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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • It looks comf. I'd wear it after pigging out post-Globes. Am now wondering what she'd look like with a deeper red like Rachel McAdams'.


    • I really do like the pattern on it a lot, but yes. Comfy bedsheet does come to mind.

      Her hair is super pretty!


      • Filming started on DK's new movie and I'm just throwing up random insta pics from different sources.

        dianekrugerperso 2 days ago
        Not the best picture, but I absolutely LOVE Miss Dunham !! So, so happy she agreed to join "Sky"#girls#lenarocks#girlpower#sky

        And then Lena posted this one of DK on her insta:

        lenadunham 2 days ago
        So ugly so rude (@dianekrugerperso is the opposite of both those things 🍇😍🍇&#128525 #sky #independentfilm#twentyninepalms

        Do y'all know how this improves my chances of a DK and The J/TSwizzle breakfast in Rhode Island? DO U?

        From this dude who I think is a stunt driver? Anyway, he is really into insta. And also hashtags.

        rodneybrand 2 days ago ∑ Skull Rock Trail
        On The Set Today with The Stunning Diane Kruger and The Rockin & Rad Norman Reedus Filming This BRAND New Movie! Awesome Day In Everyway! #Hollywood#LosAngeles #Blessed #PictureCarCaptain #Driver#Actor #Stuntman #DianeKruger #BrandNewMovie#MotionPicture #AwesomeTeam #1 #LiveLife#LoveLife #DontHoldBackHoldOn

        Heh, I wonder if Norman has any fun stories about Dirty J for DK and she's all like, "Ugh, don't. I've already fixed him."

        rodneybrand 4 days ago ∑ 29 Palms
        Day 1 of Filming Almost Complete! Rad Road Trip from Los Angeles to The Desert with Diane and the Entire Production Crew! #Hollywood #LosAngeles #Desert#DianeKruger #Driver #Actor #Stuntman #MovieBiz#LiveLife #LoveLife #1 #Sky #DontHoldBackHoldOn

        rodneybrand 3 days ago ∑ Rattle Snake Ranch, Joshua Tree
        On The Set Today with The Stunning Diane Kruger Filming This BRAND New Movie! Awesome Desert Ranch Scene! #Hollywood #LosAngeles #DesertRanch#PictureCarCaptain #Driver #Actor #Stuntman#DianeKruger #BrandNewMovie #MotionPicture#AwesomeTeam #1 #LiveLife #LoveLife#DontHoldBackHoldOn

        rodneybrand 4 days ago ∑ North Hollywood, California
        Just Watched My CoStar Diane Kruger Last night Presenting and Being Nominated at The Critics Choice Awards and Now Working With Her Today On A BRAND New Film!

        DK also posted this one of Norman and Walking Dead peeps went apeshit on her comments about it.

        I'm still waiting for the one mega cray on her mentions who is always accusing her of fucking Damien Bechir to switch tactics and start insta-yelling at her for banging Reedus.
        Is starting to scare isadora a little bit.
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        • Suddenly I want her to do a guest stint on TWD. What's this new desert-y thing she's in?


          • I quite like to see DK change up the hair colour once in a while. I found this old commercial with her as a brunette - prefer the usual blonde but it's interesting to see her looking so different.

            There's a better one here but the site's a little weird and there's an advert to get through first:

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            • That commercial was so disorienting! Too weird to see her non-blonde.

              I vote no on the brunette. It's not German fairy ice princess-y enough for me.
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              • DK as Katniss for Pantene is weirding me out.

                Some new insta grabs.

                DK and Reedus.

                dianekrugerperso 15 hours ago
                Repost from @bigbaldhead ! Now this looks like a match made in country heaven 😜

                dianekrugerperso 2 days ago
                Don't ask why I look like that...#Sky#Ilovemakingmovies#NormanReedus#

                His fans are now all ovah her insta and she's gone from like 40k followers a couple weeks ago to almost 80 today which is crazy.

                DK and the besties.

                dianekrugerperso 1 day ago
                I guess it really IS a family affair !
                Well done Schifty @micahmarcus !!#Sky#workingnights#

                I'm not sure if Micah is still technically her assistant anymore. He was for over a decade and he was still working in that capacity during S2 of The Bridge, but they seem to just hang out now. She's super duper close to his entire family and comments on pics that his brother and his brother's husband post on insta, she calls his dad "grandpa", insta drools over Micah's nephew. And I think I've mentioned this before, but those photobooth pics of DK and The J that were taken at a wedding a few years ago were from Micah's brother's wedding to his now husband. Her relationship with all of them is cute. On the flip side, The Moocher doesn't follow either of her insta accounts which could be mean something or nothing at all.

                DK squatting it out.

                dianekrugerperso 15 hours ago
                How are your squats coming along, girls (and boys?) ???
                #stayingfit#healthisthemostimportantthing#abubbleb uttneverhurtsthough#

                Squats with weights is such a Crossfit thing so The J's workouts are rubbing off. But then she makes him go to Ballet Bar or whatever it's called so they're even. Speaking of The J, he's keeping a low pro, but he's in Vegas with her.

                jcruzmartinez 4 days ago ∑ Bellagio Las Vegas
                Hanging with pacey #Lasvegas #DawsonsCreek#TheAffair #Blamecanada

                This dude's hair is voluminous like a motherfucker.

                Is starting to scare isadora a little bit.
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                • Don't remind me of that wedding I could've crashed! (cries)

                  Reedus + DK = yes, please.


                  • You totally could have crashed the Wes/Mrs. Wes wedding, too and we'd have our own stash of The J as best man pics now!

                    The J is hiding or playing construction foreman or something, but he's nowhere to be found right now. Someone on Twitter saw them together at a WeHo coffee shop earlier this week and then another dude met him at the Sunset Marquis a couple nights ago so he's back in L.A. for sure.

                    DK just signed on for a new movie with Penelope Cruz where the two of them are in a love triangle with a yet to be named dude. Deadline has more deets. She's also been busy on insta posting pics of Reedus and his fangirls are as crazy as crazy comes so they're all up in her comments section like, "ARE U DATING HIM? YOU'RE UGLY!!" Crazy apparently does not have access to Google among other things.


                    • People who have the hots for that hideous chud are calling DK ugly? I hate the internet sometimes.


                      • LOLOL Where. is. Issie.


                        • What.

                          Issie was due to be birthing Baby#2 right about now, right? I assume that's what she is up to.


                          • WHO HAS TIME FOR BABIES WIth THIS?
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • He's at his dadliest in honor of the new Issiechild. Sheriff Witter would be so proud, eh.


                              • OMG. I don't even have words. Moustache Pacey, not a good Pacey.