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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • This is just the assortment of instas I promised up thread and finally got around to collecting.

    Surely, y'all have seen this one floating around Twitter, yeah?

    joshuahorowitz 5 days ago
    Things could have gone better hanging out with Joshua Jackson. Photo: @michele_crowe

    joshuahorowitz 31 minutes ago
    Happy/Sad/Confused. With Joshua Jackson. #happysadconfused #joshuajackson #theaffair Photo:@michele_crowe

    nicolious 6 days ago
    Selfies with Joshua Jackson!! 😛😄😊 #JoshuaJackson #Fringe #TheAffair #showtime #heisadorable

    With JOSHUA JACKSON!!!.....My Peter Bishop. @VancityJax

    Sharon Tharp @sharontharp · Oct 6

    Welp, it only took 28 years, but it happened. And I almost threw up.

    This lady interviewed him for Just Jared and it got posted yesterday.

    And then this one is probs a latergram from DK's birthday. I think I remember seeing this dude in the various party pics, but it's been long enough that I'm not sure. Anyway, this one was from FF, but I couldn't find the original Twitter source. SOURCE YOUR SHIT, IT'S NOT HARD. It's also the right thing to do, js. FF has turned into an enormous ADHD clusterfuck recently and I have to dig several pages back through 3 or 4 threads to find something I saw once these days.

    Wevs, please enjoy The J's verray handsome face.

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    • I lurve when peeps who grab selfies with celebs are the less smiley one! Way to maintain, Girl Who Almost Threw Up!


      • Aw, she's cute! Had she only met him a decade ago? She probably could have hit it.
        It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • The J was on Craigy Ferg last night. Interview here with bonus clip of The J riding a horse.

          Couple of new pics:

          The Late Late Show @LateLateShowCBS · 13 hours ago

          Joshua Jackson's views on “sex détente” + stories of The Woman Who Would Be King with Dr. Kara Cooney #LateLateShow

          jennifer_elizabethann 2 days ago
          #joshuajackson #hottie #omg !!!

          The insta pic was taken in Vancouver. Looks like he made a quick trip to see his ma for Thanksgiving even though he couldn't make the actual holiday. T-24h until we get a joint selfie of the reunited bbs in Anitbes, y/n?


          • I'm actually deeply shocked at how much I enjoy DK's insta. She's a way bigger dork and a bit of a softie than you guys portray her as!
            It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • Just watch any of the interviews Issie links and you'll know she's a goof! I mean, she's stonefaced on the red carpet sometimes, but she cried when she drunk-met Don fucking Johnson. that shit so much.


              • I may have whimpered like a sad puppy when I saw the insta of her movie ring.

                So...she's still at 8000+ followers, so I guess that answers the q of how famous she is in the states.
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                • Excerpts from DK's new interview with Harper's Bazaar Australia are on JJ. The pics are super 80s looking, but they have her in all Chanel and I always like seeing her in editorial stuff wearing Uncle Karl's craziest cray so I enjoyed it. Nothing new really about The J, but if the whole thing pops up online at some point, I'll c/p it over here.

                  And I've only seen this on tumblr so far, but it looks like The J will be in New York tomorrow night getting honored for his work with Oceana at an event for GQ Gentlmen's Fund.

                  GQ Announces 2014 Gentlemen’s Fund Ambassadors
                  Andrew Garfield, Joshua Jackson, Taylor Kitsch, and Zachary Quinto to be Honored at the 2014 Gentlemen’s Ball
                  NEW YORK, NY – GQ vice president and publisher Howard Mittman and The Gentlemen’s Fund are proud to announce that the seventh annual Gentlemen’s Ball will recognize a handful of modern gentlemen who champion some of today’s most essential causes:
                  • Andrew Garfield, for his support of Worldwide Orphans and Youth Mentoring Connection
                  • Joshua Jackson, for his support of Oceana
                  • Taylor Kitsch, for his support of the African Children’s Choir
                  • George Lopez, for his involvement with the Lopez Foundation
                  • Zachary Quinto, for his support of The Trevor Project
                  The men will receive Ambassador Awards presented by Nautica at this year’s Ball, which will take place on Wednesday, October 22, at the IAC HQ, hosted byAndy Cohen.

                  The evening’s Leader Awards, presented by Movado, will recognize social entrepreneur Sean D. Carasso, founder of Falling Whistles, an organization that sells whistles to raise money for education, advocacy, and the rehabilitation of war-affected people in Congo; F.K. Day, founder and president of World Bicycle Relief, which distributes bicycles and simultaneously supports community health care, education, and local economies; Nick Ehrmann, founder and CEO of Blue Engine, an organization dedicated to improving the odds of college completion for students from low-income families; Stephen Powell, executive director of MentoringUSA, whose passion for mentoring and community has expanded technical assistance efforts across the nation; and Barrett Ward, founder and CEO of fashionABLE, a company that creates sustainable business opportunities in Africa, with a focus on women and women-run businesses.

                  The Leader Awards recipients were chosen by GQ’s advisory panel: Jenna Bush Hager, contributing correspondent of NBC’s TODAY and chair of UNICEF Next Generation; Scott Harrison, founder and CEO of charity: water; Blake Mycoskie, founder and chief shoe giver TOMS; Paul Rieckhoff, founder and CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America; and Darnell Strom, executive of CAA Foundation.

                  This year, for the first time, The Gentlemen’s Fund partnered with CAA Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Creative Artists Agency, to tap into their notable roster of talent to select men who are utilizing their star power to give back in deserving ways. Funds raised by the 2014 Gentlemen’s Ball will benefit Worldwide Orphans, Youth Mentoring Connection, Oceana, African Children’s Choir, The Trevor Project, and Lopez Foundation.
                  The last time he went to this was back in 2008 with DK. You've probs seen this pic and others from that night at some point over the years.

                  BUT! You know I'm rooting for DK and The J to become couple friends with Stonefield because it brings them that much closer to my dream weekend where they make German breakfast for TSwizzle and all her regulars at her awesome beach mansion. This event brings me one step closer is all I'm saying.


                  • Oh noes! FX cancelled The Bridge. And YouTube thwarted the CraigyFerg link. Boo.

                    ETA: The hand-hold insta! They kill me. Even though the universal boyfriend reaction would be "What the?"
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                    • I've been meaning to post an update for the past couple days, but the last half of the week was uncooperative so eh, here it is.

                      Ok, so yeah, The Bridge got cancelled which I'm sure is sad news for the cast and crew, but I totally let that show slide during the back half of the season and I'm still not caught up. DK obvs really loved playing Sonya Cross, but the show wasn't really doing that much for her career so it's probs best that she can move on now and pursue other stuff. She's always able to find work so I don't worry about her. Her brief insta message was sweet, though.

                      dianekrugerperso4 days ago
                      I'm very sad that The Bridge will not be coming back.. But I'll always have my memories of the wonderful times I spent making it and the incredible people I met along the way.. I WANT TO THANK YOU most of all for supporting the show! #newbeginnings#sadday#thankyou#FX#theBridge#
                      She is still the best about hashtags. Her complete disregard for the correct usage is the best thing ever. At this point, between this account and her private one, you know someone has to have tried telling her how to do it and still she's just like, "But I don't have any fucks to give about that, so...(Kanyeshrug)"

                      In news about The J, he did end up going to New York for the GQ thing the other night and there were a million pics and like half a dozen interviews so I'm just throwing a huge link party and letting you see everything for yourselves in the next post because this one decided to turn into a mega bitch and hate me with all its might.

                      I will say that while I was super into the idea of The J meeting AG so that he and DK could become instant couple friends with Stonefield, I was not prepared for the happy claps that overcame me at the sight of The J with Riggins! Texas Forever and also Canada Forever. I'd like to think they compared notes on where to find the best pot in Vancouver.

                      brielle_music 3 days ago
                      It was so amazing to meet Andrew Garfield, Joshua Jackson, and @zacharyquinto last night at the GQ Gentlemen's Ball! #GQ #gentlemensball #frenchconnection

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                      • So, the formatting for the above post went batshit like whoa and instead of letting it drive me bonkers, I'mma just put all the links and vids and interview excerpts in here. OMG, the formatting for this place seriously makes me wanna CRY sometimes, it's so frustrating. ophy and I are the only ones who do these monster posts on the regular, but just so y'all know? The struggle IS REAL. It takes twice as long as it used to take me on the old board and having to scroll up and down all the time to c/p all the shit that goes in these threads takes fucking forever. Like yeah, 1st world probs, I get it, but ARGH STABBY RAGE all the same.

                        Entertainment Weekly
                        DM with video
                        US Weekly

                        This is the USW article about how The J thinks dudes should pay on dates. You know they consider themselves married now because I've seen pics of DK footing that grocery bill out of her LV so at this point, it's community money not his and hers.

                        Joshua Jackson: What a gentleman! The Affair actor opened up to Us Weekly at GQ's Gentlemen's Ball in NYC on Wednesday, Oct. 22, about the last gentlemanly thing he did for his girlfriend Diane Kruger, and whether he allows her to ever grab the bill.

                        "Ahhh… let's see, the last nice thing I did," Jackson mused to Us. "Well, I am flying to Paris tomorrow to go see her for the weekend. That’s pretty nice, if I do say so myself."
                        The Dawson's Creek alum, 36, confessed that he's rather old fashioned when it comes to splitting the bill on dates. "Nah, can't do that," he immediately responded. "Unless the woman specifically asks," he reflected, but even then, the actor told his fellow men: "You should always pay the bill."

                        Jackson explained to Glamour recently why he and his longtime lady — whom he's dated since 2006 — still haven't tied the knot. "I can tell you why we're not married: We're not religious. I don't feel any more or less committed to Diane for not having stood in front of a priest and had a giant party," he said. "We're both children of divorce, so it's hard for me to take marriage at face value as the thing that shows you've grown up and are committed to another person. But it may change at some point. We may get married."

                        Beyond his otherwise solid relationship, Jackson also revealed how a true gentleman behaves at all times. "Chivalry is part of being a gentleman," he said at Wednesday's bash, "but I don't think actually being composed at all times is gentlemanly."

                        According to the star, anger is a healthy emotion. "Sometimes you need to be outraged by things, and I think that's part of being a man," the hunk told Us. "There are certain thing you shouldn't stand by and witness. Lots of things make me lose my cool, so maybe I'm rationalizing, but I don't feel that a quiet forbearance is gentlemanly."

                        There's also this random vid from The Talk where the ladies take one of The J's interviews (in which he says that DK threw his old sneakers away) and turn it into a discussion topic.

                        Ok, so by now all of you who follow DK's insta know that The J is in Paris to hang out with her. Tonight, they went to a party for Flaunt magazine because DK is on the cover. There haven't been any party pics on the usual sites yet which probably means it wasn't an event so much as a private party. BUT! Insta to the rescue as always.

                        Check out my new Flaunt cover !!! Who knew I could look like David Bowie ?! #Flaunt#DavidBowie#dianekruger 13h

                        That supah fug cat is doing an admirable job of hating DK in Hobbes' absence and I'd like to think in his honor.

                        DK looks gorg and despite his rumpled hair, The J is making that sweater work and he is super into this suit. It's like the 8th time he's worn it this year, knowing he would get photographed in it.

                        dianekrugerperso Flaunt party with my loved ones ! #flaunt#fabienneberthaud#sky#joshuajackson 8h

                        The lady on the right is the director she's worked with on 2 other movies. I've mentioned their work history before, but they've only made French movies together and their next one, Sky, is gonna be the first English one they're collaborating on. Lily Sometimes and Frankie were both really, really good and actually, the only times I've super enjoyed DK's performances. I don't know if it's because I don't speak French so her accent doesn't distract me or if she's just better at emoting in French, but she's pretty awesome in both movies and is way more effective in them than she is in her English roles thus far. It'll be interesting to see if she's good in those movies because of Fabienne or if it's really just a language thing. I actually think the same about Marion Cotillard. I've seen her in La Vie en Rose, Love Me If You Dare, and Rust and Bone and loved her in those movies, but she did nothing for me in the last Batman and I thought she was just ok in Inception.

                        Anyway, just me rambling at almost 3 in the morning because I am almost done with this marathon of a post and I'm not about to quit this close to the finish line.

                        Jeffrey Jah reposted the first pic and added:

                        He also posted this pic earlier.

                        Jeffrey Jah is one of the directors for Flaunt, but he's also a big time night club owner and party promoter. He partly owns 1Oak or used to, but I'm not sure if he still has a stake in that club. He is also long time besties with Lyman, thus the shout out to The J's bro in the hashtag. Remember when Lyman owned that restaurant for a little while and we suspected that The J fronted some of that startup money to big bro? Jeffrey was the co-owner. So now, DK's part of the favor circle and my guess is that she's on the magazine's cover basically doing a solid for The J's old school bud. It also explains why this party is in Paris rather than L.A. where Flaunt seems to be based. They knew she'd be working so they took the party to her instead inconveniencing her with more travel.

                        If any more pics roll in, I'll update later. After I wake up around like... noon.


                        • DK's insta is everything I wanted The J's twitter to be. She gives us what we want - just enough - and manages plenty of self-promotion and couple-promotion. And she's a good laugh. #IloveDKandIdontcare#shesthebest

                          I'll have to check out her foreign language films. The problem I mainly found with Marion in Inception was that I struggled to understand what she was saying most of the time. DK would probably be more in demand outside Europe if she kept an accent, not too strong like MC's, more like old movie stars Greta, Ingrid etc, or Penelope Cruz, but I get that she doesn't want to be typecast.

                          I hope the posting gets easier cos your and Ophy's epic posts are everything.


                          • Fab post, Issie! Everyone looks purty, except for Garfield's beard madness. I assume it's for a role, but beeksus.

                            ophy and I are the only ones who do these monster posts on the regular, but just so y'all know? The struggle IS REAL. It takes twice as long as it used to take me on the old board and having to scroll up and down all the time to c/p all the shit that goes in these threads takes fucking forever. Like yeah, 1st world probs, I get it, but ARGH STABBY RAGE all the same.

                            It definitely turns long-form posting into a chore. Which can kill off the remaining embers of an obsession with a quickness, because UGH.


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                            • Garfield looks like he's in mid-transition from normal boy to werewolf and I hope Emma tells him to please rethink his facial situation every day. But you know... with love.

                              And YES. When your posts on the Nian threads became less frequent, I figured it was partly because it takes so much damn time to do one of these updates and that it was hurting your eyes to have to work so hard. I used to be able to throw up a mega update in like 15 minutes, but the with all the problems I had last night, it took me over 2 hours to finish those posts. I think I started a little after midnight and I was just gonna update a bit before I went to sleep, but by the time I finished at 3 in the beekdamn morning it was Issie VS. Vbulletin and I was not gonna FUCKING lose. Mr. Issie woke up at one point all, "WTF are you doing?" I'm pretty sure I grunted at him and he went back to sleep.

                              Anyway, more pics and shiz from last night and I'm also gonna throw in some of DK's insta posts because they're totes adorbs and I just want them in here for reasons.

                              dianekrugerperso 8 hours ago
                              A beautiful night with a beautiful man... I loved my Jason Wu for Boss dress ! #thankyou#JasonWu#Boss#Flaunt#dianekruger#joshuaja ckson
                              She reposted their couple pic with that caption which was sweet. DK is a much girlier girlfriend than I ever would have thought before her insta. I thought her dress was really nice so props, JWu. I know I hate on your stuff a lot, but good job on this one.

                              dianekrugerperso 1 day ago
                              He really IS that patient.., I think I might have drugged him, ha !!! #henevergiesshoppingwithme#guesshemissedmethatmuch !#

                              And for Laa:

                              dianekrugerperso 2 days ago
                              At last... #sohappy#mylove#

                              This chick spotted them out shopping. Post indicates that they were at Bon Marche, but that looks like the shoe store so who knows. Bon Marche is like a magical French mystery to me, so it's entirely possible that you can buy Japanese beer there along with designer shoes. That actually sounds awesome so I'm not tryna to judge.

                              treenky Meeting new friends definitely one of d highlights of our trip! Char! #ialmostdied #joshuajackson #dianekruger 11h

                              Her sweater! I needs it.

                              From FB:
                              Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

                              Amazing Diane Kruger welcome Flaunt magazine+

                              jeffreyjah About last night.. Catching up... @dianekrugerperso #DianeKruger your absolutely amazing #stunning @flauntmagazine #TheNineLivesIssue #Paris 5h

                              I don't know what's going on at the bottom half of this pic, but DK's stranger danger face is glorious.

                              There are a bunch of pics from last night at Newscom, but they're exclusive to that site for now. Collage of some of them from FF:


                              • I love the hand-holding so much.

                                Thank you for your EFFORTS on our behalf, Issie.