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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • Ugh, I just love them, period.

    Digging the dress, love the hair, hate the shoes, can't wait for the GGs carpet.


    • The J's foot + cat is making me so happy today.


      • UGH, YOU GUYS.

        I will nevah evah evah get a pic of Pacey and Joey together again. WHY? WHY WHY? You know that shit would be EVERYWHERE because, as we've learned in the last decade, everybody is a fucking P/Jo shipper. I would bet he'd get more heat from that pic than he has for all of The Affair so far.


        I mean, we got that furtive Josh/Michelle pic (with her sitting in the bushes LOL) and the Beek insta pic. Y CAN I NOT HAVE PACEY AND JOEY?

        Seriously, though, they have been at sooooo many events together over the last few years and .... nothing. What does that mean? Can we spec that out? Do they just hate each other now? Is it all too awk? WHY is it awk after all these years? Does he just hate her for dumping him as a pal when TomKat started? Does she hate him for What Happened in London? Does DK have Toledo on a list of bitches not to talk to after that whole Olivia Munn issue?

        *cries* These things consume me, y'all.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • The GGs are the best chance we'll ever have, tbh. It's a huge party with cameras everywhere and errybody is drankin'. If it doesn't happen tonight, that last ember of hope will flicker out, man. My one consolation will be if the producer has the balls to cut to DK and The J while Toledo is up on stage. Like, pleaseohpleaseohplease DO IT.

          BBs were out at a party thrown by Anonymous Content last night. Pics here as always. That's the new agency The J signed with a year or two ago. He's wearing this raggedy ass Rag&Bone denim suit again which is quickly rivaling the blue shorts of woe as my least favorite items in his wardrobe. He looks like a giant blue rectangle in this fug jacket.


          The stunning #DianeKruger & the always charming @VancityJax celebrating our #GoldenGlobe nominated series #TheAffair!

          For those of you playing at home, this Chanel DK is sporting made its first appearance on her insta during a Parisian date night with The J.

          And just as a reminder, the last time they were at the GGs, this bit of business happened.

          I still love this Lacroix on DK. Pepto Bismal and all, I think she killed in this dress and it's one of my all time faves on her. And it is a bit cloudy in L.A. today, no? We may get a repeat of umbrella goodness.
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          • And they're off! Poor The J, all dressed up when all he wants is to be like me in my jimmy jammies watching football. I'll eat extra queso just for you, Grumpy J!

            dianekrugerperso 20 minutes ago
            On our way !!! Hot boyfriend alert !!#TheAffair#Showtime#makingmemories#


            • First carpet pic:

              Her dress is meh. I mean, it's not her night so it would've been a bit tacky to try and show up big time, but this is a little snoozville. No ID yet, but if I had to guess, Boss by JWu?


              • Classic but kind of boresville, agreed. I'd wear the whole purple ensemble, tacky shoes included.

                Why don't we hire our own damn paparazzo to be at this shit? I just need ONE PICTURE.
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                • I really love it. So ice princess-y. And The J looks AMAZING. The beard is doing it for me tonight, big time.


                  • Hmm her hair and makeup as beautiful but the dress is pretty boring. The J is looking rather good tho


                    • Twitter is damn near full to bursting with tweets basically begging Toledo and The J to joint selfie it up already. My want is giving me a rash, I'm pretty sure.


                      • I don't know why I was and wasn't surprised when The Affair won, but when they announced it I had like a , "WHUH?/OBVS" simultaneous reaction and then because it won, I totally expected RDubs to take it on home. But I had very little time to recover from all the winning because I died momentarily when this happened.

                        BBs shanking errybody FTMFW

                        God bless you tumblr, you never disappoint me with the goodies. I'll bake you cookies one of these days, I promise.

                        Her face! Just when I think their cuteness can no longer really move me because I'm a lifer at this point, they get me, man.

                        They also got interviewed on the carpet by Giuliana and it was also very cute. Hopefully, the vid shows up somewhere, but for now, here's the transcript.

                        Joshua Jackson might star in a show called The Affair, but his relationship with partner Diane Kruger is rock solid.

                        So what's their secret? It's simple:

                        "Communication," Kruger told E! on the red carpet at the 2015 Golden Globes. "It takes a lot."

                        She added: "We certainly had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day I just really like him."

                        Jackson's words of wisdom? "You just have to put the work in," he said. "I donít think there is a magic formula."

                        The Affair is nominated for three Golden Globe awards, including best TV series, drama.

                        "My show is how not to stay in a long-term relationship," joked Jackson, who's been dating Kruger for nine years. "I get it all out of my system on the show."
                        You hear that, Olivia Munn? It's ALL out of his system! During the interview when DK told Giuliana that she liked it better when he was around, she kind of did this little pinchy caress move on his face and it was da best.

                        Random pics from all ovah-

                        I'm usually not one to skinny shame anybody, but when you look malnourished next to DK, you could stand to eat a butter pie. Like a whole one.

                        His shoes are supah shiny. And I wish DK had gone with a darker lip. Red, fuschia, coral. Any of them would have worked better than whatever nude shade she chose.

                        Forever grooming him in some way.

                        Arts Et Al‏@ArtsEtAl

                        Now we know why Joshua Jackson loves her so much. RT @ScottFeinberg: Diane Kruger pounding some champagne

                        That's my girl. And shallow, but she totes wins the War of Extensions against Toledo and only one of them reps a hair care line, js.

                        Sarah Treem @SarahTreem4 hours ago

                        These two cannot take a bad picture @VancityJax

                        And a whole slew from FF-

                        Gif it out, you guys.

                        Oh, her dress is Emilia Wickstead, bdw. It's growing on me, but that has more to do with the above gif than the dress itself. It's just a good dress for getting swept up into your perfect boyfriend's happy arms, is what I'm saying./cray

                        I'll post party pics tomorrow if work is not a train wreck.


                        • I'm still not all about that dress, but YES, a lip of any kind would've changed it all for me. GUH, they're so fucking cute. Dorking out with a bottle of champagne.

                          I haven't watched yet, but RW won, right? As long as DW didn't, because I'm still like "Really?" on that nom.


                          • I love the dress! It's sparkly and has a great back. Not her best, but pretty. And her hair/ makeup is perfect for me. The J looks amazing. I kind of like super shiny shoes in these occasions. where else can you wear super shiny shoes?

                            I love that they won just for the gifs and because the J deserves it. And I love the Charlie mention.


                            • LOVE EVERYTHING.

                              Not sure the show deserved to win (glad it did though, for the J and the gifs). Ruth deserved her win - DW shouldn't have got a nom.


                              • Her face! Just when I think their cuteness can no longer really move me because I'm a lifer at this point, they get me, man
                                Beeksus, yes. That picture is killing me. I could stare at it all day.