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DK and The J Fangirling: Who Knew It Would Last This Long?

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  • Did y'all notice he hashtagged her instead of @ing her? He totally knew she unfollowed and is probs not yet aware that she followed back.



    • My theory is he's still playing with Instagram and learning how to use it - he's not very good at it yet, that's for sure.


      • Makeup trip before DK leaves for Venice? They're in Cabo at their favorite resort and pics are here.

        These shorts are hilariously bad, but they're still together and seem verray happy so no complaints.

        Snuggle pics are cute, but the fist bump is my fav. In my fan fic, they're congratulating each other on making me lose my shit over the thought of them breaking up two weeks ago.


        • Bwa! It's nice that they share a hobby.


          • They are too cute but argh they have got fedora-itis


            • In my fan fic, they're congratulating each other on making me lose my shit over the thought of them breaking up two weeks ago.
              Canon enuf for me.


              • All loved-up and happy, exactly how (some of us) like them.

                Remember when DK went to speak at the Oxford Union? well, she's part of this amazingness (the OU are trying to tempt Taylor Swift):


                • I saw that a couple nights ago on Twitter or something and it made me laugh.

                  More pics came out from their first day and FF was nice/obsessed enough to resize them. Y'all. The J is straight up CUT now and it makes me think back to his puny little torso in the hot tub back in the days of OG Pacey. Crossfit is magic, for real. Congrats, DK, happy for you.

                  DK isn't mad about this body, that's for sure.

                  More pics in the original size here.

                  As far as coverups go, I'm meh on this little dress. It's the same one she had on during their July 4th party, but she's had far cuter ones in the past that I've lusted over. She can keep this one.

                  They went to work out together or for a run or something yesterday.

                  Their dumb hattery continues. Just wear baseball caps! They're like 95% less douchey, I promise. More pics at DM, as always, but it's more of the same.

                  If you're just going by DK's insta, she's on this trip by herself or with her photographer friend because The J only appears via his reflection in a glass door within a pic of DK's feet. But wevs, man, she seems real chill about whatever happened a couple weeks ago so I'm not mad about any of this.

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                  • Iphone jammed in the front of the shorts seems dangerous for running.

                    I still love that coverup that makes Issie go 'meh'; if I would look remotely good in it, I would find it.

                    I can't even with those hats.


                    • LOLOL


                      • Super Dirty Bros.


                        • Ha, even Mrs. Wes was all, "YES, this is def you two dirtays."

                          Random pics from the past week or so all yanked from FF...

                          Tatsu Ramen ‏@tatsuramen · 3 hours ago
                          Joshua Jackson craving Tatsu Ramen today!

                          Akriti ‏@ScintillAkriti
                          Transported back in time running into @VancityJax. Gotta admit I never really got over Pacey from @dawsonscreek 😊

                          I think the above pic was probs from the airport from when he and DK flew back to New York. They were home in L.A. for most of last week after Cabo and then he had to go back to work and she dropped him off before going to Paris for work herself.

                          And this dude loves his hashtags.

                          Perhaps taken the same night as this Page Six sighting?

                          The spark is still there for actress Diane Kruger and her longtime boyfriend, “Fringe” star Joshua Jackson, who were looking close Thursday night at the Bowery Hotel. A witness said the couple, who’ve been dating since 2006, “were sitting alone and making out. It was major PDA and intense conversation.”
                          They were interrupted by the appearance of LA Clippers star Blake Griffin.
                          “They were all leaving Bowery together, and Josh stopped Blake to tell him he’s been following him forever,” says our spy.
                          The J follows Chris Paul on Twitter too, so I guess he's a Clippers fan? Which...EW, The J. I don't even like the Lakers, but liking the Clippers means you hate yourself.


                          • Maybe he just fanboys the sports peeps he's met? I don't know shit about pro basketball, but I find both Blake Griffin and Chris Paul totally adorable in their respective commercials!

                            As much as I did enjoy Fringe, it's comforting that the world will #Pacey him forever.

                            ETA: Oh! I found DK's F21 grid-patterned two-piece culotte thing on sale last week and you were right- it's SO CUTE.
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                            • Cute profile pic from DK's private insta:


                              • I bemoan the fact that DK's private insta is chock full of pics of The J, all the ones he tells her not to put up on her public one. Since her public account is like 2% pics of The J, her private one is probs 98% Dirty. FML.

                                In other news, she's in Venice now for the film festival. She got there yesterday and it's only been 2 outfits so far, but they're both "YAAAS, Queen" good.

                                First dress is Thakoon, second is Preen, and I would wear both of them. To everything. To sleep. Forever.