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  • The comments on that article told me to look for images of John Farrow, with the point being that Ronan looks like Mia's father. Which his face does, but then I looked at images of Frank, and the eyes are exactly the same. He looks like a combo of his mom's family and his dad's eyes.

    Also: fuck everybody who works with him and adores him. I can't see a path to him being innocent here.


    • It's not just the eyes, it's the shape of the head!

      Very creepy Frank/Ronan split screen:


      • Susan Sarandon for the win.


        • Adding Casey Affleck to the list of creepy fuckers!


          • That's a weird story.

            I wonder if he has a drinking or drug problem (like his dad and brother)? And that he's super crazy when he's drinking (like Mel Gibson)? There's nothing in what I've read so far to say that's true. Just a theory in my head.


            • If feels like a substance abuse issue to me too.


              • I also think that both him and Joakin had a major psychological breakdown during that film. Not that this excuses him.


                • That is very weird and creepy.


                  • Now we're taking down the showrunners! Andrew Kreisberg of Supergirl/Arrow/The Flash and Mark Schwan of One Tree Hill. I had never heard a peep about what total creepsters they are until now.

                    Rebecca Traister on women's collective rage in our Post-Weinstein implosion world:



                    • I love angry women.


                      • Variety posted the detailed account of the OTH abuse at
                        For the first two seasons, Burton said, she struggled against Schwahn’s efforts to gratuitously sexualize her character — fights that earned her a reputation for being “difficult.”

                        But after the show’s second season, according to Burton, inappropriate behavior by Schwahn that she and her costars dismissed as social awkwardness grew more intense.

                        “Things took a turn in season three,” Burton said. “That’s when Mark decided that I was his muse.”
                        Which actually makes perfect sense. Also in the first 2 seasons he was a little less nuts in writing. I guess he was still afraid for his standing.

                        A former writer on the show, Michelle Furtney-Goodman, recalled to Variety an incident in which Schwahn, in front of the show’s writing staff, forced her head down between her knees, balanced a soda can on her, and joked about her performing oral sex. Another female actor, speaking anonymously, described pushing Schwahn away after he grabbed her suddenly and pulled her between his thighs. The alleged incident occurred on set, in front of crew

                        Burton said Schwahn positioned himself as a mentor; pushing her character to the forefront, allowing her to sit in on production meetings, and offering support for her dream of starting a record label. “I realize now that I was being groomed as bait,” she said.

                        Burton described a pattern of behavior in which Schwahn would allegedly manipulate female cast members by playing them against each other — and that he would often encourage new female actors on the show to develop social relationships with Burton as a way to draw them into his orbit. Actress Danneel Ackles, who joined the series in season three, said that Schwahn encouraged her to develop a friendship with Burton, telling Ackles (née Harris), “Hilarie’s one of the good guys. Hang out with her.”

                        Burton said that she received multiple late-night phone calls from Schwahn during production of season three in which Schwahn, who was married, tearfully declared his love for Ackles, with whom he claimed to be having a physical relationship. (Ackles told Variety that she never had such a relationship with Schwahn.) Burton said that, on one such phone call, she reprimanded Schwahn and told him that she did not want to be his confidant regarding the alleged affair. The next day, she said, she received flowers with an unsigned note that read “Thank you for being my secret keeper.”

                        In 2006, Schwahn invited Burton and Ackles to attend an outdoor concert with him and his wife. “I thought, ‘Oh, well, his wife’s coming,” Burton said. “Great. Maybe there’s nothing going on and I’m being paranoid.” But at the show, Burton said, Schwahn, with one arm around his wife, put the hand of his other arm on the small of Burton’s back and slid his hand beneath the waistband of her pants. Burton said that she eventually excused herself to get a drink. Ackles confirmed that she saw Schwahn slide his hand into Burton’s pants.

                        For season four, Warner Bros. Television held a contest in which high school students nationwide vied to host the production of an episode of “One Tree Hill.” Burton and Schwahn traveled together to Honey Grove, Texas, to announce that the town would serve as a season-four location. The two traveled back to the production’s permanent home in Wilmington, N.C. together — taking a flight from Texas to Raleigh, N.C., then a roughly two-hour limo ride from Raleigh to Wilmington.

                        It was during the limo ride that Schwahn first allegedly forced himself on Burton.

                        Schwahn, according to Burton, said that he was about to call CW president Dawn Ostroff and pitch her an idea in which season five would pick up five years after the end of season four. Knowing Burton’s desire to produce, he would allow her to listen in on the call. Burton sat on the opposite side of the limo’s passenger cabin as Schwahn explained the idea to Ostroff. After a few minutes, Schwahn motioned for Burton to sit next to him and listen in, which she did.

                        “I’m leaning in listening, and when it’s Dawn Ostroff’s turn to talk, he just leans over and starts kissing me,” Burton said. “I push him off, but I can’t say anything, because he’s on the phone fighting for our show to stay on the air. I’m just in this position where I’m thinking, ‘You’ve got to take it, Hil. Just laugh it off. You’ll get to Wilmington in 45 minutes.’”

                        According to Ackles, Schwahn, after arriving on set that day, approached Ackles and told her that he and Burton had “made out” on the limo ride from Raleigh. Ackles called Burton, who told her about the incident on the phone call with Ostroff.

                        A few weeks after the trip to Texas, Burton received an invitation from Schwahn to “the kissing club.” A note arrived at Burton’s residence, she said, sealed in a black lipstick kiss, inviting her to meet Schwahn at 9 p.m. at Deluxe, a local restaurant. “He had this grand idea that it was going to be this swingers make-out club where people who are in relationships can make out with no strings attached,” she said. Burton, who was living at the time with a boyfriend who was a crew member on the show, did not go to the meeting.

                        “There was no way I was going to go,” she said. “So I stood him up, and he was pretty angry about it.”
                        there's plenty more creepy but all this is especially interesting in context of fandom. I personally remember hating burton's acting passionately and then I went on to see her in white collar and she was perfectly fine.

                        Oh and Daneel Harris is getting major league hate over all this because I don't know why, I guess fangirls want to marry her SPN hubby to which Sophia Bush is getting crazy enraged and defending her. It's nice of her and all but this is like yelling at Brazilian fans - won't stop.