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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • Finally some free time! So hereís a few random things from the last couple of weeks Ė courtesy mostly of the FF girls

    I donít think this has been posted (not sure when the pic was taken):

    That one time Benjo cropped me out of the Pacey/Charlie Conway photo. #joshuajackson #theaffair @lunchlobroll @hairofthedognyc @thesurflodge @kmbenjo @briandoddnyc #hairofthedognyc
    The J does ballet - sort of:

    @irishrebellion9 36m36 minutes ago Santa Monica, CA
    So Joshua Jackson and Diana Krueger just walked into my @popphysique class. #dawsonscreek theme now playing in my head #idontwannawait
    Jennifer Murphy @irishrebellion9
    @VancityJax you and #dianekruger are so adorable together! Made my <3 happy to see. You both aren't too bad at @popphysique either ;-)
    Popphysique is, according to their website

    A one hour ballet barre-based class. The principles of dance are used to create long, lean lines and tight, compact muscles. Ö It is not merely exercise, it is art.
    DK has a new cover and interview:

    And they are both back to looking rough-and-ready in their LA style:


    The J, shopping at the Apple store:


    • So, my resolution for the new year is to be less terrible about updating this thread. Please expect me to break it within like 1/2 a day.

      I know most of y'all will have seen these already, but just in case, here's a recap of DK and The J's Christmas.

      Rando prezzies:

      Their cute tree:

      Their nicely set dinner table:

      And some pics from their dinner with peeps, including one pre-dinner shot of The J looking hot out on his deck.

      dianekrugerperso 6 days ago
      The calm before the storm...sous-chef Jackson having a drink at heart might give out#heaven#bestchristmas#

      It always makes me giggle clap whenever DK drops her ice princess facade and goes full girl over how cute she thinks her dude is.

      And because their goal is to be the MOST adorable, The J posted a twin shot of DK on his Twitter with his Christmas greeting.

      Josh Jackson @VancityJaxDec 24

      The calm before the storm. Merry Christmas everyone.

      I'mma guess The J did not pick out the fluffy butt cushions.

      Anyway, on to the party...

      DK with her girls.

      Dang, if that hippie ass Topanga sunset doesn't make everyone's skin look so fresh and so clean clean.

      Hey there, goddaughter of good fortune #1. Hope this Christmas brought you a complimentary shopping trip through DK's closet! And y'all, I'm dumb, but I have never even GUESSED that GoGF1 was Fabienne's daughter and now that they're standing right next to each other, like, OF COURSE she is. They look just alike. And I found her fb and everything, but still didn't make the connection. Sarah would be mega disappointed in me.

      Also, is it just me or is that Fiona in the back of that last pic? Sitting at the table with the red crown, talking to The J's shadow? It looks like her, right? I haven't seen a pic of her in a long time, but she sure looks like The J in this grainy shot. I'm guessing that if it's her, that would make one of the other two reflections Ashley/Aisleigh/The Moocher. You can't make out the other names on the place cards DK made and y'all know my stalker ass has flipped it and zoomed in from like all available angles. Nice job keeping your guest list on the dl, DK. You win this one.

      Then she went insta silent for a couple of days, but came back today with this gem of The J being a doof at the airport or wherever. She also posted a pic of all their ski gear, but as it looks like all other ski gear, y'all don't care about it right? Good.

      diane kruger personage 9 hours ago
      That's why he's been so grumpy all morning#boyswillbeboys#shouldhaveknownwhichanimalh eresembles#

      Also also, Creek worlds continue to collide in fun ways. So, DK apparently went to Irene Neuwirth's jewelry store a couple days ago and IW left this reply on one of DK's posts:

      ireneneuwirth@dianekrugerperso heard I missed you at my store. Thanks for coming by xx
      And now, IW is in the Maldives with none other than her bestie Busy and Busy's bestie MDubs. Y'all keep circling each other, Creek kids. One of these days, my dream reunion pic will surface!

      busyphilipps 3 hours ago
      Bffs. I LOVE VACATION. #maldives #2017 #tequlia

      You know legit good times were had when you misspell tequila AND get the year wrong. You do you, Busy.

      busyphilipps 2 hours ago
      One more.... #mushacay #2013 #newyears #bffs

      Looks like MDubs is growing her hair out which y'all know is my sign that she's willing to embrace happiness again! She looks really good.
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      • This is the clearest shot I could find of The J's mama (from Mandy's site, via google) and if you make her blonde and add a good 10-15 years, she's totes that lady in the pic from above.


        • Your skillz! They're almost as insanely good as MW's skin. Twin pic = squeeeeee. I love the decor, so West Elm-y.


          • I love everything about that post. Here's to 2015/17/13!


            • Now that's what I call an update, with amazing tracking skills and everything.

              Happy New Year everyone.


              • UGH, Jen and Audrey! Love!
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • In case Issie and Laura are both busy, here are The Golden Ones in Aspen yesterday:


                  More pics at the link, but it's just the same 'walking while bundled up' stuff.


                  • One thing The Affair has given me is a better appreciation for the beard. Just not with a suit and tie.


                    • I love that they both look annoyed as hell to be photographed in those pics when DK's been blasting their location from her insta all week. You managed to make it almost a full week in the winter celeb Mecca without getting sniffed out by paps, so maybe calm down with the death glares, bbs.

                      I also love that DK's sporting Canada Goose like it's Chanel because it's all she knows how to do. Every time some hater puts The J on blast for being DK's little puppy dog, I should post this pic like, "DK is wearing CANADA GOOSE, stay thirsty."

                      They also got papped at the airport on their way to Aspen, but I didn't have time to put the pics up here.

                      Bravo to The J for his commitment because lugging ski gear around is annoying even when you're at the ski resort, so having to do it from city to city sounds like a nightmare which is why we rent instead of owning. RCFA ID'ed DK's sweater and it's from Gap and I don't why I thought that was funny, but it made me laugh.

                      DK got some good snaps up on the mountain, but that's easy to do when they scenery does all the work for you.

                      The J's patience with DK's insta addiction will never not be adorable to me.

                      dianekrugerperso 2 days ago
                      Another day, another adventure#loveskiing#secondtolastday#

                      dianekrugerperso 6 days ago
                      My face looks like a stuffed sausage !! Not my most glamorous outing haha !!#lovethemountains#bluebirdskiing#goodtimesallaro und#

                      This chick from L.A. saw them on the mountain, but other than this fan sighting, they seemed to be able to do as they pleased without much bother.

                      Amy Kaufman ‏@AmyKinLA Jan 2
                      First day in Aspen. Stared at Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson cuddling apres ski. Then Sammy Sosa made my family dinner reservations?
                      It seems like their big trip to New Zealand got cancelled because of DK's filming schedule, but Nina Dobrev has obvs had enough fun for them while she's been there, so maybe they can take over next year. DK starts filming Sky with Fabienne in the next week or so. I think i remember reading somewhere that filming locations included New Mexico and L.A. but my brain is not the most reliable source of information these days, so it's totes possible that I just made that up in the middle of a fever dream? IDK, you guys. If they do film in NM, the bbs can continue their skiing adventures in Taos and that town is full of doped up skiing hippies so even if they get recognized, unless they have an awesome supply of weed that they're willing to share, no one will care enough to post about it.
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                      • It seems like their big trip to New Zealand got cancelled because of DK's filming schedule, but Nina Dobrev has obvs had enough fun for them while she's been there, so maybe they can take over next year.
                        NEW FUCKING ZEALAND.

                        I love sausage-faced Gap wearing DK and beardy ski-toting The J.


                        • Of course he's gonna haul that ski shit. He's a Crossfit gym rat now, so he's probs counting reps in his head.


                          • In prep for tomorrow's GGs (and I've already blocked out my whole day for that, so no worries about a lack of DK and The J coverage on my end), I thought I'd throw up some party pics from Thursday night. They went to the W party at the Chateau Marmont and looked cute. Pics here and here, including one that they took just for isadora.

                            The J is also a self-professed X Files super nerd so I'm sure he was doing jumpy claps on the inside during his moment with Scully. DK's wearing Marni and this dress got mixed reviews on T&L, RCFA, and GFY, but I think it's adorable and she's totally committed to the whole mod vibe she's working out here. Plus, I enjoy when her hair is at its maximum messy fluffiness so this is all good to me. I don't love those shoes, but then I'm mad at Loubs for kick starting the whole PVC trend. It's tacky and everyone is doing it now. Bleh. Wevs, her legs look amazing and even Heather from GFY genie'd them for herself.

                            DK also got papped a couple of days ago at the alterations place where she was seen picking up this dress. Her L.A. style now just makes me laugh because I like to think of her MO as "Zero Fucks Given" when she's there in her Topanga closet.

                            They got interviewed by THR at the party and were predictably fuckdorable.

                            During this weekend's Golden Globes ceremony in Los Angeles, Joshua Jacksonwill be cheering for his show, Showtime's The Affair, nominated for best TV drama. And while he'll be sitting inside the Beverly Hilton during Sunday's show, he'll have his eye on another competition far from the glitzy ballroom in Beverly Hills.

                            "Since the Globes are on Sunday, he'll be watching football until it's time to leave," laughs Jackson's longtime girlfriend Diane Kruger, who referred to herself as his plus-one for the weekend's festivities. "He's already trying to fight me on what time he has to get in the car to leave football behind. So that's pretty much what it is — me and my best gay friend are drinking champagne and he's watching football."

                            So what happens when it's time to leave the gridiron behind and get in the car? "He's checking ESPN on his phone and I'm so stressed out that I'm going to wrinkle my dress so I'm trying to sit straight up and not move," laughs Kruger, in a chic lavender Marni mini dress. Before she could finish her thought, a Theory-clad Jackson, who plays Cole Lockhart on the critically acclaimed freshman series, interjected: "You're giving away all the trade secrets!"

                            Jokes aside, look for Jackson to be wearing a "beautiful tux from Berluti" on Sunday. No word on what Kruger will be wearing — she's keeping some trade secrets to herself — but we expect something show-stopping from the actress who is the new face of a beauty campaign for Chanel. And her man admitted that while it's "easier for men" to get red-carpet ready, it's less difficult for him in particular because of whom he lives with. "It helps having an in-house fashion critic," he says. "She gets the final approval."

                            The two were among a starry crowd inside the Chateau Marmont's famed penthouse on Thursday night to kick off the Golden Globes festivities in style at W's annual VIP fete. W’s editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi, editor-at-large Lynn Hirschberg and hotelier Andre Balazshosted the Dom Perignon and Cadillac-sponsored party, which celebrated the HFPA kudosfest as well as W's Best Performances portfolio shot by Tim Walker, featured in the February issue.
                            Never change, bbs. The late game starts before 2 in L.A. so it'll be well after half time by the time they have to get in the car. It's the better game though, with Peyton going up against his old team who has like the new Peyton as their QB. I like Manning the Elder, but Andrew Luck is a Houston boy so my loyalties are probs with the Colts./football talk that only Issie cares about

                            ALSO also, I'm preparing to have my hopes and dreams crushed by the Creek kids once more because...

                            In my ultimate fantasy life, Toledo gets straight up schwasted and confronts The J about how her life is still in shambles because of LONDON,OMB and then they hug it out and DK posts all that shit on insta like #scienokills#tomcruise#pacey#.
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                            • I love the dress and the J's suit, although it seems a little small for him?


                              • Love the dress - very 60s vibe coming from it. I don't like the shoes at all - because of the see through pvc stuff her toes all look scrunchy. They are very cute together.