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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • Article from the Bon Marche party. It was celebrating Japanese fashion, but DK wore Red Valentino so I don't know.

    “I have been to Japan a few times,” said Kruger, sporting a trenchoat by Red Valentino. “My fiancé [Joshua Jackson] has shot a movie there […] Japanese cinema is sublime and I love the food –specially udon noodles, but all Japanese cuisine!»

    The actress has just finished shooting the second season of “The Bridge” and is to star in a film directed by Fabienne Berthaud, where she plays Yvan Attal’s wife.
    Interesting (to me) that she seems to be saying she visited The J while he was filming Shutter in Japan because that was the first time they faced rumors of a break up. She was filming something, maybe the 2nd National Treasure and he was in Tokyo IIRC so they hadn't been seen together in months. She got spotted hanging out with Jack Huston and gossip peeps were all, "DK and The J are ovah and she's moved on!" This was back in 2007 and she got asked about their supposed breakup during that time and she was like, "Whuh? We're still together, dummy. Stop believing everything on the internet." And then they showed up together at Cannes on a boat and his head was all shaved from the movie.

    I didn't know her next movie was gonna be with Fabienne Berthaud. This will be their 3rd movie together and I've seen the other 2 and liked them a lot. They're good friends apart from having a really awesome working relationship and Fabienne is always able to get the best that DK has to offer.
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    • The J snuck over the pond to join DK in Berlin. She and her Inglorious Basterds co-star Daniel Bruhl got stars on the German walk of fame which I did not know was a thing. It seems very un-German to buy into something so verray Hollywood, but apparently not. They both look really nice.

      energyberlin Verified account
      Berlin has important guests from Hollywood! Also Wowi is! # BoulevardderStars # Diane Kruger

      With her family, minus the grandparents. I've always assumed the older dude is her step-dad, but she never talks about him. He's been in pics with them for years though, the first time I remember being at the IB after party in Cannes back in 2009 or so.

      More pics here, but they're watermarked for now. I'll add them later if they're clean. And then here.

      Yay, clean pics!

      Steve Granitz @ SteveGranitz 2h
      Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson sighted at the Ritz Carlton Hotel
      #dianekruger #joshuajackson.
      The J doing his proud SO thing. Y'all know this is my favorite thing about him, how incredibly supportive he is of her without any bullshit ego to get in the way. I hope he makes this shot he's taking his next Twitter profile pic, tbh.

      DK sticking her tongue out, I don't know.

      They both look verray wary of whatever is about to happen here.

      I like her head piece. The J's mouth has all but disappeared within that beard.

      Getting instructions, I'm guessing? I imagine The J's internal monologue in these moments to be, "German gibberish, German gibberish, German gibberish, gibbberish in German, when can I have beer?"

      Holding hands because they always hold hands.

      With Daniel

      Sebastian autumn
      ENERGY has fallen in love! #DianeKruger #BoulevardderStars

      And then they went to a gala at night. Her dress is really different for her, but she's pulling off this color admirably. I wouldn't have picked her to look that great in peach.

      Video here with The J doing his best German accent.
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      • The color is fine, but that dress! It just looks heavy and thick on her.

        The J's suit, on the other hand, is divine. #beardyJ


        • He looks too thin; I like him a little chunkier.

          Love the peach, and that hair thing from the ceremony.


          • I lurve everything about the peach! But I kind of wish he'd wear more black, and yeah, his no-lips get lost in that beard like (insert Homer disappearing in the bushes gif).


            • I hate that dress. It's like a hipster's christmas tree.
              It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Both her dresses are Prada.

                Some additional pics from JJ and DM.

                This was at their hotel from earlier in the day. Lumberjack Hippy J probs hates the fact that Fancy Grownup J stays at the Ritz in Chile, Berlin, and Whistler.

                I love this pic because everyone behind her is doing their best Mckayla Maroney impression. It's the face I imagine linda makes every time she comes in this thread.


                • I really love the black dress. Kinda meh on the hair ornament, but I don't hate it.

                  Fancy Proud J! I have a soft spot for Fancy Proud J.

                  It's the face I imagine linda makes every time she comes in this thread.
                  Nope, it's this face exactly:

                  I know, because I have secretly planted cameras all over her house, and I watch her ALL DAY. And sometimes also at night, but not always. Just depends on what else I'm doing, and whether or I'm particularly tired.


                  • Dropping these off:

                    DK tries to be all nonchalant about The J, but her face when she looks at him is like total adoration. I feel like this would embarrass and annoy her about herself which makes it adorable to me.

                    Also, some of the FF girls have pointed out that they're both wearing their rings again. Obvs this isn't an accident like what happens with The J sometimes when he just forgets to take his prop ring off. It makes me laugh to think that they're trying to be "good" or whatever in front of her family so that DK's mom doesn't spend the whole time like, "Y u no marry my daughter? Where my grandbabies at?"


                    • I have no problem with the promise ring if they're both rocking it. It's when just one SO wants to wear it that's full of sad.

                      Still meh on Lumberjack Businessman.


                      • ONTD!Issie giving me more goodies from Germany for this thread.

                        So, DK was sticking her tongue out at The J which makes sense because she would.

                        But that did not deter him from taking her picture again some more with his phone because The J is used to DK making life just a bit difficult for him. It's probs why he's so in love with her, tbh.

                        DK: "German sir, why are Torvsons?"
                        German sir:"I don't know DK, there is no explanation for such strangeness. But your love is flawless."

                        DK: "We know."

                        Love these pics! Oh hai, DK's ring! Long time no see, friend. The J seems very happy to see you as well.



                        Their enormity precludes me from including them here because there are large pics and then there are these pics which almost broke my old ass computer when they were loading.

                        Quote of the week is from ONTD about DK, which seems about right.

                        she's like that stan-able bitch you lowkey hate because you want to wreck her home

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                        • Amazing.

                          His beard. So patchy.


                          • Originally posted by LaaLaa View Post
                            I have no problem with the promise ring if they're both rocking it. It's when just one SO wants to wear it that's full of sad.

                            Still meh on Lumberjack Businessman.

                            her face when she looks at him is like total adoration
                            Very true.

                            I love the idea that they're wearing the rings to keep Mama DK happy.


                            • This is all DK and The J bidness so I brought it over from Vampireville.

                              A couple of times in 6 YEARS not weekend after weekend
                              Yes, DK and the J get papped, and we've even gotten a magical sidewalk smoochie once or twice in the past six years.
                              I mean, I'm ride or die fo' lyfe with these two, but Gelson's employees and shoppers and sidewalk walkers would like to have words with you.

                              And this is isn't even all the times they've made out at sporting events, restaurants, Coachellas, and/or airports.

                              A lot of times, these two know when cameras are around and sometimes they totally play it up. Whether they call paps or DK's people tip paps off? Eh? It's all the same isn't it? If they weren't up to play this game, they wouldn't play it and they'd probs stop telling DK's people (or just Micah, obvs) where they were gonna go on any given day.
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                              • Hee.

                                Okay, fair enough. I'm not as expert as you in their near-professional level of Gelson experience. But you must concede that we did not get over 2k crystal clear cutie pie pap pics of DK and The J (TWO THOUSAND!) in the first two months of their coupledom, right?

                                It's the numbers that are crushing me.

                                Oh, and how many times have we seen DK biting The J's shoulder while hanging out in sex shops? That's the real comparison metric.