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  • More from Martha's Vineyard:

    Who runs the rock... Girls!!! #MVB #GreatRock 📷 @rachelpsmith

    A photo posted by Lane Cheek (@cheeklane) on

    Nikastrong had these pics below, but I don't know where they are from . . . most of the people at MV with Dobwell turned their accounts private for the week, but perhaps it comes from one of those

    That's cute.

    From the few instas that *aren't* private, this seems like a very ordinary not-very-glam 'friends and family' gang of folks . . . so I will give Dobwell points for not spending their vaca with the kind of people isadora dismissed as douchebags last year. Very, very different from Nina's Adventures On The Coke Boat last summer. And I *did* say it would be refreshing to see Nina be more grounded this summer and less flighty, so that has happened, I s'pose.

    Everything I asked for in 2014 has come true in 2015!!


    Okay, now moving on to what set fandom on fire last night . . . JULI PLEC.

    Julie must have taken too much ambien and lost her damn mind, because she decided to do a Q/A last night. It was absolutely the worst time to pick! Tensions are high right now due to crazed 'round the clock voting on the MTV Fandom Awards. Bamon was nomm'ed, D/E wasn't . . . so the Bamon folks aligned with the other TVD ships against the D/Ers, who have aligned with Olicity fandom to vote for Olicity (and therefore *against* Bamon). There's been dozens of accusations of cheating and bot voting against both sides, and it's gotten nasty. Currently, the DErs have helped Olicity gain nearly a MILLION votes and a super high lead over Bamon, and they are still going hardcore ('until all Bamon shippers deactivate and/or kill themselves' according to Twitter).

    Julie didn't seem to know any of this was going on, because she waded right into it . . .

    delena af ‏@LulyMonster 12h12 hours ago
    @julieplec Olicity is the only ship there that deserves that award though....

    julieplec ‏@julieplec 12h12 hours ago
    @LulyMonster maybe the fix is in for olicity. ;-)
    That freaked people out because they thought Julie was acknowledging that the voting was rigged, and FOR REALS people have been staying up all day and night to vote for days and days.

    As a person who has being voting everyday I feel personaly offended by this.“@julieplec: @LulyMonster maybe the fix is in for olicity. ;-)”

    Menna - Delicity ‏@MennaEZahra 12h12 hours ago
    @julieplec @LulyMonster what does that even mean, Julie. Cause my mind is jumping to the worst conclusions and it's not pretty.

    julieplec ‏@julieplec 12h12 hours ago
    @LulyMonster @MennaEZahra sorry guys I was joking. Didn't mean to freak you out.

    Menna - Delicity ‏@MennaEZahra 12h12 hours ago
    @julieplec @LulyMonster i still dont know what you meant by it. I guess we have a different sense of humor.


    Julie wasn't super happy about the D/E Olicity alliance *against* a TVD ship, so fans schooled her on intersectionality in fandom. (But yeah . . . there wouldn't be anywhere near this kind of fervent support for Olicity if it wasn't also a way to shove Bamon shippers into the dirt).

    Delena Avenger ‏@khyleesi_ 12h12 hours ago
    Let's show @julieplec how it's done. Vote for #Olicity! …

    julieplec ‏@julieplec 12h12 hours ago
    @khyleesi_ I wish I could applaud you for your maturity in this moment. Be a fan of the show or not, but don't sabotage it if you are.

    D&E Salvatore. ‏@delenasovereign 12h12 hours ago
    @julieplec @khyleesi_ It's not sabotage it's working hard for a couple that's actually deserving of such a high title.

    julieplec ‏@julieplec 12h12 hours ago
    @delenasovereign @khyleesi_ Okay so contrary to your first tweet, it's not spite voting. Okay then, good luck.

    (Newsflash! It's totally spite voting!)

    Other highlights from Julie's ill advised chat:

    J ‏@KlarolineOnly 14h
    @julieplec then make it endgame

    julieplec ‏@julieplec 14h
    @KlarolineOnly I don't believe in endgame

    Accio Klaroline ‏@OD_on_KC 14h
    That's like me saying I don't believe in mattresses

    Ebru ‏@EbruEvermore 43m
    Nothings Fixed @julieplec We've non-stop vote for Olicity. Lack of sleep& food is why we're in the lead. You're such a thirsty, vile person.

    julieplec ‏@julieplec 26m26 minutes ago
    @EbruEvermore dude, what did I do to you?

    nina. ‏@ninaIoochs 44m44 minutes ago
    @julieplec if your show aka tv d is all about brothers and has always been. Then STOP FAN BATING WITH SHIPS.

    julieplec ‏@julieplec 27m27 minutes ago
    @ninaIoochs I DON'T

    brandy. ‏@greywithsloan 37m37 minutes ago
    @julieplec the tvd facebook page lost 2 million likes how does that make you feel

    julieplec ‏@julieplec 20m20 minutes ago
    @greywithsloan how does it make you feel to point that out to me?

    Quite a bit of that. And also the Klaroliners came at her:

    Ain't nobody showing Julie no love.

    This DEr actually DM'ed a longass rant straight to Julie:

    chyna ‏@mysticballs 10h
    I just wrote Julie Plec a novel

    No response from Julie, unsurprisingly. But she did go on a blocking/unfollowing spree. Someone commented that Julie has now unfollowed every D/E account she used to follow (and many Karoliners).

    And others . . .

    On the other hand, DErs loved this:

    fowsia ‏@somerhalderrrrr 14h
    @julieplec Will Nina be back for season finale? You said you'd answer the question as soon as the season finale aired.

    julieplec ‏@julieplec 14h
    @somerhalderrrrr she told me she would. We'll see when we get there.

    And they responded by sending her this contradicting gifset:

    Which eventually led to this exchange, notable for the reaction it provoked:

    9/10/2009-5/14/2015 ‏@DEEKOTP 14h
    @julieplec DONT RUIN Damon’s character by letting Ian control the story/writing. LIKE worst choice ever if you let him ruin Damon s7?

    julieplec ‏@julieplec 14h
    @DEEKOTP no one controls anything. They can have opinions and voice them, and we can ignore or agree. But mostly everyone's fine.

    9/10/2009-5/14/2015 ‏@DEEKOTP 14h
    @julieplec Kinda reassuring so TY . But he goes to CONS & talks about everything that goes against the show/writing it’s a turn off. :/

    julieplec ‏@julieplec 14h
    @DEEKOTP ugh, really? That's annoying.


    Twitterland responded accordingly, both pro and con:

    Julie: tf is this I hear about you going against the writing during cons???
    Ian: it...-but I- it was MY day

    julie called ian annoying? finally she said something that's actually true

    @julieplec You know better Julie, you know him. SO please respect your own show because this show is Ian, without him is NOTHING.

    So Julie always rants about crying herself to sleep because of Twitter hate yet she's encouraging Ian hate.

    wake me up when ian leaves tvd and drops julie plague and her ratings in the gutter

    Ian goes to basically everyone con even during his freaking honeymoon yet the only word you can say about him is "annoying" @julieplec 🏼

    Nice to call an actor annoying who is literally the only one from the cast who still gives a shit about your show. @julieplec

    I might not like Julie Plec but she didn't lie when she called him annoying

    U shade the cast that made your own show a success.U disrespect your own Fandom. You my friend don't deserve shit @julieplec

    I've lost all respect for Julie Plec after this

    Julie action only convince me TVD should ended this season. If I was Ian I would be pissed.

    Did Julie lowkey call Ian annoying I'm beyond dead

    julie shading ian oh my god

    I could not be more appalled and i hope Ian gives Julie a huge clap back at.comic con

    Last thing I expected was Julie believing shit from a DE r. Without Ian she wouldn't have her precious show rn.

    I don't give a shit about delena. I'm just fucking pissed at Julie's behaviour towards Ian.

    I have lost all my respect for u. U don't deserve any sympathy. U act like a victim and shade your own cast. Go fuck yourself @julieplec

    @NikkiReed_I_Am can you please teach @julieplec how to have manners

    julie kinda insulted ian and was being ungrateful af

    @julieplec This is a new low. Shading the one man who promotes this show because fans are unhappy about the way YOU are writing it.

    @julieplec you have no right talking abt being nice when you're ragging on your lead actor

    I thought I couldn't dislike JP even more.. I was wrong ))))))

    Ian deserves so much better @julieplec

    fuck you julie plec go to hell

    @julieplec You know better Julie, you know him. SO please respect your own show because this show is Ian, without him is NOTHING.

    Ian will never come back to ig and Twitter now. Thanks @julieplec

    Julie Plec should be scolded for that remark truly. It was uncalled for and a complete turnoff to anyone who actually likes Ian and tvd

    omg somerslaughters are attacking julie for calling ian's behavior annoying. BUT WHERE IS THE LIE? He's acting like a piece of shit

    @julieplec Try one season without Ian and you will see. You will fall hard darling. He's too good for you.

    @julieplec you know that if this annoying guy leave your show, your show don't will last one more episode right? you are a joke PLEC

    urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am pissed !!!!! i can't stand JULIE PLEC's BS can she just die already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @julieplec Clearly I was hacked,not cool #hacked I'm in the process of finding out who it was-PLEASE be respectful with your comments.

    Julie is Ian's boss. I'm sure she's well aware of the constant hate he gets. She should be DEFENDING him him not siding with the haters

    @CW_network your show runner @julieplec is the most unprofessional and hateful on your network. With love, an former fan of your shows.

    @iansomerhalder control your boss please

    I have no intention to watch any of @CW_network shows because of @julieplec. Her behaviour made me hate the whole network.

    @CW_network I agree! We all request Julie Plec be replaced with a more competent and professional writer Thank you !


    Hope you are aware that Julie Plec is giving your network a bad reputation. @CW_network

    why did Ian decide to stay with these people ((

    @julieplec good 2 know ure supporting bullies,who sand death threat 2others

    @julieplec Wow.. shading Ian in public?? Pretty unprofessional and disrespectful js

    @julieplec He's cleaning up your messes by promoting it for fans unhappy for the next season. He's helping you & this is how you repay him!

    I think some of these folks talking about 'ingratitude' need to remember that Ian's career was going nowhere fast after Lost . . . and TVD saved *him*, not the other way around. There's no doubt he was the biggest name to sign on to TVD, but at the time he had been struggling to book anything new on a network or cable, so . . . and the fact that he keeps on re-signing makes it clear that he knows he's not high on anyone's list to hire for anything else.

    And seriously, Julie and Dries and Nina have been consistently saying that Nina will come back for the series finale, so having Ian contradict that and insult the fan who mentioned it WAS UNDERSTANDABLY ANNOYING. From Plec's POV, anyway.

    But anyways, folks are already busting out the photoshop:

    (what did Carina do, I don't get it?)

    Okay, leaving all that behind.

    Kat and Claire are both hustling and posing:

    BTS of @maneaddicts @aaahndrea with @bdconley

    A photo posted by Kat Graham (@katgrahampics) on

    Loved shooting for #galoremag with @princeandjacob @kittengalore 😻

    A photo posted by Claire Holt (@claireholt) on

    Claire's shoot looks . . . interestingly furry.

    No nothing new and Westonkin today . . . but let's celebrate July 2015 with the screencaps from the deleted vid from July 2013:

    Crazy kiddos are hitting their 2 yr anniversary this month. Phoebe knows what I'm talking about. She left this comment on Paul's pic of her with his sister:

    Yes! Buy the pretty girls prezzies, Paul! Like, maybe an upgrade on that promise ring for Pheebs. An honest to beek Westonkin engagement would liven up the rest of the summer for everyone.

    ETA Okay, correction: Olicity has 8.9 million votes. I was waaaaaay off. They have a 1 million vote *lead* over Bamon, which is outrageous and why don't we just stop with these nonsense polls.
    Last edited by ophy; 07-03-2015, 02:10 PM.


    • I do not think in fandom I have seen anything as crazy has the TVD shipping wars are getting. I am always still so amazed at how blind people are to people's behaviors. I just do not understand where their common sense has gone.

      Dobwell's vacation actually looks very laid back and very family and friend oriented. I guess Nina is fitting in very nicely with his family.


      • The polls are dire and always have been - they just encourage youngsters to constantly vote, so comes down to the people who spend linger in front of their PCs pushing a button. Amused about Julie's annoying quote but she is perfectly right on this one - her, Caroline Dries and Nina have all said they would like Nina to come back for the final episode - Ian has basically disrespected his bosses all summer on this topic. And the fans seem to think the actors are more important than the producers - think they have it the wrong way round.

        Ninas summer looks better than the coke boat but I do wish she would start some hustle.mmaybe her plan though was to always take a few months off but I would have thought she would have cashed in the momentum from leaving tvd


        • Well, it hasn't stopped raining all day long. So much for fireworks, I guess. That'll make the dog happy.

          Julie must be bored this weekend, because she is *still* answering a ton of Twitter questions today. For reals, this is just a tiny fraction . . .

          About Nina/Elena:

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 7h7 hours ago
          @themotherdragon you mean that it's easier to write without servicing the love triangle? Yes, I do mean that. No disrespect meant.

          Im Your Huckleberry ‏@themotherdragon 7h7 hours ago
          @julieplec But it was your choice to service the love triangle all these years. From a storytelling standpoint it started to fade out in

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 7h7 hours ago
          @themotherdragon my choice, yes, although we grew weary a lot sooner than the network did. We answer to many bosses.

          Black Magic ✨ ‏@caitlinftdobrev 9h9 hours ago
          @julieplec if everything was in your control, no network pressure etc, would you still continue the show without the female protagonist?

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 8h8 hours ago
          @caitlinftdobrev if I knew two years ago, maybe not. Would have been a clean way to end. But I knew six months ago, so yes.

          Svetlana ‏@sveto4ek_m 8h8 hours ago
          @julieplec why not to invite Nina on one episod in every season (dreams, hallucinations, flashbacks)?

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 8h8 hours ago
          @sveto4ek_m Nina is always welcome if she wants to come.

          'six months' is sticking to the January/Feburary timeline.

          Wow. Anybody should have been able to predict the post-Nina-leaving meltdown, c'mon.

          About Bonnie:

          DELICITY UNIT ‏@loyallydelenas 8h8 hours ago
          @themotherdragon @julieplec actor service* #IanNeededAFriendOnSet

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 8h8 hours ago
          @loyallydelenas @themotherdragon don't turn a positive into a negative. The character deserves better than that.

          That did cause a bit of a furor. Kat fans are mad that Julie wanted Bonnie to stay dead, forcing Kat to fight for her job, and the non-Kat fans are mad that Julie didn't stick to the original plan.

          This bit about Klaroline also caused some dust to kick up:

          Hours later, the fight over that statement still rages on.

          . . . and there was lots of Caroline/Damon rape discussion:

          SteroMaria ‏@mysterolinheart 8h8 hours ago
          @julieplec will Damon ever apologize to Caroline for everything ? Will the subject ever be broached?

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 8h8 hours ago
          @mysterolinheart Damon's not really an 'I'm sorry' kind of guy. He's more of a 'living amends' type.

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 8h
          8 hours ago
          @SEisForever it's a vampire show. He was a vampire, she was a naive victim. Season 1 was about exploring the genre tropes.

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 8h8 hours ago
          @SEisForever he was an amoral character who used and abused a young ingenue. She was naive and easily manipulated and drawn to a bad boy.

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 8h8 hours ago
          @SEisForever the show has evolved past those basic vampire seduction tropes that work in movies.

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 7h7 hours ago
          @SEisForever read any vampire folklore, literature & movies and it's a consistent trope. Society has shifted in what's acceptable since then

          Good news! We've evolved(since 2009) past mind control rape! I feel like this is one of those things KW stuck Julie with, tbh, and now she's the one defending it because he skedaddled (as per usual).

          Somerholics are still not happy over yesterday's Q/A where Julie called Ian's con comments 'annoying':

          Gunslinger Thelma ‏@PrettyGirlBeMe 8h8 hours ago
          @julieplec I'm kinda STILL mad abt this shady rude comment

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 8h8 hours ago
          @PrettyGirlBeMe why?

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 8h8 hours ago
          @PrettyGirlBeMe everyone simmer down. I love Ian. If he talks shit at cons, that's annoying, yes. Doesn't mean I don't love him.

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 8h8 hours ago
          @PrettyGirlBeMe and if Paul talks shit that's annoying too. Both of them should zip it. That's family, you take the good and the bad.

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 8h8 hours ago
          @PrettyGirlBeMe there's lots of love between all of us. Doesn't mean we always agree.

          Gunslinger Thelma ‏@PrettyGirlBeMe 8h8 hours ago
          @julieplec if there's a lot of love like you say then protect Ian..don't judge him bc when you do he and his wife get lots of hate

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 8h8 hours ago
          @PrettyGirlBeMe not judging. Just saying it's annoying if he talks shit.

          Jennifer Campbell ‏@jen1cam 8h8 hours ago
          @julieplec I would say that would include not saying your lead actor is annoying across social media.

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 8h8 hours ago
          @jen1cam oh for crying out loud. I said what he did was annoying, and it is. But we talk about this stuff in person all the time. We're good

          Jennifer Campbell ‏@jen1cam 8h8 hours ago
          @julieplec well he's a great guy if he's okay with you announcing he's annoying to 600K followers.

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 7h7 hours ago
          @jen1cam well actually I responded to 1 follower

          Human Nature . ‏@IanHappiness 8h8 hours ago
          @julieplec you are so annoying and embarrassing no wonder your writing is not good if you spend a lot of time in non sense chats and rants

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 7h7 hours ago
          @IanHappiness and you're blocked.

          we love you Ian ‏@Team_Smoldy 8h8 hours ago
          @julieplec that's great for them. I just think it's so unfair you basically called Ian out just because he promotes Bamon more then DE. He

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 7h7 hours ago
          @Team_Smoldy I have no idea what he promotes. Someone told me he talked shit & I said that annoyed me. That's it. Not a big deal. Convo over

          The fact that she and Ian have to talk 'all the time' about how he says annoying things to the general public says a lot about *everyone's* relationship with Ian, I think.

          And ending with Kaitherine:

          RT OR FAV ‏@Rt_or_fav02 7h7 hours ago
          @julieplec I wish Kai and Katherine could of met!

          julieplec ‏@julieplec 7h7 hours ago
          @Rt_or_fav02 now that's a relationship I would have supported. Two evil, awesome assholes (said with love) finding each other in hell.

          I would pay good money for a Kai-and-Katherine- trapped-in-a-prisonworld spin-off. But that wouldn't be a nice thing to do to either Chris or Nina, I guess . . .

          Speaking of!

          This snippet from a French interview claims that Chris addressed the rumors about him dating Nina:

          Dobrevic ‏@DobrevNina_FR 22h22 hours ago
          @NikaStrong the question is "What can you say about the rumours of you and your relation with Nina Dobrev?"

          Dobrevic ‏@DobrevNina_FR 21h21 hours ago
          @NikaStrong and he answered "It's crazy! It only just took us picking a taxi together after a ceremony dinner and participating at -

          Dobrevic ‏@DobrevNina_FR 21h21 hours ago
          @NikaStrong the same run for the gossips to spread all over medias! I don't know what to tell you except that I really like Nina and we have

          Dobrevic ‏@DobrevNina_FR 21h21 hours ago
          @NikaStrong fun together. Even if we're not currently working together, we'll keep seeing each other. It is no one's business"

          That . . . doesn't sound real at all? Foreign language interviews that are unsourced are always dubious, but even so, that just doesn't sound like the way ONB handles questions like that. Although! If he ever did decide to actually answer a question like that, I would fully expect him to deny ever hooking up with her. They both act like they'd rather not remember December - January of this past winter.

          There were rumors that Nikkian were in like Montana, or someplace random, but it looks like Ian and his fedora are back in Venice:

          Talking, laughing and learning with @iansomerhalder - thank you for your wisdom my brother.

          A photo posted by Jason Moore (@controllingchaos) on

          #hat #hat #hat

          Oh hey, Westonkin had friends over at their new house last night, (friends including Julie):

          A man and his view.

          A photo posted by julieplec (@julieplec) on

          Ah, admiring the view that signing on for S7 bought him.

          I wonder if any part of their evening focused on just how freaking annoying this con season was. Not necessarily just the Ian parts, but all of it. It just seemed like a waaaaay more annoying set of cons this year.

          @mark_bauch at the casa enjoying the view...

          A photo posted by Paul Wesley (@paulvedere) on

          Wondering if Chriley attended as well. With as low key as everyone has been in LA lately, Chriley and Westonkin could have been whooping it up with double dates (or triple dates! With Nikkian, obvs) every damn day for all we know.

          Nothing new yet from Martha's Vineyard today. I assume Dobwell's activities today involved bikinis and booze and consuming some kind of disgusting crustacean, as per the rest of the week.
          Last edited by ophy; 07-04-2015, 04:26 PM.


          • Nah I would think that if Chriley and Westonkin were hitting it up with Nikkian that Nikki would have instagrammed the shit out of it to prove the cast love her. And we would have had #musketeers

            No idea why JP was in her Twitter frenzy but can see that in an interview Ian has been more open to a Nina return (though I still don't think he calls her by name). Guessing he had a bit of a bollocking


            • I feel like Julie is not that bright? Having met her she seemed nice and likes fans and engaging and all that. Having seen her operate around KW and the DC writers? Hmm. She just seems like a nice Girl Friday to Kevin--very loyal to him and nice but maybe not that clever? Is that mean to say? Probs. But just an impression we got.

              And Carina seemed like a mini-Julie.
              It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Well, she can't be *dumb*. It takes a certain amount of smarts to manage as many shows/personnel as she does. Just to navigate the network to get what she wants for those shows takes some cleverness.

                Holiday round-up!

                Nina's 4th:

                Looks like she hit a parade:

                I guess she's lived in the US long enough to be an honorary American.

                Oh, and we finally got an acceptable translation for what Austin said to the Brazilian guy a few nights ago:

                allanis ‏@dobroyals 6h6 hours ago
                @nataliastowbrev @daany_bsn @SMiriae my english is not good, but basically a fan said he loves nina and austin said "Love? Really? Then+

                allanis ‏@dobroyals 6h6 hours ago
                @nataliastowbrev @daany_bsn @SMiriae + we're friends, because I love her too. I'm her boyfriend"

                Okay, that's perfectly sweet. I'm totes cool with that.

                Back on the other coast, Julie threw a party:

                Oh jeez OGs. 🇺🇸

                A photo posted by carina adly mackenzie (@cadlymack) on

                Vampire weekend. @lifeofrileyv @keelinsheawoodell @tbrick2 @thedaniellecampbell @aubreydevaney

                A photo posted by carina adly mackenzie (@cadlymack) on

                Happy 4th of July!!!! @hillaryharley @aubreydevaney

                A photo posted by Nathaniel Buzolic (@natebuzz) on

                #kolvina... Always great to see this one @thedaniellecampbell happy 4th

                A photo posted by Nathaniel Buzolic (@natebuzz) on

                Happy 4th! xx

                A photo posted by Phoebe Tonkin (@phoebejtonkin) on

                Two idiots, two sparklers. @colinwoodell 💥💥💥

                A photo posted by tierney bricker (@tbrick2) on

                This nugget. @thedaniellecampbell 💥💥💥

                A photo posted by tierney bricker (@tbrick2) on

                julieplec ‏@julieplec 4m
                A holiday just isn't complete without lovely house guests, burgers, a few vicious rounds of Mafia, and wine. So much wine.

                Kinda assuming that if Phoebe and Riley were there, Paul and Chris were, too.

                Nikkian were also enjoying the holiday weekend, their own way:

                No word if they joined the other Plecverse folks at Julie's.


                • I'm hoping that the other plecverse people stay away from the Cult of Nikkian when there are no cons and no promo to be done. They seem like the most tedious couple for a party. They are like scientologists but without the Scientology bit.


                  • Martha's Vineyard used to have this really cool Deaf history, with nearly everyone knowing sign language. I digress.

                    MMV because I haaaate Nikki's suit. Makes her look short-waisted. Amazing that those "pap" pics are crystal clear and up close.
                    "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”---Kanye


                    • because I haaaate Nikki's suit. Makes her look short-waisted.

                      True, she does look short waisted in that . . . well, I just liked the scalloping. That distracted me from the short waistingness.

                      Martha's Vineyard used to have this really cool Deaf history, with nearly everyone knowing sign language. I digress.

                      That's actually super cool. I didn't know about that when we were there. And honestly, it's a lovely island to visit, but kind of dull if you don't know anyone there and you didn't come with many interesting folks. We were there with another couple, who we didn't know very well, and who we realized we didn't have a lot in common with pretty quick. So that colors my Vineyard memories.

                      Obviously that isn't Nina's issue on Martha's Vineyard, because she appears to know ERRRRYBODY and loves them all:

                      Yet more 4th from MV:

                      Happy 4th of July!!! Great food, great fireworks, great friends! 🇺🇸#MV2015

                      A photo posted by Lane Cheek (@cheeklane) on

                      So much fun celebrating America with my favorite Canadian! 😘🇺🇸🇨🇦 #MVB #MV2015

                      A photo posted by Lane Cheek (@cheeklane) on

                      Martha's mamas #MV2015🇺🇸 #happy4th

                      A photo posted by shaylynriley (@shaylynriley) on

                      Epicness #MV2015🇺🇸 #LOAD

                      A photo posted by shaylynriley (@shaylynriley) on

                      According to Nikastrong, Austin's mom was one of the ladies in this pic with Nina and Lane:

                      From the various insta comments you can see that it was a big annual family get together, which is kind of nice. WASP-y as all hell, but that's okay.

                      A fan on Twitter was lurking at the beach on Saturday and took these pics of Nina and The Shovel:

                      Yeah, I don't know. I really don't know.

                      Okay! Our long national Martha's Vineyard nightmare is over now, because Nina and Austin have returned to LA:

                      ('hairdresser' might be Lane, of course, unless Ri picked them up from the airport.)

                      Speaking of fans that love Nina bunches, did a feature on some that love her *too* much:


                      27 Insanely Inappropriate Tweets TVD Fans Actually Sent to Nina Dobrev
                      SSG didn't even make the cut.

                      Pic of Paul, holding Tez Palmer's baby Saturday evening:

                      Ack. Too cute.

                      So Phoebe and Paul must not have stayed at Julie's all evening on the 4th.

                      More from the other LA folks this weekend:

                      My actual favorite people. @julieplec @colinwoodell

                      A photo posted by carina adly mackenzie (@cadlymack) on

                      I went swimming in my clothes last night so yay America!

                      A photo posted by carina adly mackenzie (@cadlymack) on

                      Best. @kendrick38 @natebuzz

                      A photo posted by carina adly mackenzie (@cadlymack) on

                      Kol's Army folks are super excited about Nate hanging out with the Plecverse peeps. They hope this means Kol will be back in his Original body. I haven't heard any solid spoilers about that happening, but maybe? His new show doesn't look like much of a winner.

                      It's #momplicated

                      A photo posted by Nathaniel Buzolic (@natebuzz) on

                      Yikes. So perhaps that means he will be back on TO in S3.

                      These other nice LA folks had a friend (pap) with them all day!

                      Thanks, friend!

                      In dramaland, Kat is obliquely addressing the loud online furor that erupted after Julie said Kat had to convince her to let Bonnie live after S5:

                      Kat Graham ‏@KatGraham 11h11 hours ago
                      Reading these tweets and tumblr posts like: #girlbye #fanswillcallyourassout #girlpoweronly #sipstea

                      mochahontas ‏@pattongrahams 11h11 hours ago
                      @Grahamove @KatGraham I guess/hope she's addressing Bonnie haters.

                      fanta graham-wood. ‏@Grahamove 11h11 hours ago
                      @pattongrahams @KatGraham She obviously is, since what Julie tweeted I knew these bitches will get more vocals. Arhh.

                      Kat Graham ‏@KatGraham 11h11 hours ago
                      @Grahamove @pattongrahams bloop.

                      The question, of course, is this: did Kat say #fanswillcallyourassout in regards to *Julie*? Like, is she saying that fans are calling Julie's ass out? Because folks are now snarking at Kat for being shady toward Julie, and others are snarking on Julie for being shady toward Kat, and it's all going 'round and round.

                      Kat, meanwhile, is busy busy today doing something SECRET SHHHH:

                      TVD filming starts up *soon*, like nowish, I thought. But maybe not. Or maybe Bonnie isn't in the first ep.

                      If I were Bonnie, I'd probably move someplace far away, just in case Damon starts really missing Elena or something. He flips his switch for just a second and Bonnie is around? Bye Bye BonBon. But there's no way they will let Bonnie make that smart of a decision.

                      Oh, and ONB did acknowledge his E online win, but not with anything interesting:

                      Chris Wood ‏@ChristophrWood Jul 3
                      Thanks to the best (baddest) fans ever for the #BestEverTVAward! And thanks, @eonline @KristinDSantos

                      Dude, you know people stayed up voting at all hours for two weeks to win that for you, right? You could at least come through with one teensy vid of you doing something stupid, c'mon. THE PEOPLE WANT TO SEE YOU DO SOMETHING STUPID.

                      Oh well, plenty of time to do something stupid at SDCC this week.
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                      • The fourth of july on martha vineyards is suppose to be one of the islands biggest weeks, so fitting that it is when Austin's family does their family trip. Looks like she had fun.

                        That is an interesting group Julie had at her house and why oh why does she interact on twitter is beyond me, she knows better by now.

                        So everyone is back in LA and no one has headed to Atlanta yet, wonder if their filming starts later in July?


                        • Amazing Westonkin have been back in LA for a couple of weeks and not one pap pic (did they never go out), Nikkian are back a couple of days and they are photographed everywhere. And sadly their fans still think the paps are being intrusive and they can't like being followed by paps (need a crazy gif). Hmm isn't Wholefoods competition for Thrive Mkt


                          • Zeitghost, I think you need to branch out from just hating Nikkian; this single-minded topic discussion has to be getting old, yes?


                            • Oh I am an equal opportunity hater. I would be happy as a pig in mud with them if I felt that their good deeds were not a way to promote themselves. There's just so many animal charities that could be benefiting from the money being thrown at that foundation and that does wind me up.


                              • Vineyard Nina's got moves:

                                Pretty good timing and precision if you ask me. 😎 #balls + #pools + #friends = #goodtimes #MV2015🇺🇸

                                A video posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on

                                Nina, doing the girlfriend-y thing by promoting Austin's TNT vintage-y NYC cop show (without actually mentioning him by name):

                                Nina Dobrev ‏@ninadobrev 44m44 minutes ago

                                [WATCH] ‘Public Morals’ Trailer: Edward Burns’ Period Cop Drama | Deadline

                                You do see Austin a couple of times in the trailer, but he only has one line. He's not the main character or anything. But hey, he's a working actor who routinely gets cast in stuff so that's great.

                                . . . and better than some of his past jobs.

                                Okay, I can see that the Vineyard holds a lot of memories for Austin, and now it does for Nina as well:

                                Nina Dobrev ‏@ninadobrev 10h

                                She already misses her shovel, I'm sure.

                                Austin's people take the 4th of July either too seriously, or not seriously enough:

                                Speaking of serious matters, Nikki is going to be shooting a documentary with Ian's friends at RYOT:

                                Hearing rumors this might happen somewhere in Africa. I'm sure it will be dreadfully sincere, and completely earnest, and totally overwritten.

                                Expanding her side line as health guru, Nikki wrote this for Thrive's website:


                                I am so freaking sick of people telling me to eat kale chips.

                                And for anyone wondering why Nikkian's friend failed to catch them pda'ing as per usual yesterday, wonder no more!

                                Everyone should have a close friend with a good camera!

                                A pic of Westonkin at Julie's 4th party was posted last night:

                                7.4.15 More faces to love...

                                A photo posted by Maggie Day (@maggieday555) on

                                Seen a whole lot of pics of random folks at that party, but no evidence yet that ONB was there.

                                Phoebe and Leah enjoyed a little shopping yesterday:

                                Last week of Summer break

                                A photo posted by Phoebe Tonkin (@phoebejtonkin) on

                                I'm hoping that the more time Phoebe spends with a newlywed, the more she starts thinking about becoming one maybe.