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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • No, they spent their 1st year basically in hiding, tru fact. But Nikkian clearly have an agenda apart from whatever feelings they actually have for one another. I'm guessing their game plan is MAXIMUM EXPOSURE AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT. If that's their goal, they're achieving it. DK and The J just seem more like, "Eh, we're in love and we like to kiss a lot, let's just do that at the grocery store where we know photographers await us and then we can use the $$$$ to buy fresh produce 4x a week every week." Kind of two sides to the same coin, where DK and The J realized that their adorbs relaysh made for good business on the side while Nikkian had separate (or shared) businessy famewhore interests that could be realized by joining forces in the context of a relationship with legit bonus sexing and horses.


    • Random stuff:

      DK went to an InStyle party in New York by herself last night, presumably because The J is working. Her dress is Prabal and it's like 3 days off the runway or something. It's the kind of crazy I like to see her in, but most peeps probs won't agree with me.

      But GURL, your hair. What kind of hellmess is this? It looks straight up THIRSTY. Moroccanoil that shit before you go out. Plus her face looks tired. Pretending with a promise ring in front of your mama is exhausting business.

      Her collaboration with JWu on the Diane bag is done and it's alright. It looks just like her and I could have guessed it'd be a crossbody. When it comes to her purses, DK is largely function over form and wants to be hands free so this design makes total sense for her.

      “Jason asked me what were the most important things to me in a bag,” Kruger says. “I said that I wanted to be able to wear it across the body and that I could open and close it with one hand. I can’t stand having to put my bag down or use both hands to close it while running errands!”

      Kruger’s choice of words are not so far off: “I was hoping for a timeless and understated bag, one you notice because of its beautiful leather and simplicity.”
      And Ruth Wilson aka Older Joey Potter states emphatically that she was Team Pacey back in the day. She's so adamant about it, lulz. You could totally set this interview to music a la "Hide your kids, hide your wife" and it'd be the song of an entire Creeker generation. "Always Pacey, Not Dawson" can sum up like 90% of my life goals.


      • OMB I don't have time rn to click, but that makes me like RW automatically. Celebs fangirling Pacey as they're working with him (Georgina Haig - also too cute) warms my heart.

        That hair is...sumo wrestler? And the bag collab is kinda zzzzzzzzz. But I've missed the wackadoo.


        • That hair is...sumo wrestler? And the bag collab is kinda zzzzzzzzz. But I've missed the wackadoo.

          I'm down with the Prabal, and I would totes carry the bag. But it lacks a certain . . .hmmm. It just lacks, that's all.


          • I like that she absolutely DGAF and flaunts her fivehead sometimes, but, like, make better choices?

            ETA: When they play it up for the paps, I'd like more of this.
            Is starting to scare isadora a little bit.
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            • Sometimes I think she just attends things like Kanye where she's basically all "you should be honored by my lateness, that I would even show up to this fake shit" and frankly, I do not want her any other way. Well, except for how she's always on time because of the German-ness.

              She's just running around New York this week waiting for The J to finish work. She is wearing this swan coat out, but good for her. Maybe she actually paid for it? These jeans are so ugly that they made me laugh 'cause she's like, "Eh fuck it. The J's gone, dun curr. Nom nom ice cream."

              Speaking of The J, he's enjoying a smoke break somewhere. I'm sad that FF doesn't have any more non-believers who dismiss his smoking by claiming he had asthma. No one's even trying to say he's holding it for a friend or that they're clearly not his coke pants.

              You will notice that The J is still sporting his promise ring while DK probably hurled hers across the room like it was cursed the second she got back to their hotel room in Berlin. Poor J, he just wants to be a married person so verray bad.

              And someone snapped a pic of him at work on Insta.


              • Is that the promise ring or his betrayal ring from work?

                I'd think DK would wear her ripped, schlumpy bf jeans with her ripped, schlumpy bf.


                • I think it was MBTV goo-people that refused to believe he smoked.
                  "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”---Kanye


                  • The J is still sporting his promise ring
                    Maybe he just hadn't got the memo yet that they should no longer be wearing them - he's taken it off again here:

                    And what is wrong with this picture? DK's doing the all the toting, while the J carries an itty bitty handbag?

                    Cute face stroking though.

                    I find I'm looking forward to his new show more for the unusual storytelling and for Ruth Wilson than for The J - especially if the only sex scene we get from him is the one described as marital-rapey.

                    New video
                    A proud member of Isadora's army.
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                    • It might be good for him to play against type. He's a little too perfect in most of his parts.
                      It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • In Shutter, he covered up some fucking horrific shit his friends did to an ex gf. And then in Cursed...LOLOL. But yeah, Peter Bishop's biggest fault was the inability to recognize his own girlfriend?


                        • Girl, I was not about to sit through some bullshit horror movie for a few minutes of Pacey! LOL

                          He was a jerk in a gorgeous coat in Gossip. And the blond gay kid in Cruel Intentions was probably mean because everybody but Reese was, right?
                          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                          • But yeah, Peter Bishop's biggest fault was the inability to recognize his own girlfriend?
                            S1 Peter had A Past and was not so nice a guy. His coming home to family brought out his good side.


                            • Oh, that's right! And he was also a genius! LOLOL
                              It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • If character drift works in The J's favor like it has in the past, Ruth Wilson will be getting yelled at by strangers in public by the end of the season.

                                I don't remember if I posted the link to one of these earlier, but here are a couple pics from the set this week.

                                2 days ago · Gold Coast Equestrian
                                A bit busy with actors today. Riders were star-struck and Stars were horse-struck. #goldcoast #equestrian #ComingToAScreenNearYou #joshuajackson #ruthwilson #dominicwest

                                Sarah Treem @SarahTreem · Sep 11
                                It was a boys club on set yesterday... @DominicWest @colindonnell @VancityJax #TheAffair

                                DK went shopping at Theory earlier. Or maybe she just borrowed something. That link also has a new promo video for The Affair. It's the same interviews from the last one, just newer scenes, including extra sexin' footage.

                                They're supposed to go to the pre-fight party for Floyd Mayweather vs. Other Dude in Las Vegas tomorrow which seems very weird for them as it's not their usual event. But eh, it could be what the dress is for. I guess we'll see.

                                It also is turning out more stars than ever before for the red carpet pre-party and front-row seats in Grand Garden Arena. Jack Nicholson is expected there with Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Michael Strahan, Joe Jonas, Don Cheadle and Dane Cook.

                                Others include Showtime titan Matthew Blank, Pooch Hall (“Ray Donovan”), Joshua Jackson (“The Affair”), Diane Kruger, Gavin Maloof, Angie Martinez, Romeo Santos, Emily Van Camp, Bob Weinstein, Bow Wow, Kendrick Lamar — and the list keeps growing.
                                Maybe they got invited by Showtime and if that's the case, it's about time The J's connections got them invited to something. DK's been doing the heavy lifting on that end from the beginning!