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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • Is it wrong to say I'm disappointed that his chest-al area isn't a bit more defined? Doesn't he work out like crazy now? That's, like, Pacey-chest.


    • Hah! I thought the same, but I'm okay with it. Like, when he started Crossfit, I wondered if he'd go full Gyllenhaal. It shows in his back the most, I think.


      • Today I have a bit of time to play so I'm trying out posting a couple of pics (been a bit scared by all the horror stories of posting on the new board).

        So, DK is just finishing up filming in France and has made a quick (pre)Christmas visit to her folks in Germany:

        dianekrugerperso My most favorite people in the world
        I can't even imagine a world without them..69 years of marriage

        dianekrugerperso The fam ! Just one REALLY important member missing...

        I think she's heading back home about now so we might get more news on The J who's probably been lying low overseeing stuff on the construction site.


        dianekrugerperso So proud of my love !!!!!! Congratulations honey !! Can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow congrats to Ruth and Dominic !

        The Affair got Golden Globe noms for Best Tv Drama and Dominic and Ruth for best actor and actress.
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        • I wonder if her 69-years-married grandpeople are ever like, "YOU GUYS, MARRIAGE ISN'T SO BAD."


          • DK's in Milan at the Glamour Awards and she's all Chaneled out. Gorg.

            Will replace with clean ones later (like in a year or whatever)

            And shouting out her dude on insta 'cause she's awesome.

            dianekrugerperso 6 hours ago
            So proud of my love !!!!!! Congratulations honey !! Can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow congrats to Ruth and Dominic !
            She's getting some award at the Glamour thing, presumably for style or something. I'll post more later if Laura hasn't done it already.
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            • Please do the fashion updates if you can Issie - I know nothing about such things!!


              • I usually just check RCFA for any dress info and sometimes I guess if it looks like a familiar designer. DK mentioned on her insta that she was gonna be wearing Chanel for this event so that made it mega easy for me. I 'preciate when stars are forthcoming with info.

                In other news, bbs reunited and it feels so good that The J forgot to put on his Grumpy J face for a second.

                Pics at the uzsh: JJ DM

                He was so jacked to see her, he knocked her hat off her head, lol.

                Is there anything hotter than a dude who can carry his girl's purse without being all weird about it?

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                • Heeeeee. But also it's luggage-y. I mean, he'd hold her Chanel clutch if she asked, but he probs wouldn't feel as gallant. Dude's teeth look really white.

                  Her rich boho Free People-y outfit is v. cute. Now I wish she'd gone with a long, flowy something for at least one of their music festival days, which is actually the most appropriate place to wear her beloved leg curtains.


                  • The Chanel is so gorg!

                    Mr. Is carries girly shit. He does not care.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • I love her eye-thing in the Glamour photo!

                      The J's ass looks a.mazing.


                      • Just in case Issie is too busy . . .

                        That's an awfully nice view, too.


                        • Bwa! Delightful. So the house is done?


                          • Great photo. Also, love her suede booties in the airport pics.

                            Can't seem to get on here for more than five minutes at a time myself at the moment so thanks for helping out, o.


                            • Can't believe DK hasn't taken a picture of Hobbes chilling with Choupette yet.


                              • I want her suede boots. And love the cat and the J photo.