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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • Ugh, Mayweather is such a douchemaster. Going to a fight in Vegas does sound fun and Ocean's-11-y, though. Yay, Showtime. Maybe there'll be DK bench-dancing!

    I want to like it, but Dominic West's face is officially just okay to me. Maybe I'd feel it if I watched The Wire, but whether it's the 28 Days young DW or the fluffy-haired cheater dad DW, it's all firmly aight.


    • Yeah, I'm willing to revise my DWest feelings if he's super exciting on screen but he's just aight for me, too.

      Also, already not finding him sympathetic with the cheating on the nice family because he's a teacher and writer from Brooklyn and ugh, the fucks I give for the white upper middle class Brooklyn dude's midlife crisis is a bottomless totally empty well.
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • Maybe I'd feel it if I watched The Wire
        His character was an immature whore who was only good one season when he had an awesome girlfriend, so I don't think that would change your opinion too much. McNulty was an interesting character, but never played as hot in any way IMO.


        • They are indeed in Las Vegas and it was Showtime who invited them. I'm clearly slow because it never even occurred to me that the fight was gonna be on Showtime so of course they got the tickets through the network. I blame pregnancy.

          At LAX earlier in the day. Guh, I love this white dress.

          That JJ story also had a pic The J retweeted from 9/11.

          Josh Jackson ‏@VancityJax 10h
          Ground Zero 13 years ago.” wow. Have not seen pictures of that day in a long time.

          He looks like a baby in this. It's a little creepster to remember how we were so into this version of him back then.

          And pics from the red carpet/party are starting to roll in through Twitter and Showtime is pimping him out a little.

          SHO_PR ‏@SHO_PR 3h
          #TheAffair's @VancityJax on the carpet at #Mayhem

          Ray Donovan ‏@SHO_RayDonovan 2h
          [email protected] ready to throw a jab and cross combo. @iam_POOCHHALL can show you how it’s done. #RayDonovan #Mayhem

          Just one pic with DK so far, I'll add clear ones later when they come out. She's wearing her Coachella crop top and this sheer curtain skirt business, but she somehow doesn't look Las Vegas trashy. She probs forgot the rule that in Las Vegas you have to wear your clothes a size smaller than your normal size.

          So they were home for less than 48 hours to like, I don't know, do laundry and play with the cat so that it doesn't forget them? Their travel schedule makes me so sleepy just thinking about it. I'm gonna guess they're heading back to New York tomorrow or maybe just The J. I don't know when DK's movie starts filming, but it should be pretty soon.

          Showtime also released a bunch of stills from the first episode. I'll eventually start a show thread in the TV section, but I'll put these here for now.

          Also, it's not a DK shoe tumblr, but someone did start a DKIceCream tumblr and it's my fave.
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          • Bwa! Love it. Her makeup is fantastic at that Vegas shindig. On the other end of the face spectrum, The J's
            long, patchy scraggles in the first Affair pic look like the beginning of a Duck Dynasty. But tbh, I'm still into all versions of The J. It's gross and I super don't care.


            • I love that white dress, but I would not wear it on a gross airplane. It would cause me too much stress just worrying about what I'm sitting on.


              • Her makeup is fantastic at that Vegas shindig.
                Right? I always like her makeup better when she does it herself. She's the queen of putting on like 20 lbs. of slap and achieving "I woke up like dis" results.

                I'm a little sad that bro man Wes was not invited to this as I'm confident he would've enjoyed it way, way more than DK who probs sat through the fight like, "Ew" while scrolling through on her phone. But there are probs no more dude trips to Vegas for The J in the post-Munn era lbr.


                • He was 23 in 2001, Issie! No reason to get the icks. We were all 13 years younger too.

                  I've read a few reviews saying that The Affair is amazeballs but I still struggle with the premise of anyone cheating on The J with Dominic West.
                  Bitter Shipper


                  • Yeah, he's gonna have to be a huge asshole and even then I'd be like: Ehhhh, emo affair with DWest but still fucking The J.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • I'm looking forward to The Affair apart from my interest in seeing The J on my TV again which is the first time I can remember feeling that way about any of his post-DC projects. Someone on Twitter likened the story to Gone Girl and y'all know I sopped dat shit up wid a biscuit.

                      Looks like DK did return to L.A. by herself after all. Video

                      The Affair should be wrapping up pretty soon. I can't imagine that they have more than a couple weeks left of shooting since Sarah Treem mentioned they were on the last couple of episodes already and that was over a week ago now.

                      And here are some more photos from last night courtesy of FF. These are enormous so links only. This little blurb accompanied the pics, but I can't find the original source. FF lurkers, I know you come here! Source your info!

                      Hollywood couple Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger walk back to their hotel room at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino after a long night in Las Vegas. Earlier in the evening the couple attended a boxing event that featured Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Marcos Maidana in a title bout. After the match, they enjoyed the Asian cuisine at Hakkasan restaurant.

                      And from Zimbio, here's The J with his Showtime boss.

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                      • The J heard me and wore black. (applause) Plus, that jacket is so enjoyable.

                        I'm in the "meh" camp and I dig Showtime stuff! I suppose it could be that I don't know enough about it yet, and what we do know seems jumbly, but mysterious promo stuff usually gets me. The only intriguing thing to me so far is still how they're going to get more than a season out of it.


                        • It looks like a really different, intriguing series, I love things that mess with your head and show things from different perspectives so I'm really looking forward to it. I also think Ruth Wilson will be great and I have no problems with The J being a less sympathetic figure, it is a change for him and it'll be good to see how well he does (though it has been said that perception of him changes as things progress so I'm sure Issie is right and the tide will turn in his favour as things are not what they at first seem).

                          My problems with it are that DW gets all the sex and that the concept of the show is not grabbing people. It's one that is likely to need word of mouth to become successful.


                          • In the preview, there are voiceovers with a cop/investigator (I guess) asking a man and then a woman questions. It seems like the show is gonna do a bunch of flashbacks from the perspectives of Noah and Allison. The man being interrogated is Mr. Solloway and that's been identified as Noah's last name. The lady is referred to as Ms. Bailey or something like that, but Cole's last name is supposed to be Lockhart. If "Ms. Bailey" is Allison, then it suggests she is no longer Mrs. Lockhart. But there's a line that she says in the teaser, something like, "Now I'm just trying to stop myself from killing him" in reference to Cole. That seems a bit red herringish to me, like maybe they want us to think Cole is the one that dies, but it's really someone else. It'd be interesting (although mega creeps) if their kid who dies did not die accidentally. But it would also fall in line with the whole Gone Girl thing where Allison is just FCA in hiding.


                            Video of DK and The J at the airport last Thurdsay is here. Man, that looks like fun. The J's face is like, "MURDER IS IMMINENT" and he is not even trying to maintain anymore. Grumpy J is one of my faves, truly.

                            And this is random and funny, but DK sat next to Louie Anderson on her flight back to L.A. from Vegas and they took a selfie together which he posted on his Twitter.

                            Louie Anderson @LouieAnderson ∑ Sep 14
                            One of my favorite actresses Diane Kruger "The Bridge" FX watch the first season, you won't be sorry
                            She's so nice!!

                            Also, someone asked Emilia Wickstead who her dream celeb would be if she could only dress one person for the Oscars and she picked DK. No matter how effin weird she dresses, designers love my bb girl. Somewhere Toledo just rolled her eyes like


                            • She's dreamy because of weirdness!

                              The Louie pic warms my little heart.


                              • I feel like DK has lost it a little, as far as fashion sense goes.

                                The Affair seems like a complete nightmare to me. Marital rape? A mystery of who killed whom that goes on forever? Nooooope. The things I do for the J.