't know her life.

                        I don't remember if she mentioned it in the My Theresa interview or a different one, but she did say that after she wraps for the season, she's spending the rest of the summer in Montauk with The J. Hopefully that means we get some Insta pics of them hanging around town.


                        • I was beginning to think he was like a bit player on this show.

                          I'm still not convinced he's in it that much but maybe it's just that it focuses more on the affair to start with and he's in it more later (assuming they shoot it more or less chronologically).

                          I think I'm okay with the beard. At least it's not a goatee.


                          • Obsessed with the falcon cloak, duh, but the smiley picture with Hollywood sign is so cute it hurts. Pretty much whenever we get to see her teeth it's like fresh air to me.

                            We've talked about this before, but Jason Wu seems like a snob in a half. You think they're truly besties or just double-cheek-kiss friends turned collaborative partners?

                            I would keep errything Chanel, too.


                            • Still here hating the beard.


                              • So no Paris fashion shows for these guys, they're both already back at work. DK had the premiere of The Bridge tonight and she's wearing this crazy dress and kind of pulling it off. It's Mary Katranzou who she wore with great success here. This is weirder, but eh, she's DK. Weird is right in her fashion wheelhouse.

                                In all the pics so far, she looks bored and like she'd rather be in Paris making out with The J. Who can blame her, really?

                                Josh is back in NY and Sarah Treem posted a pic of him on set earlier. She didn't tag him or @ him and just named his character even though she and The J have interacted a bunch of times on Twitter. I wonder if his character is supposed to be mega mysterious. Like, they're kinda keeping him and his whole schtick under wraps for right now and I wonder if it's on purpose. Anyway...

                                Sarah Treem @SarahTreem ∑ 11h

                                I can't really tell, but my best guess is that Lilac Dress is Ruth Wilson.

                                The Times interviewed DK a little while ago and I finally just caved and got a subscription because I'm crazy and because it was only 2 dollars. Some of this has been circulated already, like the bomb story, but I'm pretty sure this was the original source of all that info so here it all is in one piece.

                                It is a decade since Diane Kruger launched her Hollywood acting career — as well as a thousand ships — playing a highly decorative Helen to Orlando Bloom’s Paris in the epic war movie Troy. “I looked great, I guess, but it wasn’t much of a part,” she says dismissively today. “Ten years later I’d rather kill myself than [weep] over Orlando Bloom.”

                                A former model and dancer, the German-born Kruger now has well over 30 film and TV credits to her name. Her role as a duplicitous actress-turned-spy in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds (2009) won her a nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award, proving that she could act as well as look beautiful. Now she stars as the strong-willed police officer Sonya Cross in the successful American crime-drama television series The Bridge (based on the Danish/Swedish original) and is the protagonist of A Perfect Plan, a French romantic comedy. “It’s hard to find something where the women are not just the protagonists but are also funny,” she says. “As a grown woman, I didn’t want to forever be the enabler of some male story line. I think we have stories to tell too and they are important stories.”

                                We meet in Soho House, the private members’ club in West Hollywood, and the moment we sit down are asked for ID and a credit card. “In case we run away or something?” asks Kruger sarcastically, rolling her eyes. Sharp and funny, there is a refreshing no-nonsense directness to her manner. “I’m very type-A,” she says: “I know what I like and I know what I don’t like. My friends say I’m very German: we’re efficient and cut out the emotional bulls***. If you’ve got to go from A to B, you don’t want to talk about C, you just want to get to f***ing B.”

                                Kruger is laughing as she speaks — in a gentle American accent that bears almost no trace of German. She is pretty but not intimidatingly so. Far more natural than the usual highly groomed Hollywood actress, her hair looks like it hasn’t seen a brush for a while and she wears no makeup. She is dressed quirkily in a striped shapeless T-shirt, leather shorts and purple spotted heels. And instead of drinking mineral water or herbal tea, she orders a glass of pinot grigio.

                                In A Perfect Plan, Kruger plays a woman convinced that if she marries her long-term boyfriend, the union will fail, following a family trend of first marriages always ending in divorce. So she comes up with an elaborate plan to persuade a random man to marry her, in order quickly to divorce him and marry the man she really loves. This being a typically French comedy, events don’t go according to plan.

                                Kruger’s own first marriage — to the French actor Guillaume Canet — ended in divorce, and she has been with her current boyfriend, the Canadian-American actor Joshua Jackson, for eight years. They live together in Hollywood but she says she has no plans to marry again: “I’m not so into marriage, I don’t have the dream of the white dress. I got married at 21 and realised that the paper didn’t mean anything. We married for all the right reasons in theory, it was romantic and I still love him, I think he is a great guy, but clearly that wasn’t enough for us to be together for ever.” (I can't wait for the DK haters to get a hold of this quote and make it seem like she's still in love with Guillaume even though she's obvs not talking about it in that way.)

                                But, she adds: “I do believe in the commitment and the romance and the idea that there is one person for you . . . My grandparents have been married 65 years. They’re hysterical: they’re 93 and 90, and both deaf so they yell at each other, but he still gets up every morning to make her breakfast. I like that idea. I don’t know if that’s going to happen to me — clearly 65 years seems unlikely at this point [she is nearly 38].”

                                A few days before we meet, Kruger was snapped wearing what looked like an engagement ring. “I feel like I’ve gotten engaged like ten times over the past year,” jokes Kruger, referring to the constant press speculation. And at one point she catches herself referring to Jackson as her husband: “We’ve been together so long it feels redundant to say boyfriend at this point — although I do like it because it puts him in his place.” (LOLZ, stay you, DK!)

                                Her own parents divorced when Kruger was 13, largely due to her father’s alcoholism. “I don’t remember him being sober. I never experienced him as a dad and I saw how my mom struggled. I was so angry.”

                                She has had no contact with her father for years. “I’m not angry any more. Nothing’s black and white. I don’t hate him but you have to make a positive decision of who you want in your life and why they are in your life.”

                                Growing up in the village of Algermissen, Kruger attended a local Catholic school, which put her off religion for life. “I just thought it was all bulls***. It felt like a fraud. My main teacher was a nun who later left the church and came out as a lesbian.”

                                To escape her turbulent home life, Kruger turned to dance (“ballet was a great outlet”), but as a teenager realised she would never make it as a prima ballerina. “My body changed: there are certain body types that no matter what you do, you are not as flexible.”

                                At first she thought modelling would fill the gap left by ballet, and in 1992 she represented Germany in the Elite Model Look competition, before leaving school to model full-time. “I moved to Paris at 15 — I still can’t believe my mum let me do that, I felt like she gave me the wings.”

                                Although very successful — she did advertisements for Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Christian Dior among others — the work bored her: “Modeling is very one-note in comparison to [dancing].” So she started taking acting lessons in Paris and landed small roles in a few French movies before starring in her then-husband’s directorial debut, Mon Idole. Soon she caught the attention of Hollywood and in the same year as taking on Troy also starred with Nicolas Cage in National Treasure.

                                Since then she has worked almost non-stop and recently finished shooting Fathers and Daughters, playing “an alcoholic trophy wife” opposite Russell Crowe, but she says it is still a struggle to get worthwhile parts. “Eighty-five per cent of the time you hear ‘No’. There are only about five really good roles for women per year and there are 200 actresses going after the same part.”

                                She seems to play a wide variety of roles but still feels she is typecast. “I’d be kidding myself to think I’m not. It’s very frustrating, I see my body and my face as tools to convey emotions. I know what I can feel and what I would do. There are some very beautiful people who get all types of roles. Look at Angelina Jolie — she’s one of the most beautiful people in the world and yet she seems to get all the roles she feels passionate about.”

                                One solution, of course, is to come up with your own material: Kruger is hoping to produce a movie about the life of Hedy Lamarr, an Austrian actress and inventor, perhaps starring as Lamarr herself. “She was a very famous movie star in the late Thirties and early Forties but she was also very smart and invented ‘frequency-hopping’ [a method of transmitting radio signals], which is still used today. She was very ‘mommy dearest’; a horrible person: fascinating but crazy. I am just about to sign a director.”

                                Until recently Kruger did not really want to have children. “I didn’t think I wanted kids until a couple of years ago. Now I hope it is for me, but who knows — by the time I really try, maybe it won’t happen. I think people put so much pressure on women [to have children], as if they were not complete otherwise.” (Obvs, she's trying to win isadora over with this sentence, she'll get you one of these days, is.)

                                Although she is papped a lot, she says that in Hollywood terms she is relatively unknown. “I’m not Brad Pitt, I can definitely go incognito.” Occasionally she has to deal with weirdly obsessive fans, such as the one who recently turned up on her grandfather’s doorstep in Germany with a package. “My grandfather misunderstood and thought it was a present from me. It was some chocolates and a locked metal box with a message saying ‘The key will arrive in Hollywood in March’. Grandpa was like: ‘Can I at least eat the chocolates since you’re not coming home?’ I was like: ‘Do not eat the f***ing chocolates!’ ” Later a man tried to get into the Oscars, telling security he had to deliver a key to Kruger: the key chain had Kruger’s name and German home address on it. “Three detectives showed up at my house at three in the morning.” The same man was picked up on surveillance camera ringing her doorbell. “They’re still trying to find [the man].” As for the box, her grandfather did forward it and Josh broke it open. “A cellphone was wired to the lock and the minute it opened, it turned on. It was like a bad movie. Josh threw it away thinking a bomb was going to go off but I think it was just some crazy weird fan who was going to call me.”

                                The Bridge is now in its second season: “It’s becoming darker and grittier. We’re no longer following the original — it’s very up-to-date with American politics and the immigration-cartel issue.” She says she has something in common with Cross, her character. “She has Asperger’s, which means she’s socially a little awkward and can come across as very brusque; a lot of people feel Germans are brusque — I think I’m more diplomatic than her but I understand her thought process.”

                                Kruger describes herself as a workaholic who finds it hard to relax. “I think it would be good for me to learn to waste time. I’ve gotten better over the years but it’s not my most likable feature. I give notes on everything, I drive my f***ing show-runner crazy. My partner is much more relaxed and laid back, so when I’m in a good place that works, but when I’m not, I’m like: ‘Do something — why hasn’t this been done?’ ” (She can talk about being anti-marriage all she wants, but the above is like 90% of what being married is, no joke.)

                                Slowly, she says, she is learning to get her priorities right: “I have finally learnt that no role is ever going to be as interesting as my own life, and it’s for me to make the life I want. It’s not a f***ing part that I’m going to get.”

                                So tonight, for a start, she is going out on the town with a friend. “Josh is away so I’m free,” she says, draining her pinot grigio. “I’m going to a gay bar to play darts.” Even there, though, she won’t completely relax. “I’m very competitive,” she laughs: “I will have to win.”
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