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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • DK calls Jon Hamm despicable. She meant Draper, but still, hee.

    Some info that came out of the TCAs today.

    TV Guide Magazine ‏@TVGuideMagazine 9h
    "Demian & I are trying really hard…not to make it a Hollywood version of what America thinks Mexico is," says Diane Kruger. #TheBridge #FX
    Megan Walsh-Boyle @ RoviMegan 8h
    # TheBridgeFx EPs say They wrote the series with # DemianBichir and # DianeKruger in mind. Diane played hard to get before Accepting the role.

    Megan Walsh-Boyle @ RoviMegan 8h
    Oscar nominee # DemianBichir charming and gracious. Says he connected right away with # DianeKruger while skyping. # TheBridgeFx # tcas13
    TVGuideHanh @ TVGuideHanh 8h
    # thebridge 's Demian Bichir upon hearing Diane Kruger wanted to Skype (as an introduction) w / him: "Yes Naked or dressed?" # tcas13 # fx
    Jason Lynch @ jasonlynch 8h
    "I Sensed IMMEDIATELY he was going to drive me crazy!" Diane Kruger is Demian Bichir # TCAs13
    Hee, they seem to have a nice friendship. I love that DK buddies up with her costars regularly.

    Debra Birnbaum ‏@TVGMDebra 9h
    #TheBridge star Diane Kruger: "You'd be hard-pressed to find an actor right now who wouldn't want to work in cable television." #TCAs13
    Marisa Roffman ‏@marisaroffman 9h
    Love that Diane Kruger touched on the ridiculous double standard for male/female characters: Don Draper is a (cont)
    Neal Justin ‏@nealjustin 9h
    #DianeKruger says she reads the paper everyday. #tcas13 restrains itself from breaking into wild applause. #tcas13
    Jarett Wieselman ‏@JarettSays 9h
    #TheBridge panel starting now. Per usual, Diane Kruger is KILLING me with her style choices #TCAs13 #THESHOES
    Alan Sepinwall ‏@sepinwall 9h
    Next at #TCAs13: "The Bridge." Had a good chat w/Diane Kruger last night about playing Asperger's. She joked being German made it easier.
    And some new videos from last year's Cannes. Man, Cannes 2012 is like the gift that keeps on giving. And a random old one of them walking around Paris.

    Smoochy dinner
    After clubbing
    In Paris


    • LOVE that smoochy dinner, even though it feels really intrusive watching it!

      DK is so determined and fearless when it come to her career, it's really quite impressive. I saw talk of a second season for the Bridge? That would mean Dream Babies are a way off yet, no?



        My biological clock is ticking, DK and The J!

        Super cute in the smoochy dinner when they notice the paps outside the window and start discussing switching places. And then you next see that he switches with her, thinking that she is shielded from the paps when she so totes isn't. Still! Such a good boyfriend move. Would have obvs been more practical to switch with the other couple, but very chivalrous not to even though they clearly offered.


        • Yeah, DK is sooper driven which is admirable, but it's time for some babies, man!

          My fave part of the smoochy video was when they were both trying to make a point and The J gives in all slumped shoulders and sighing like, "Fine, whatever, let's just kiss." I'm pretty sure he tells her he loves her at the end. And the other 2 people at dinner with them are her assistant Micah and his publicist Dominque Appel. She's the tie between The J and his besties like Scott Foley and Ali Larter. They're all with her.

          New US Weekly interview with DK. I guess The J is happy playing house husband with no immediate plans to seek out work. I can't really blame him, I'd love to hang out for a year and just garden and shit. Except by garden, I mean sleep and shop online.

          Pacey has a few TV pointers! While speaking to Us Weekly at the Fox All-Star party at Soho House in West Hollywood on Aug. 1, Diane Kruger -- who's starring as Detective Sonya Cross in the new FX series The Bridge -- explained that beau Joshua Jackson gave her a few tips about starring in a TV series.

          Indeed, Jackson, 35, has some resume experience for the 37-year-old actress, as he played the role of Pacey Witter in Dawson's Creek from 1998-2003. "He definitely alerted me to mistakes that he made and hopefully I can avoid," she explained to Us.

          The German beauty admitted that Jackson is a little bitter since her TV series experience is quite different from his WB days. "He hates me because my experience has been like, I'm home for dinner every night, I don't have to work every day, FX wants me to think creatively," she shared. "He's been on network television and it was very different."

          She laughed, "It's been super creative for me and he kinda hates me for it!"
          Luckily, the actress explained that he's been completely supportive of her, and both of their careers are in a good place at the moment.
          "He just finished Fringe so he's home and I'm going to go make a movie in September," she said. "It's good!"

          The pair have been dating since 2006. In June 2013, a source close to the couple revealed to Us that the actor was planning to take the next step and propose. "Josh and Diane are very close to getting engaged," a pal revealed. "They decided they're ready for the next step. They're excited!"
          Kruger's new series, The Bridge, airs Wednesdays at 10pm on FX.


          • Twitter says The J is in Vancouver and so far, he's w/o DK. At the airport:


            Ben @ BBoozah 2h
            Just saw joshua jackson in the lobby at the loden. Much thinner than i thought. Pacey Hi it's me, Joey.
            And ONTDIssie gifed the smoochy vid! She's the best!

            So is that thread, btw. The comments have made me laugh and I love that DK and The J's epic love bitters people out.

            The Bridge's ratings are pointing towards renewal so far, so that's good. Although I'm still not sure how seriously DVR #s are taken when these decisions are made. Link


            • Oh, that gif! ONTDIssie is indeed the best, her stanning makes me smile!

              Agreed about The J's life being great at the moment, unless he's trying and failing to land a part, that is. Still, he's keeping fit, so that's a good sign - no slobbing about and getting fat, which I totally would be in his situation.
              A proud member of Isadora's army.
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              • So, The J was in Vancouver for someone's wedding, a Greek/Italian combo which sounds fun. He looks like he had fun with his tie all wonky.


                And another fan shot at the airport:

                I'll just say that being famous at an airport sounds like one of my nightmares because I usually fly in running leggings and a half-zip pullover that has a hole in it.


                • Guest at a wedding? Poor The J, always the bridesmaid never the bride...


                  • DK interview on Craig Ferguson. She has some serious heels on. She also talks about the cat preferring The J to her - I'm sure if they do ever have kids they'd probably be running to Daddy a lot, too.

                    I'm away for a couple of weeks without internet (how will I cope?), so I'd better not miss anything major with these two - no babies, engagements, blockbuster roles...


                    • A vacation without the Internet doesn't seem like a vacation to me (considering the Internet is very often my vacation from boring work, cleaning, etc.).
                      It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • Poor DK. Everybody likes The J better. Uncle Karl, the cat, their fans. She can't win for trying.

                        I did laugh when she said they liked to walk around and smoke reefer, but that it was hard to find in her tiny German village.


                        • The cat story was hilarious, the cat is like move bitch I need my Pacey time! DK has a fun personality.


                          • I watched the smoochie dinner video and I'd swear he says to her "Let's give them something," pointing to the paparazzi.


                            • I can't see any of the vids at work, but I am squeeing at the mere thought of that possibility. I am also panicking because of course DK & The J news will explode while Issie is on hiatus.


                              • Laura's the one who's gonna be MIA, not me! I'm going on vacation next week, but I'll have internet access. I am not one of those people who wants to get away from it all for a whole week. Just the thought of it makes me a little panicky, tbh.

                                Here's a round up of DK and The J's past week. He flew back to Vancouver for another wedding. Constantly reminded of what he'll never have. He got fangirled at the airport. Pic

                                And DK spent the week getting papped all over the place.

                                Breakfast with Micah
                                Running errands
                                Going hiking with some friends

                                Someone at JJ thinks that her hiking friends might actually be her brother and his SO? No clue how accurate that is, but DK and The J have been pictured out with them before. I love that DK has regular ugly workout clothes, like the kind you buy at REI and not the super coordinated Nike outfits that I would expect from her.

                                She also got papped on set last week having a laugh with Demian and then she went out with Micah for drinks after. She loves those Comme de Garcon heart shirts. She has at least 3 of them and she wears them all the time.

                                She's gonna be on Chelsea Handler on Thursday so yay for more skinny dipping stories because Chelsea would ask about that.

                                According to Twitter, they're filming the last episode of the season and then she has a bit of a break before starting a new movie in September. That's almost a sure bet that they'll go jet setting for a few weeks so maybe Paris?

                                ETA: Slate wrote an article about her, defending her portrayal of a person with Asperger's. Her character and performance continues to be super divisive.
                                Is starting to scare isadora a little bit.
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