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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • The podcast was a good DK interview, much better than the same old, tired questions and answers we normally get.

    There's been a predictable reaction to those latest pap pics owing to what may be the reappearance of the promise-ring-of-major-secondary-embarrassment (or maybe just a prop from the show which he hasn't taken off). I'd love to think its that DK has finally relented and popped the question (that's the only way that would happen, right?), but it's highly doubtful.

    Feel better soon, Issie! I've a feeling there'll be a lot of NY appearances to track in the next couple of weeks.


    • Poor Issie. You probs need fresh air, and not from one of those hokey oxygen bars at the airport.

      The J looking dazed at a bar. Meeeeemories. #sloppytuna


      • He's enjoying himself just fine:

        1 day ago LIAR'S SALOON
        Just a casual photo of me and Joshua Jackson 😋 #dawsonscreek #mancrush #lifecomplete #pacey


        • korrie_o
          1 day ago LIAR'S SALOON
          Just a casual photo of me and Joshua Jackson #dawsonscreek #mancrush #lifecomplete #pacey
          I don't think she knows what that term means.


          • The face he's making in that drunkety drunk bar pic made me laugh. The Dirty inside The J will never fully be eradicated.

            And then he did my other favorite thing by posting a DK pic on his Twitter.

            Josh Jackson ‏@VancityJax 4h
            Kruger not included. But the F-Type is pretty slick on its own. Thanks for the loan #jaguar #ftype


            • But aren't they paid to rep Jags? It's okay, I dig it all the same.

              That drunk pic is all my hopes and dreams.
              Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Hee! The J + beers = truest love.

                DK import modeling is adorbs.


                • Rancher J with some intense jewelry and mancleave.

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                  • Drunk bar pics!
                    "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


                    • The Craig Ferguson interview was one of my faves evah. I feel like it's the closest thing to what she's like if you met up with her for happy hour.


                      • Glamping is the only kind of camping I could ever like, but the thought of sleeping in tents for 2 weeks as my vacation would make me fake cry too, DK. It would probs make me real cry, actually.

                        Craigy Ferg interview

                        She also thanked fans of The Bridge during the TCAs and they put it up on their Insta.

                        And then she and The J got papped going out to dinner or something yesterday. I'm pretty sure the Montauk shooting is done now (I think it's why they were all out partying at that bar the other night) so we might get more pap pics now that they'll be in the city for the next few weeks to finish filming the last 3-4 episodes.

                        Can we talk about how much I hate these shorts now? They're like 2 sizes too big for him, they're droopy and slopppy, and he wears them ALL the time. I can't believe DK hasn't shredded these already.

                        She's also on the cover of the new InStyle and gave them a new interview. Pics here, BTS interview here, and print interview scans here.

                        She cops to hating that crazy fug Marchesa tube top dress she wore several years ago. I'm glad she's gotten some distance and perspective on just how fug that thing was.

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                        • I still don't get why she was scared to sleep in the car vs. the cold, hard ground.

                          Are they about to go shopping in those pics? Because she's beaming and Grumpy J looks grumpy.


                          • I think her fear had more to do with the fact that they were sleeping in a deserted parking lot. At least if you're glamping, your tent would presumably be on a legit campsite where there are other peeps to hear you scream in case someone tries to murder you in the middle of the night.

                            He looks more cheerful here so maybe she gave him the secret hand squeeze that signals "Sex later, I promise!"


                            • Glamping is the only kind of camping I could ever like
                              Same here. To me camping is something you should only do if you have no other choice.

                              I get the problem with the shorts but he looks so damn gorgeous at the mo despite those and the deep v and the beard. In fact, I really only hate the beard with a suit.


                              • DK and The J are getting their grub on all over New York.

                                With snooty ass JWu in a creepster Insta pic:

                                41 minutes ago Navy New York
                                Me: oh shoot, I know her. I can't remember her name. It may be from school... @sharman_ Aunnie, I think it's because she's famous. #DianeKruger&JoshuaJacksonatdinner #ILoveNYC

                                And then spotted out at Balthazaar today and Nick and Toni's on Sunday.

                                New pics.

                                Beeksus, The J, please buy new shorts. Better ones.
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